What Do You Do When Google Chrome Denies You Browsing Privilege?

What Do You Do When Google Chrome Denies You Browsing Privilege?

Can Google Chrome Deny You Browsing Privilege?

How Do You Restore Google Chrome Browsing Privilege?

How To Restore Google Chrome Browsing To Normal

How Normal Is It Not Being Able To Access Google Chrome Browsing?

The Good Book tells us that: because of lack of knowledge the people perish.

Recently I came upon an experience with Google chrome that had me panic. I was frightened, nervous and have become very weak in my body. At the sudden ill-fated experience. I have survived to share the story.

Have you ever been into a situation where it seemed as if you have reached the end of something that you have much interest in before you are even comfortable with the start? I have.

What Do You Do When Google Chrome Denies You Browsing Privilege?

We are occupying space in an unpredicted world. A world where knowledge is never enough. It doesn’t really matter how much knowledge one might think that he has. It adds up to zero when you fall into a situation where you need one specific knowledge.

One little thing that could change the world for you. You might need to know, and at that specific moment, that little becomes higher than Mount Everest. Broader than the pacific ocean, and much stronger than the Lion.

Because you do not know you became weak, helpless, you might even feel foolish. You have fallen into a ditch of knowledge starvation. At this juncture; can you survive it? I was most comfortable browsing with Google Chrome. I am blocked I can neither go forward nor reverse backward. What next. Is there any place that I can find available knowledge at my fingertip, to correct this? Yes, there is!!!

Can Google Chrome Deny Your Browsing Privilege?

The question is direct an pertinent. It calls for an answer that will enhance the credibility of the question. Here specific knowledge demand tripped in. How can I give an answer to this question? When although the answer should be plain and simple In the true sense of what the eyes are seeing a specific knowledge is required in order to give a credible answer.

Google Chrome has the right to do whatsoever pleases them to do. However, is denied access to Browsing, a direct attribute of Google Chrome? How much does one need to know in order to come up with a correct answer to this urgent question? Even when the facts are right there, steering me in my face, how can I answer accordingly?

One of my big knowledge that I have is that: browsing is Google chrome passion and pride. Why would Google Chrome deny me access to browsing privileges? Although weak and nervous the answer must be somewhere; there must be someone with advanced knowledge who can help. Never you are quick to accept things for granted just as they appear. Launch a search; your help must be somewhere. never you allow your nervousness nor your fright to hinder you from finding useful help it must be hidden somewhere.

There is one segment of the Wealthy Affiliate community that is called Live Chat. If you are a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate Sometimes when you are not to stress for the time you should visit that forum. You can gain a lot just by socializing yourself with some of the other members who are also lingerie in Live Chat You could even have something that is bothering you and you and you have not a clue as to how you can fix it, when in Live chat you could talk about it in the community; chances are, there is someone there with the knowledge or the experience about what is bothering you, and you might just get your problem solved.

Yes, you could have your problem solved as easy as that. Sometimes you might even learn more than one ways in which you can solve that problem. When I told you that Wealthy Affiliate is a Great learning institution you will not understand the way it is until you become a part of the wealth.

How Do You Restore Google Chrome Browsing Privilege?

Before you start to Cuss out Google Chrome, take a deep breath; A deep breath can save you from going through a lot of stress. This might not have happened to you before; when you were using your windows seven eight and nine. Therefore, what your eyes are seeing, leaves you with no other option, than to cuss out Google Chrome.

It is a fact that your very eyes can deceive you and build up in you a very resentful mindset. One of the evils of this kind of mindset, you will fall victim to a lot of self-hurt occurring from this scenario. Believe it or not, Google Chrome has nothing to do with you being denied your browsing privilege. I am telling you this because I was a victim of the same fate.

Windows ten has proven itself to be very malicious to me, using Google Chrome. Some of the ill fate that I have experienced since I am using Windows ten, is unbelievable, even when I am the victim. I will share two or three of them with you before I help you to restore your browsing privilege with Google Chrome.

Here we go. One morning while I was searching for a post that I have saved in Microsoft Words while I have no Internet Supply I would copy write them on my website when the Internet supply returns. While I scroll down I saw something flashes on the screen before my eyes. And within that immediate second.

Everything was cleaned off of my Desktop to include everything that I have saved in Microsoft Words. I sat there like I was in a dream. When I heard a sound like a bang coming from the screen before me It was a pop-up, that reads: Google Chrome is not Your Default Browser. Click here to set up your default browser.

There was no Internet in my area from my service provider for roughly six months I could not get a line from any of the others at the time as the demand was very great. I have no Internet on my Windows ten computer. I turned on my computer to get the time as there was no clock in the computer room and I would be going to a conference on the phone. Right there before my eyes.

A pop-up message that reads: we have detected fifteen viruses on your PC click here to have them cleared. With a picture showing a woman Sitting before a computer holding her head with her both hands and her mouth wide opened another pop up reads: click here for an update and scan. I clicked on the update and scan. After the update and Scan, a result showed seventeen viri dictated failure to clean will result in the crash of your computer.

It had no Internet on in to contaminate it. I never even tried to use words again but virus infests it increasingly. When I look at the charge to clean up the virus I ignored the message. Two weeks afterwards I turned on the computer and the screen was covered with one of the Resort attraction that Microsoft constantly shows when I log onto my computer. The image is static. The LG Desktop was new only five months old. I got only thirty days warranty on it so my money went down the drain just like that.

How To Restore Google chrome Browsing To Normal

Everything that pertains to the Internet when It comes to information you can get it at your fingertip when you are connected to Wealthy Affiliate. Suppose I should tell you that I restore the Google Chrome to normal in one of the easiest fashion that one can ever think of. first I must tell you that I connect to Live Chat and I ask if anybody here have that experience and if anyone know how I can fix the problem.

I got a reply within one minute. I was bombarded, however, with another roadblock. I had accessed my Website via Explorer. What I am about to share with Explorer it’s not the first time I have that experience. The affiliate reply to my question but I could not read it. The font was too small and it would not respond to zoom.

So, I access my website via Firefox and by then another Affiliate replied and when I read both replies they both good and workable. To my surprise, the one I used was much much easier than I thought it would. Within one minute after I read my Google chrome browsing access was up and running very well.  I was instructed to boot and restart. that was all that I did, and I have full access to Google Chrome as at before.

How Normal Was It Not Being Able To Access Google Chrome Browsing?

Not being able to access browsing with Google Chrome was a far distance from being normal. Google Chrome is my favourite Browser. I found it to be very convenient and easy to understand. I do not find any complication in its layout. That for me makes browsing super easy.


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