The Purpose of Salt in The Home

  The Purpose of Salt in The Home

Unnoticed to many householders, salt is a powerful, helpful resource to have in active use within the household. The product is generally taken lightly by many people especially those who live in the Tropics.

Today I will try my best to bring out some of the hidden values and use of the precious commodity Salt.

There are several useful ways to salt in and around the house.  The use of Salt could save us from a lot of problems that would weigh heavily on the budget if Salt had not shown up.


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Salt as Seasoning

Let us start using the commodity from inside the house. Here we use small amounts of Salt in our foods when cooking because we know that Salt brings flavour to cooked meals. Our bodies also need some Salt to function normally.

Stain Remover

Salt is an excellent stain remover. We all know by now that Curry stain is tough to wash out when spilling on your kitchen towel, table cloth, or even your kitchen rug before your range.

How to Use Salt to Remove Stains

All you need to do is to dust a little salt on the stained area and allow it to melt by the natural air, you will then wash with water, and your stain is gone. All the stains are gone.

 Mind you; Curry stain is not the only food stain that salt will remove; I say, Curry because I know it to be a stubborn stain to be removed.

Whatever stains your clothes, sheets, towels, etc. Salt is an excellent stain remover. You can always put salt to the test.

Medicinal Values

Salt works in many areas of our lives without being credited. Salt is a medicine whether you believe it or not. Salt added to herbs like Gully Bean Leaves, and Jockey Saddle proves as great cold medicine.

As also Salt relieves Sour Throat. For this you will need to add a pinch of Salt to water and Gargle until you feel the salt in your throat, spit out the water, repeat as is necessary, the salt removes the sourness Your throat is healthy once more.

Meat Preservour

In farmer days when there were no Refrigerators, people relied solely on Salt to cure meats. Even now in our time and age Pigs Tail and Corned Pork are available in Food Stores. It is Salt that does the Corning.

Stainless Steel Cleaner

Salt does an excellent job cleaning your Stainless-Steel Cookware and Kitchen Sink, for a more brilliant experience you should add some Baking Soda and Salt together, mix both for the application.

Fire extinguisher

You can use Salt as a Fire extinguisher, if you use a cold-Pot or grill in your house after you are finished using you can use some Salt to put out the fire, by sprinkling salt on the live coal. The Fire goes out.

Air Freshener

You might want to sprinkle your dish sponge with salt after use leave in salt water overnight for your dish sponge to have a longer life and a fresh smell

Coffee is known to stain cups. If you are one who loves the coffee but hates the stained cup, you could use lemon peel and Salt to remove the coffee stain from your container.

You should use Salt to clean up your Cutting Board. If you sprinkled your cutting board with salt after use, then use half of Lemon or Lime to scrub the entire board, give it a little time then wipe clean.

Egg Age Tester

You can use Salt to test the age of an egg before you break the egg. Add Salt to a container of water, enough for an egg to float in, and the fresh egg will float, the old egg will sink.

Clothes Colour Preserver

You can keep the colour of your clothes bright by adding some salt to your wash when washing an item of clothing for the first or second time

Cast Iron Cleaner

Householders generally use Steel Wool to scrub some stubborn surface and Grilled to remove the build-up that is on them, if you can use some Coarse Salt with the heated oil you will be able to remove all these build up from your cast iron.

Your Clothes Iron sometimes build up some metal stains like grime on its face. You can use Salt to remove the stain by turning your Iron to its highest setting after you have turned off the steam feature.

Then rub a cloth with Salt on the Iron metal face, for a safer cleaning exercise you might want to place the wet salted clothe on a level surface then run the Iron face down, as when you are ironing add a little more pressure to the iron for a more perfect clean.

It is now time for us to use some Salt outside of the house.

Cleans Oil Spillage

Many times, the Motor Vehicle leeks oil in the Garage and on the Drive Way, it gives an unpleasant appearance as well as it poses a threat to safety when walking over the spillage.

You can use some Salt to help you out with the issue. You need to sprinkle some Salt on the spilt oil surface the Salt will absorb the oil making it easy to sweep.

Insect Repellant

Ants have a way to make roads to your house during the nights in the mornings you will see their mounds alongside your house wall and sometimes even in your Garage as they want to enter inside your home.

 You can make a Salt Line barrier against the ants entering inside your house the ants will never cross the salt.

Keeps Cut Flowers Fresh Longer

You can use Salt to train your flowers to keep fresh after cutting even before you cut them, as you know that adding Some Salt to the water that you are using to water your garden kills bacteria.

Salt in the water feeds the flower with the ingredients to keep the flowers fresh and looking healthy for longer. You don’t need chemicals to keep your Cut Flowers fresh when you train your Flower Garden to use Salt.

Treats Gum Issues

In addition to all the above. My Dentist advises me whenever he extracts my tooth. He said: (quote) Do not wash. When you get home remove the cotton, then rinse with warm salt water. (end of quote)

I do hope that this article helps you prepare to begin working from your home, as the kinds of work that you can be doing from your home are elusive.

