Make Real Money 2018 Via Social Media Let Me Show You How

How can you make real money online in 2018 via social media

I can show you how you can make real money online in 2018 via social media

Make real money online 2018 via social media

See how social media help you to make real money online 2018

With social media, you can make real money online 2018


Do you want to make some money 20 18? It is a fact that knowledge is critical. Let me help you to the excellent experience that will settle your fears and lead you directly into the Social media Money arena.

How Can You Make Real Money Online 2018 Via Social Media?

The simple truth is: for anyone to make money online 2018. One must be with Social Media beyond just owning a mobile handset.

The wise thing to do is to get your business connected with as many Social Media platforms as you can compare your business. You may secure all your training: Click here

Keep this in your mind: Social Media is not out there looking for your business. You should be, looking for and signing up your business on every  Social Media platform for the advertising benefit of your business as also the traffic that you can attract to your business via this many rout

Believe it or not, we are in an advanced age where almost everything that we do or aspire to do, have taken an upgrade turn. Things are rushing, to make the good old days that we knew and trusted in, become absolute.

The young generation definitely cannot survive on things being done it the old way. The pace at which the younger folks are moving, be it in Sport.

In learning methods, or in business; to name a few, is far more advanced than the days of the older generation. One cannot deny the fact, that Social Media is playing a significant roll in all of this.

Gone are the days, when the whole family would sit down before the television to watch the news, or to watch a Football game, A basketball or whatever the game is.

Smart Phones have very much replaced the family gathering to watch anything on TV that they would have done in the past. Having Said all of that. I must say that wise thinker, matters not what their age group might be, will have to go with the flow.

The wider society called it: ‘Social Media’.  Whether you will be advertising on Twitter, Pinter est, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook to name a few.

Or even if you will be using all that is mentioned and more; they are: Social Media. Using them to advertise your business is the way to go.

I Can Show You How To Make Money 2018 Via Social Media

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What’s  App as far as I can see, is no way behind in the list. The only difference I found is that Whats App carries a large amount of gossip. However, if it could be appropriately monitored and organise it would no doubt be on the lead stream.

Observing all of this I, therefore, implore all Entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs, to equip themselves with good quality online training that will incorporate the use of Social media advertising for the jump start and steady growth of their business.

It would be much time to consume for me to define all the different Social Media. But there are some of them that superseded some others. In quality and diversification.

When I review them in depth, I found LinkedIn to be highly sophisticated and innovated. While on the other hand P interest because of its uniqueness have captured a full share in market value.

Undoubtedly, Twitter with its great liking and use of the “Beaming Hashtag”; is rapidly attracting the so-called upper class, media personnel and Government officials.

This means that once you have acquired the correct training for online business and have your business linked up or connected to the many Social Media that is made available unto you.

Only you will be able to set the limit to your money earning during twenty eighteen and beyond. For those of us who are not using some of the available Social Media, this that I am talking about:

Social Media might be the strange knowledge that has taken you off your guard; There is no need for you to panic if that is what takes place with you on learning this about Social Media.

Make Real Money Online 2018 via Social Media

Have you not notice, that you neither hear about nor see the ‘Telegram’ these days? Ha! Telegram became “Redundant” are you aware how that happen? Simple!!!

There is a phrase called: ‘technology upgrade’ First upgrade from the Telegram to the landline phone where people could afford a landline phone in their homes.

Landline phone has served the world’s population for a good long while with its many convenient features. That was then considered to be the best way to market and advertise one’s business.

They have features Such as: ‘star sixty-nine’, that would let you know who has called you while you were out. There was also: ‘call waiting’.

And answering machine that clients could buy and connect to their landline device. Gradually the landline is less use these days because the Mobile phone has dominated the landline phone.

Before Social Media have evolved and taken precedence over the landline phone in the area of marketing and advertising: Marketers earning capacity was much lower than it is today.

Reason being that marketers would need a vase amount of line staff so as the door to door sales persons to market their stocks.

The Telephone could only be used in a limited way as for a marketer to make a sale by using the telephone he would need to have the client’s telephone number.

However, with the mobile phone, the technology upgrade a bit better wherein; the intended client number would be on the Sim Card outlet; whereby they would advertise their business directly to people’s phone.

Although forbidden. Some business people still dear to continue this practice. Technology upgrade Leeds, the experts to offering YouTube and Facebook, opening to the marketing business community is a more comprehensive capacity of advertising their business on this two giant medium.

Anyone who has considered that Technology would have stopped there Have considered very wrong. Google who has spearheaded this two-phase of technology have introduced Google plus, Google ad sense, Google ad words and counting.

The Google production have provoked others to join the race of technology advertising. You should consider carefully where it now reach and know for sure it can only get more diverse and better.

See how Social Media can help you make money during twenty eighteen.

To see how social media can help you to make money during twenty eighteen and beyond. You will need to sign up with as many of them as you possibly can.

Do not draw back either be afraid to use up social media for the advancement of your business. You can have nothing to lose; all that you will get will be a sure gain.

As catching the Social media fever, can only get you famous and make you into a significant income earner.

All you need to be doing is to be following the teaching and applying it step by step to your business. If you do this, you will be doing yourself a great favour.

So that in record time you will come to the fullness when you can sit back relax and pat yourself; declaring that you have done it, the way that it profit you best. Using the recommended money earning tools for twenty eighteen and beyond.

