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The Wealthy Affiliate has given me a wealth of knowledge about online Affiliate Marketing Business This I will keep for life. If you want to learn online Affiliate Marketing from multiple presenters both in Text and in Video. You will need to follow my number one recommendation. Learn it the expert way.

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There are many areas of work from home as the demand grows from strength to strength every single day. However, many of them are employment where you are working for someone. But the good thing about work from home is that in some areas you can be your own boss and work for yourself doing various kinds of business.

You might not have a degree in business management or application to business but you don’t have to worry, because the truth is, you do not need a degree in business to be a successful online businessman or woman.

My # 1 recommendation is Affiliate Marketing where you get a commission on every sale made via your website which you will get two free websites and seven days free training on the platform where I host my business. They give you all the online training that you will need to start and take you through to success in your business online.

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But you will need to choose a niche of interest where you will be able to write useful information about that niche to attract visitors to your website to stay long enough to read your information and make a decision to buy a product that you have advertised on your site.

The Affiliate Marketing opportunity is broad, but in all cases, you will be promoting someone else’s products at your own leisure. It will be up to you to choose your hours of work that will allow you to earn a decent living from your business.

For example, I promote Nutrition as my niche, I never dreamed so many people were ignorant of the need for nutrition until I start promoting foods and their nutritional values including the various nutrients.

The kinds of testimonies in comments allow me to know it was among the best business in the work from the home field of business to start building a business. While not paying any attention to the kind of money I can earn from this kind of Affiliate, Marketing Business.

I am deeply concerned about the benefits that people who visited my site are gaining from reading my posts that can help them to improve their health by eating the correct foods, which sometimes, is far more affordable than the filling foods that they are stacking up their stomach with each day.

All of this area of business, I work from my home, in my leisure time. It is a fact, however, that I have researched Google to reassure myself that I am still intact with the lessons I learned from school about health and nutrition as I had majored in all Science subjects.

In addition to all of that; when I read other Affiliates blog I realized that there are more benefits in Affiliate Niche Marketing than earning a lot of money. My brain is refreshed every time that I read some other people’s blogs.

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It is always about something of which I have no experience or some places I had never been to. All of these acts as brain refreshers to me. You can educate yourself about many just by reading these many blogs. As also, you will gain more knowledge about doing the online business that is not a part of the training.

But because of the nature of the Niche that has been blogged about, you gain all this natural knowledge. Like myself, many people made their first video by following the online training given at the platform I am associated with. And believe it or not; you cannot exhaust the training given here. It is more than a mouth full.

You will naturally learn how to avoid the negative and excel in the positive by interacting with others who are like-minded as you are. And if you never know how to choose and refuse, it is common knowledge to adopt here. You will expand your knowledge, from your everyday need for research and some of what you will come upon while you are researching.

Without the money, you will be rich in knowledge if you are a person who learn fast and has a sound memory. If I do not make money in this business I am satisfied with the knowledge and experience I gained, however, money was my reason for starting this online work from home business and it still is.

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If I could make the kind of money here, like that some Affiliate bragged about. I am certain that when I die I would be sitting on top of my casket and laughing all the way to my grave. While I work from my home today, there was a strong commotion on the outside of my house as if something heavy was being dragged along the front of my house with an intention to break through the front window of the room I was working from.

Sometimes I heard it to the front of my verandah. After about a minute I rise to investigate and to my surprise, it was the activity of a 7.7 earthquake, Yes, it was. By the time I stood up the floor felt as if it was turning over and everything seemed to be moving inside the house. I was not frightened.

I looked across at a King bed in the room that was wearing a silk comforter, my eyes popped, the bed was in a frolic mode, then I notice the desk before me was shaking also my laptop. I sat down again and it was like someone was tilting the chair. The house sounds like it would collapse, that was when I realized it was an earthquake.

I quickly moved into the front doorway of the room and stood motionless; I knew that I should have run outside when I found out that it was an earth tremor, but I never got the presence of mind to act and do the right thing. I later heard one neighbor said when she saw the commotion of her bed, she thought it was a ‘Ghost’!

I am so glad that I work from home and never have the reason to be among a panicking crowd at that time of the afternoon. I am Dorcas. I would like to hear from you. Please leave your comment in the comment section below. Remember to share like and follow.

Author: Dorcas Whyte

Courageous, persistent and brave. Born and raised in the sunny Island: Jamaicain the country side of the parish of Westmoreland Being the daughter of a farmer I learn the natural setup of life; and how to weather any storm of life.I develop my writing skill by making daily entry of occurrences on the farm. By doing so I became passionate about writing. Hence I became a writer.Writing Songs, Poems, Comedies, and even Books. Still searching. I began to explore the internet and.....did not I met upon "thieves" commonly known as Scammers.One of them stripped my Credit Card of $284.000.00 I am presently sweating to pay all that debt. I was invaded by a swarm of them. I was searching to find a way how I could contact one of them who have my name. who choose to lie to me like the others and then scam me; when I stumbled upon this "come to help us." Wealthy Affiliate. I has to promote it.

16 thoughts on “Work from Home Niche Marketing”

  1. As a blogger, Wealthy Affiliate has not only trained me, but helped me market my blog to reach more people to christ. My blog is about spirituality and when I see the search engine plugin, I thank God for their services. Wealthy affiliate is like a school that trained me and prepared me for my future. 

    1. Hi Linda; thanks for your comment. God has a way to help us make good decisions about everything that we do. Much can be said about God’s salvation within the pages of a blog. The salvation niche is among the millions on the Wealthy Affiliate Platform.