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Author: Dorcas Whyte

Courageous, persistent and brave. Born and raised in the sunny Island: Jamaicain the country side of the parish of Westmoreland Being the daughter of a farmer I learn the natural setup of life; and how to weather any storm of life.I develop my writing skill by making daily entry of occurrences on the farm. By doing so I became passionate about writing. Hence I became a writer.Writing Songs, Poems, Comedies, and even Books. Still searching. I began to explore the internet and.....did not I met upon "thieves" commonly known as Scammers.One of them stripped my Credit Card of $284.000.00 I am presently sweating to pay all that debt. I was invaded by a swarm of them. I was searching to find a way how I could contact one of them who have my name. who choose to lie to me like the others and then scam me; when I stumbled upon this "come to help us." Wealthy Affiliate. I has to promote it.

14 thoughts on “The Purpose of Salt in The Home”

  1. That was a fascinating post, and I’m not sure how I stumbled on it, as I’m not sure what salt has to do with “Wealthy affiliate.”  It is exciting to see all the uses of salt has around the house, though I usually just put it on food.

     I’ll have to try it as a stain remover because we get lots of stains from chocolate.  

    1. Hi Nate; thanks for your comment. You might have chosen to comment on some other affiliate post when my post was up for a comment. That must be how you stumbled on it. 

      And as for what salt has to do with Wealthy Affiliate; Don’t you see that Salt is in almost everything? That is what it has to do with Wealthy Affiliate because Wealthy Affiliate brings people from everywhere into every Niche.


  2. Thank you very much for this great post. I find it interesting .of course I know salt it is a useful commodity in the house and most people know it only for its seasoning benefits. 

    Thanks for talking about its other values; I will try it on stains and share with you how it goes. 

    1. Hi Clement; thanks for your comment. I enjoy writing an interesting article that will help others in some ways. I knew about Salt many benefits, but I never settled down and observed how the commodity is in people’s everyday lives.


  3. I never knew until reading your article that salt had that many uses. Something that we take for granted almost. I didnt know it could help with stains and also used for oil spillage and if that wasnt enough an insect repellent!  I am totally fascinated by salt now and in wonder.Thank you for shedding light on the many uses of salt.

    1. Hi Cathy; thanks for your comment. There are so many things that we could blog about that are eye-opening and helpful to many other people, but we tend to be gazing beyond them and blog about something of less value to the public, that we think would be useful.

      You know Cathy; I never muster the uses of Salt to write them but as I pulled my chair back to sit at my desk; I heard the word Salt, in my head. So I never bother to check on my Keywords List. I decide to write on salt.

      I have left out more than half the uses that I knew Salt poses. I can say of a surety that Salt is a versatile Guy, only those who are Ital will want to go without using Salt.


  4. Wow!!  Who knew there were so many uses for salt in this world.  I have used it in salt baths when I have had skin grazes etc. And apparently for cooking but not for many of the uses you have listed here. 

    And I like the way that you have integrated that into affiliate marketing something in which I am also interested.  I will be checking out WA for sure.  Thanks for an interesting post.


    1. Hi Paul, thanks for your comment. There is the good old saying that said: one never too early to learn. I also learn something new about salt from a comment on the post. 

      Paul, It will not matter the dissatisfaction that fellow Affiliates or members of staff caused me. I will always promote WA because I know that it is designed to help people who need help and find the opportunity. That is my reason to incorporate the WA banner in the post.


  5. This is one of the most helpful articles I have ever come across.. All this while I have always taken salt to be just for cooking. I never knew that salt could go a long way of putting our fire and also removing stains. The part that caught my attention Was The part of using salt to test If an egg is fresh or old..Testing an Egg will be the next thing on my to do list.. Thanks so much for this article, I’ve learnt alot from this lovely article…

    1. Hi Geebehn; thank you for your comment. I am feeling a sense of excitement knowing that so many people are benefiting from this simple information Yes; Salt can help you not to break an egg that is stale.


  6. I love learning about home solutions to common problems. Salt is one of the often overlooked products that has many uses but they have been forgotten over time. We could save a lot of money if we knew about simple tricks like you list here. Using salt to remove stains means you don’t have to buy a chemical stain remover. Using salt to brighten laundry means you don’t have to buy an expensive laundry soap or additive.

    I grew up in a rural area where we had to do everything for ourselves and we were hundreds of miles from the nearest store so I learned these kinds of tricks as a kid.

    Thank you for sharing these old tricks that seem new again because many people don’t use household items anymore. They run out and buy a special product marketed for that purpose because they don’t know there is a simple, affordable solution sitting in their cupboard already!

    Thank you,


    1. Jessica; I too was grown up in the rural areas of my country. I found out that using natural things preserves our health better than anything else could. If not Salt, my mother would use Washing Soda to remove tough stains; And the colour would remain unaltered. 

      These days I do not even see Washing Soda on Grocery Store Shelves. But because Salt is what is it has to remain on the on the shelves.

      Some of the younger generations do not know these benefits of Salt so they will stress their budget and buy the Substitutes that sometimes prove harmful in one way or another.


  7. Hi,

    This is a great writeup and I appreciate you putting this on the Internet. Salt has many usage as you analysed and I would love to try most of these tips to know more and also to share to others.

    A medical usage of salt I have been applying over the years includes using it for skin burns. If you have any burns through steam, hot metals or iron it is easy to avoid blistering using salt. After the burn, apply the salt on the burnt area, now add few drops of water to dissolve the salt but avoid making it watery. Allow the salt to spend 2-3 hours on the affected area. The spot turns black after few days, then dries and peel off. 

    1. Hi Ayodeji; thanks for your comment. To be truthful, I have listed only a few of the benefits that I know Salt gives, but I never knew that it works on burns. It is another added benefit of Salt that I will be sharing with the public.


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