With Social Media, you Can Make Real Money Online 2018

Have you ever notice that unlike those days that went by. Knowledge is no more somewhat limited? Oh no, education is no longer a scarce commodity. And you do not have to search for it, nor look around to find necessary information about anything of interest.

There are some people in the world today who will volunteer to furnish you with information one way or the other. Some of us might consider this sort to be idlers or loafers.

They are informing us with needful information. At no cost to any of us. Why? People are always active on their smartphone.

They will use their smartphone and unknowingly advertise your business for free just because they have to tell a story and the smartphone help them out thoroughly with What’s App, IMO.

Text All the App that is available to their use and Me. Call them volunteer advertisers if you may. But believe it or not this sort help to advertise businesses on Social Media in a big way.

When your business is advertising via social media however way it is advertising the benefit is there waiting for you. And while there are those who might be enjoying gossiping on Social Media with your business

It is an excellent way to get the message out to all class of people in the world’s population. Broadly speaking; Social Media is one of the best advertising Machines that ever come to the online marketing business world. To get started:  Click here

Author: Dorcas Whyte

Courageous, persistent and brave. Born and raised in the sunny Island: Jamaicain the country side of the parish of Westmoreland Being the daughter of a farmer I learn the natural setup of life; and how to weather any storm of life.I develop my writing skill by making daily entry of occurrences on the farm. By doing so I became passionate about writing. Hence I became a writer.Writing Songs, Poems, Comedies, and even Books. Still searching. I began to explore the internet and.....did not I met upon "thieves" commonly known as Scammers.One of them stripped my Credit Card of $284.000.00 I am presently sweating to pay all that debt. I was invaded by a swarm of them. I was searching to find a way how I could contact one of them who have my name. who choose to lie to me like the others and then scam me; when I stumbled upon this "come to help us." Wealthy Affiliate. I has to promote it.

12 thoughts on “Make Real Money 2018 Via Social Media Let Me Show You How”

  1. Hello Dorcas

    Any business person who doesn’t maximise the benefits of using social media is leaving money on the table.

    I like how you say, “Social Media is not out there looking for your business”. That is so true, it is up to us to use what is out there for our own benefit.

    I must admit I do like WhatsApp although seldom share business-related stuff with people. Maybe that’s because I first started using it for personal messaging.

    Although I do have a Twitter account and quite a lot of followers, I acquired these almost by accident so is not a very targeted group and consequently not that easy to use it for marketing. I’ve never been much of a fan of Twitter.

    I hear a lot of people are using Instagram and Pinterest with much success. What are your thoughts about these platforms?


    1. Mark; thank you for your comment. All of the Social Media Platform can serve their purpose If business people apply their business to their service. 

      People will see the business on them and make their choice that is how the benefit will show up in our account positively. 

      Twitter is very targeted it is because on the #HashTag# introduction you might not notice that it carries a lot of information. 

      The Social Media Platforms? they are all good.


  2. Hi!

    Thank you very much for this post about how to earn money with social media.

    I understand that social media can have a supportive role, promoting ones own website/business.

    Do you have any tips / strategies on how to use social media the best way, so it really supports the business?

    I can imagine that it takes a huge amount of time, being active in all the common social media channels (FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus, etc.). So as the time is limited, how can you still be active in all of these platforms?

    Best regards,

    1. Dominik; thanks for your comment. Your interaction on Social Media/s Platform will determine the support that your business achieve from the platform. 

      I should not have an issue of the time that is required by Social Media as long as the benefits derives balances the time that I invest.


  3. Hello Dorian, great information on the necessity of social media, I have to admit my biggest downfall thus far has been just that, poor social media engagement, and as you have said it is also available right here in the WA platform. Does jaxxy have an updated program that offer’s more long-term free keyword search? Also, I must add that your article is very straightforward and definite with the advice that I am seeking, Jack

    1. Jack; thanks for your comment. my name is really: ‘Dorcas’ Now that you have identified what is your down fall your best job will be to correct it before it hold you down forever. I would not consider Jaxxy to have an upgraded long term free period. No.


  4. you said absolutely right,social media is one of the most popular and effect ways to earn money, but it is skillful job,it need time to prepare and we need have signed up many account. it is things need to be balanced between quality and quantity, if we have too many accounts, it definitely affect your service quality for each accounts, would you have some approach to make it giving worthful information under a vast social accounts?

    best regards

    1. Arial; thanks for your comment, You will not not need to apply more skill to sign up with Social Media than that you have exercise in building out your website with good quality content or the same skill that you use to sign up on Wealthy Affiliate.

       However, I respect your opinion.


  5. Hi social media can make you good money, it has for me, but it won’t make you rich or be able to retire unless you use the paid advertising option. When I use paid advertising on FaceBook my income increases. What are your views on paid advertising? I’m looking to move to PPC as an alternative to social media but I need to understand it more.

    1. Sharon; We are living in an active world, where nothing goes for something. Social Media is business in itself. It needs money to function, just as we do so if we must pay to get good advertising I see nothing wrong with that.

      My advice to you Sharon, is: do not be afraid to pay money for anything that will increase your income.


  6. Great article Highlighting the importance of social media in business today. People are glued to their screens on not utilizing social media will mean missed opportunities for your business. Like anything else online, using it properly requires the right training and skills. Also, in the changing environment we need to keep up to date. Thanks for your article and I’ll check out your recommendations.

    1. Dave thank you much for commenting on my post.

      I understand that not all affiliates are aware of the importance of this powerful tool.’ social Media’ so that is why I use the opportunity to highlight it here in this article.

      Best wishes


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