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In this review I want to help you out of discouragement that might have held you captive for a couple of years now. You might have found it hard to get out of it due to your pass experiences. You can look at it from this angle, that I am showing you. Remember this: it is never too late for a shower of rain.

Your success in working from your home is about to be reveal, if you just have some patience with me, let me show you a platform from where you can launch out any business of your choice from your own home or wherever you choose to be; and become your own boss.


What I am saying to you is not a mitt, neither a gimmick, it is reality. The fact that you might have been scam so many times online do not mean that there are not legal  businesses operating on line, by decent individuals who will never scam you. It is for you to find them. Or find one. I know one that you can try.

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Trial Period

You sign up for seven days free trial. During those seven days, you have the opportunity to delve into the basic lessons, which is a ten lessons series. During this series, you get the opportunity to choose two free websites which the company help you to build within minutes.

You will have the option to advance to become a premium member, if you want to. Where you will then pay a small fee. That fee is monthly. In the starter lessons you will be advice to choose a niche which you will add to your website content. This is simple, it is from this niche that you have chosen, that you will begin to build your own work from your home business.

Follow me on this: while there could be others out there, this is the one I know about. ‘Wealthy Affiliates’ there are presently, over 800.000 members strong and they are daily counting. I am simply encouraging you to shake yourself and move out of the discouragement arena that you begin to make yourself comfortable into, because of your pass experiences.

Take the bold step to become your own boss. Sign up; follow the training, step by step, do not expect to know every thing all at once, it won’t happen. You follow as they are laid out; There are  several Modules and over one hundred training videos for you to learn from, within almost every training lesson there is a video explaining the things that you are thought in writing.

Over 800 000 and still counting

There are exams after every series of lessons, you can only win, having your own business with this company, as you are thought how to be successful all the way. Consider being a part of a community of over 800.000 people, all having the same mindset, in that all are aspiring to be there own boss. Some have already attained; while some are on there way and others are just starting but the goal is the same.

Never you stay outside and say that the competition is stiff, because of the size of the membership. keep in mind that the world is a big place and there are thousands of items that you can choose your niche from, to market in the entire world market.

I strongly advice you to leverage on the opportunity; before your pass deceived experience have the better of you, as it keep feeding on you daily. Every time you remember the lies and the many deceptions that you have listened to; and all the money that you have lost to the hands of online thieves, masquerading as online businesses, that later reveal to you as scam.

Get Help In The Community


You need not to fear. All you need, is to take action over here, ask any question you choose to ask in the community, there are kind knowledgeable people who will not delay to give you a helpful answer. There are a lot of fun within the community, for you to delve into and become active, Being active within the community is a lesson in itself, as the members are so warm.

With my heart I am inviting you to come and join with the business throng in this healthy business atmosphere. You always want to become a entrepreneur; why now you should change your mind, and be left out of the door, my words of invitation do not ignore. Visit the site and you can learn some more.

Within the community, there are plenty of Blog, questions are asks, you can answer, If you know what is ask, you can give advice to others so as others give advice to you. Within this community, you live and you learn, every day as you fallow others they fallow the same. Share your bitter sad experiences, so as you share the glad ones. You can be a motivator, you can teach while you learn.

There are live seminars, with Questions and answers too if you miss in attendance you can view videos and ask others to explain it to you. Do not doubt me any longer, come sign up your name. Prove the things I am telling you. come establish your own name, It is business you are after, get help to get fame.

Facebook Can Be Of Benefit

You always spend long time on Facebook, you play all sorts of game, but now you get the privilege to earn from it, It seamed like you want to frown, and complain. This is the truth I am telling you. Working within your website filling it with useful content. Structure your writing make sure your words blend with the flavor of each items that you will be selling.

While you are spending your time with your family and friends, who are sharing on Facebook, with your new business, you can make it more meaningful And instead of allowing Facebook to use you, You begin using Facebook for your business.

You been hearing about Google, and you always use it to find things, you never think you could use Google, to help you, make your life make some sense? O yes, there are several areas of Google. I am sure you might never even heard about. Like Analytic, Like Ad sense, Like Webmaster Tools, Like Sitemaps and so many other areas of Google that will help you to take your business all over the Globe.

You use Bing for your Computer security, I bet you, you never known Bing have any other use, that you could activate into service that will help you to succeed in your online business, like Yahoo and LinkedIn,  Pinter est and Instagram, And although you have the habit to tweet, you never consider to have a business to tweet.

You are best if you take my advice serious, what I said to you is no scam. It is a way to help you to make your living, be it at your home are any where you belong. Exercise your business muscles, get active with my advise. Take my talk serious. Make the right choice. As far as I understand it; this platform is here a good wile now. I am so sorry I never find out about it before, however, I am doing what is right now.

Using Affiliates Companies To Close Your Business Deal

There are a lot of Affiliates companies, with whom you can sign up with, to market their product, right here you will learn how. Kyle don’t hide important information when he is teaching, he want people to know the right way to do online business, and help others also to know. He is always encouraging people to share knowledge with others and help others to succeed.

Do you want it more better? Come over sign up the form, if there is something that I miss out, you will find out, no doubt. All that I told you I learn them right here. Come over and experience for yourself, by next year you can share. Some of the things that you will learn from the lessons and videos and people’s Blog and everything that you will learn right here.

Of a truth I have left out more than the half, of the lessons and videos and a lot of other people talk. you know you will get the opportunity to read people post page and blog that they have on their website, of course; do not take the opportunity light.