  2. Hey, I also love wealthy affiliates very much for their awesome training and support. While learning from wealthy affiliate I started my online business from home and get awesome results from it.

    Its training helped me to get good traffic on our website by choosing the right niche. If we choose the right niche then we can write good content while enjoying our own life. I thanks Kyle and Carson for developing such a useful platform for all.

    1. Hi Harish; thanks for your comment. It is a fact that Wealthy Affiliate training is second to none. And one awesome thing about WA you start building your business while you are in the training, both go hand in hand.


  3. Hey Dorcas, I enjoy while reading your article on work from home niche marketing. Now a days everyone want to work from home. I am happy to find wealthy affiliate to run my online business from home. I am completing my training from wealthy affiliate now a days and also sharing it with my friends. My friends are also happy to find wealthy affiliate. Your step by step guide helped me to setup my own business online. Keep it up.

    1. Hey Parveen; thanks for your comment. Wealthy Affiliate is a great place for anyone to start an online business. The training that is offered at WA is enough to attract those who want to do business working from their home. More people need to know about Wealthy Affiliate Platform.


  4. Hi Dorcas. This is interesting. I have always wanted to open a business online and learning on this training platform seems to be a good choice. Thanks for describing how your days working at home are. I even appreciated to read the incident about the earthquake. Thankfully it didn’t break anything. 

    1. Hello Paolo; thanks for your comment. Like yourself, there are many people who want to work from home doing business, but they do not know where to start.

      While many of us are promoting WA Platform, where people can sign up and get the required training to do business online at a minimal cost, more people need to find our Websites and read our blogs to get the information that they need. 

      It is a great blessing from God himself that causes us to experience a 7.7 magnitude earthquake without any form of casualties. The news shows one only building with a crack in it. History told of a 7.0 magnitude earthquake that had sunk Port Royal. also of a 5.3 magnitude earthquake that had destroyed Kingston in the past.


  5. Although it is very important we serve, i.e., work under some body first before we consider being our own boss, I know I have served to some extent and the feeling doesn’t look nice at all. Because I’d have to work extra time and even get paid that isn’t worth half my efforts. Working from home has been my dream for years. I have read about people doing just fine and I have seen people making full-time income from it. So I am glad I found Wealthy Affiliate because Wealthy Affiliate made the whole process a no brainer.

    1. Hello MrBiizy; thanks for your comment. While I will not knock the employment opportunity where one works for a boss. I will always encourage people to work for themselves, doing Affiliate Marketing business. Why? It is a good feeling when one is independent working for oneself. 

      There is no boss to answer to, You make decisions. You take lunchtime when you feel like without having to decide with others what time you can take your lunch in order that operations continue.


  6. Thank you for this great introduction to affiliate marketing!

    I have to say, the concept is quite intriguing.  Promoting other people’s products and services seems like a great way to start a business and, from what I understand, there’s no need to have inventory of my own!

    I imagine that the health niche is huge and quite competitive.  Still, I’m always looking for ways to better take care of myself so I can totally see the attraction as a niche.

    Again thank you.  This is definitely something with looking into.


    1. Hey Scott; thanks for your comment. The opportunity to promote other people’s products for a commission is something that anyone who wants to improve on their income can consider doing in their spear time. 

      As there are many of us who are earning a minimum wage and could do with some additional cash, we have the time that we could invest in Affiliate Marketing but some of us don’t know-how. Well, Wealthy Affiliate is here to help us.


  7. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us and through your article I have learned a lot about affiliate marketing. Personally I have been doing Affiliate Marketing for a year through the Wealthy Affiliate website .And I’m a successful affiliate marketer and I think if anyone is interested in working in the Affiliate Marketing Place, the best way for them to get involved is to be a Wealthy Affiliate. Because Wealthy Affiliate has lots of tutorial videos and these videos help a lot in learning affiliate marketing. wealthy Affiliate has provided me with a lot of payment tools that have helped to move my website to a better place .I found a beautiful place for niche marketing at home through your article, Affiliate Marketing .

    Lastly, I would like to say that many of you who read this article will take Premium Membership from the Wealthy Affiliate website and find success in Affiliate Marketing. 

    1. Hi Shanta; thanks for your comment. I am glad that you have given your experience of the good benefits that you achieve since you start your work from home business with WA.

      Anyone reading this post can be assured from your testimony that you are earning money from your Affiliate Marketing business here at WA.


  8. I agreed with what you had shared about niche affiliate marketing. It is a good start with a niche with the right training and builds it up with the work plan. Then venture into something bigger later on. Hence, different online business has its unique features. 

    Sharing from my own experiences, I get confused after trying to do too many ways to make money online. Instead of focusing on one only. Information overload is very real. It is not a good idea to jump from opportunity to opportunity. I learned it the hard way.

    It is good to have the right balance between work and other personal commitments. Determine what you are good at doing and stick to it. Learn the right skills in Wealthy Affiliate pieces of training. Well, it takes time to learn as the topics are quite broad.

    There are extra costs involve. It is good for an online business to hire employees. To handle some misc tasks. In order to focus more on the important tasks. 

    Warm regards,

    David Koh

    1. Hey David; thanks for your comment. In all that one can think about starting a business, The bottom line is that experience pays a dividend.

      The experiences gained at WA are treasures to keep. In some other areas of life, you will find them useful. Because the tutorials come from people of many different backgrounds, they do prove beneficial in many areas of life. 


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