You will be ask to give comment on other affiliates post review and blog in order for you to get comment from others on your own pages post reviews and blog. All you need to be is honest and give each your best shot. Believe it or not this is a good way to improve on your writing skill in this very give and take slot.

When reading up on other affiliates reviews, you see things that you had not known about before, this is another opening to education that is not laying carelessly around. This is my bold promise get on board here.       Click Here



Author: Dorcas Whyte

Courageous, persistent and brave. Born and raised in the sunny Island: Jamaicain the country side of the parish of Westmoreland Being the daughter of a farmer I learn the natural setup of life; and how to weather any storm of life.I develop my writing skill by making daily entry of occurrences on the farm. By doing so I became passionate about writing. Hence I became a writer.Writing Songs, Poems, Comedies, and even Books. Still searching. I began to explore the internet and.....did not I met upon "thieves" commonly known as Scammers.One of them stripped my Credit Card of $284.000.00 I am presently sweating to pay all that debt. I was invaded by a swarm of them. I was searching to find a way how I could contact one of them who have my name. who choose to lie to me like the others and then scam me; when I stumbled upon this "come to help us." Wealthy Affiliate. I has to promote it.

11 thoughts on “Work From Home”

  1. Great Job

    It was a great job from beginning to end. You can tell a lot of hard work went into it.I would have shortened up a bit but other than that it’s okay.So keep up the good work and we will see you in the finish line.
    thank you

  2. Thanks for the post, Im currently working from home in an employed capacity. This looks like a great opportunity and popular with over 800 000 members to move away and become financially free working from home and this looks like an ideal way to do it with time and learning from the community. Thanks for the post , long but informative.

    1. Trevor; Thanks for your comment, Yes, it is a great opportunity, from which many people who were struggling have found the path of success.

      Working from home can be rewarding as it has it’s own merits. You are not obliged to appear in a certain way for duty. You can work in your leisure time, even in your bear under wear.

      And as I had said in my review, there are a lot to learn from the community in addition to the company’s Classroom

      The length of this review is just to drive the information home to the readers, especially those have been scammed, so that they can get a full understanding of what WA really offers.

  3. I think this is a very motivating post to make the change to financial freedom that allows me to work from home. WA is a great community that has the training and the tools to be able to make your site with a great support of your friends who are in the same way as you!
    You have to work hard, but it’s worth it!

    Great post! Thank you

    1. Admin; Thanks for your comment, Motivation is a good key to open the mind that is locked by bad experiences. Therefore I appreciate you feeling a sense of motivation from reading my review.

      WA is a platform that is made available to assist people through training to become financially free.

      All who have a honest mind will agree that hard work is the safest road to success. Therefore, from this review they will find it as a good opportunity to sign up and begin a new life going forward with Wealthy Affiliate. 

  4. Hi Dorcas,
    Working From Home is very comfortable however I think it is not for anyone. Reading your post I like to know how good you feel promoting Wealthy Affiliate. I agree, being myself also affiliated that WA is a serious company. It has some characteristics that disaggregate them from others related to affiliate marketing. We have to work hard to achieve our goals. Regards!

    1. Ganardineroporcjc; we all understand that not all can handle the comfort of working from home, especially, when it calls for discipline and training.

      I really feel good promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

       From the level of training and the community cooperation coupled with the opportunities that are there in linking your niche with affiliate programs. I will in no wise connect failure with Wealthy Affiliates. 

      Failure can be natural at times. If one fails being an affiliate of WA let the blame be not given to WA. Do find the source of failure and place the blame squarely there.


  5. Your post explains a lot about the community and how easy it is to try it out with the free 7-day trial. If anyone has been struggling with trying to make a decent living online this would be the opportunity for them. I would definitely try it for seven days to see if it was for me.

    1. Pierre, Thanks for your comment. Go ahead and prove me right on recommendation to all people to join and do business with Wealthy Affiliates.

  6. Hey Dorcas, you mention the free trial, to be honest this is what captured my attention in joining Wealthy Affiliate for learning the ropes to blogging, building a website and affiliate marketing.

    Without this free try before you buy package I wouldn’t have got inspired. The scams I had been caught up with prior to joining downed my confidence to floor level. In a nutshell, I had lost trust with the web.
    The only thing required when I joined regarded my name & email address without a mention of bank details, is this still the case?

    I proceeded to work my way through the 10 lessons in the start-up course and built my website. I learned more in a week than any other course I’ve ever attended and thoroughly enjoyed it, you certainly don’t have to be an advanced techy, that’s for sure.

    Wealthy Affiliate proved to me how honest they are and how legitimate this style of affiliate marketing business operates, essentially this helped build my confidence.

    Then was the time to ponder whether I would like to join premium however they gave me assurances that at any time in the future I wish to cancel my membership there are no ties. I’m still a member.

    I have found Wealthy Affiliate genuine & fair. A very rare occurrence in today’s market,

    1. Simon; thanks for your comment many people hai fallen victim to online scams not because they were greedy nor because they did not research, it all because they were anscious to start a business online.                                                Like yourself, many people have been crushed to the ground by these crafty scammers, causing them to loose faith in online business. Thank you for admitting that you found my post helpful. I will continue to proclaim the blessing that Wealthy Affiliate bring to online business minds. I called WA  ” The escape route ” for onlinebusiness people.                                                Cheers!                                                                        DorcasW            

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