Is MoneyConnection Online Jobs Legit Or A Scam?

Today I want to share my honest review of Money connection Online Jobs with you. This review is not an aim to get you to sign up with Money Connection it is more so to sensitise readers of some of the Online businesses that are landing thousands of business opportunity seekers into an elusive nightmare.            My # 1 recommendation

Money Connection:

Founder: Pritam Nagrale

Price: Free to Join

Time Started: 2004

I found no address for the business nor the founder. However, I have been made aware of Money Connection since 2014 I am not sure of how this person came by my email address, but I found an email from him in more than one of my G mail inbox.

Honestly, I have tried some of the sites that he has invited me to While I am not branding any of them as a scam. I can plainly say that they have wasted my time and leave me open to a significant amount of scams.   click here


The following are quotes from some of the emails that Money connection have to inbox me:(1) Paid Surveys are the best online jobs from home for people like us, who want to make $ 1000.00 or more working 1-2 hours from the comfort of their home.

( 2) You can join Survey sites and earn money by completing surveys. There are hundreds of best and free surveys sites where you can signup and receive regular Surveys. You will get $ 5 to $ 20.00 for completing one survey.

( 3) If you join 10 to 20 sites, you can receive a minimum of 50 paid surveys in a month and make more than $ 1000.00 per month.

( 4) I will show you a list of best Surveys Sites where you can get regular Surveys. I am making a regular income from these Surveys Sites.

( 5) Thousands of people are making money online using the ideas and tips provided on Money Connection.

( 6) Online Clicking Jobs. Click is the easiest online job because even a 10-year-old kid can do this. Here you have to join some Legit Sites that pay for clicking and reading ads.

It is easy to earn $250.00 to $ 500 by working 15 to 20 minutes on these sites. These Sites are known as PTC Sites. There are hundreds of PTC Sites, but only a few are legit.

I will be sharing with you some of the sites to which I invited to share by Money connection you will be able to decide if you can make the mentioned amount of money from any of them.  Some of these sites he said can make you four and six figures each month. Here are the Sites.

click here

Online Survey Jobs

Simple Ad Click Job

Online GPT Job


Affiliate Marketing

Online Job with YouTube

Online Freelancing Job

Online Writing Job

Captcha Solving Job

Online Data Entry Jobs

Earn with your Smart Phone

Amazon Online Jobs

Online Tutoring Job


Online Transcription Job

Buy and Sell ( Domain+ Site Jobs)

social Media Jobs

Online Selling

Digital Marketing

Stock and Forex Trading

Bonus Online Jobs

I have tried many of the survey companies. They are not a Scam, but they cannot work. While some of them do not give the survey to people outside of their respective country, others give study as few a one each month or every three months.

I had not found any survey company from the list that he kept updating that paid more than 50 cents per survey and the told plainly that one review would take from 25 to 30 minutes to complete.

As for the Data entry; every time I signed up with any of the company that he listed to me I fell victim to Scam I was never able to land a job in Data Entry.

As for the Online Writing Jobs. Each Site behave similarly, In that after that I had signed up they charge a fee, and after they collect your money, they no longer exist. I found one that had lived for a short while after payment, but I never get a job.

It was like each time I contact them Money Connection sent me to another company who would make a couple of excuses then direct me to another after moving from site one to four I realise that they were all tricksters. If you want to do profitable work from your home you may :

click here  

I had to ask Money connection to stop from stressing me out and wast my time. But every now and again I would stumble upon an email or two in my inbox from Money Connection. I no longer bother to open any of them.

Again I must make it clear, not all of the above mentioned are scams. Some of them are legal businesses only that their payouts are not conducive to days world. No one can live from that not even for one day!

Many of the Surveys companies do not give a survey to countries outside of the USA, Canada, or the UK. While on the other hand, there are others who do not provide a regular study.

If you are lucky, you might get two surveys for the month, some offering as little 25C for a review. There are better things that one can do with valuable time than to waste it on any of the offers mentioned above.

Should in case you did not know: Knowledge is power! So as time is money! Don’t waste it you will need it, use it wisely, earn from it your well-needed benefit that will make your living easier and even more attractive to your generation.

Do you want independence? You desire to be your boss, isn’t that why you are searching the internet for something that you can do from your own home and make an honest living from it?

You want to be doing something that will give you the chance to drop off your children at School as also pick up your children from school each School Day without having to ask your boss permission.

To do so which you might not even get depending on how much the job demand your service. Would not it be nice if you could be doing your own business from your own home?

If you have something like that some of the times when you pick up your children from School you could even stop at the Ice cream Parlor and treat them with Ice Cream.

Yes, you could because you are not in a hurry, you are working at your own pace having the privilege to enjoy your family as you do your work.

The platform information that I am sharing with you will not earn you money overnight neither will you see money without any effort as some offers will tell you. In this, you will have to work!

However, before you begin to work hard to earn you will need to know how you should work, this is a business you will need to understand how the business work. So here we go! Let’s get some knowledge of the industry to be successful.

Here is what you should do. Get the training it is free easy and gratifying. There is no hassle in training, it is very time friendly so as brain refreshing. This training is free so to speak.

Once you begin the training, you can consider yourself as starting your own business that means that you are becoming your boss. How easy, The practice is not different than any exercise that you would go through for any given job.

The only difference that you may find is that you will have lots of more support going through this training. Now that we have reached this far, you do not even have to follow me any. Further, you can now take action sign up here for seven days free trial click here

In time to come, you will be glad you did. Going into this business, you will not need to carry anything more than your willing mind. A willingness to learn will bring you great gain in future years.

Learn something positive about Google and Social Media, Learn about how to start a business online using your website as your store space, Learn how you can and build your site with the help of SiteRubix using your mouse.

None of this is hard; it is easier than you can ever imagine. It will not cost you a fortune to do this either. It will only require you what many people would call small change. For your first month when you will be getting everything to start with it will only cost you a meagre $ 19.00 Yes!

Your beginner’s first month comes with a discount. You will not see an upsell but after the first month, you will pay the regular price per month which is less than $50.00.

You should not want it any better, because there is no limit to the excellent quality training that you will be getting for such a small cost.

Are you still lingering in suspense because I have not disclosed to you the fantastic platform from where you will have the liberty to all this proper quality training? You may dry your sweat now it is the Wealthy Affiliate Sign up now.




Author: Dorcas Whyte

Courageous, persistent and brave. Born and raised in the sunny Island: Jamaicain the country side of the parish of Westmoreland Being the daughter of a farmer I learn the natural setup of life; and how to weather any storm of life.I develop my writing skill by making daily entry of occurrences on the farm. By doing so I became passionate about writing. Hence I became a writer.Writing Songs, Poems, Comedies, and even Books. Still searching. I began to explore the internet and.....did not I met upon "thieves" commonly known as Scammers.One of them stripped my Credit Card of $284.000.00 I am presently sweating to pay all that debt. I was invaded by a swarm of them. I was searching to find a way how I could contact one of them who have my name. who choose to lie to me like the others and then scam me; when I stumbled upon this "come to help us." Wealthy Affiliate. I has to promote it.

12 thoughts on “Is MoneyConnection Online Jobs Legit Or A Scam?”

  1. I can relate totally to this article and website. I, too, looked into both Money Connection and doing online surveys. I did not like the reviews for Money Connection that I saw online, and it is based in India, which makes it tough to contact the headquarters if you have a question. As far as doing surveys, I found out the same as the author here: surveys that anyone can do are not going to pay $25 or $100 or whatever they advertise. You might get 25 cents or $1.00, maybe. There are surveys out there which pay $25 or $50, but they are not ongoing and they are not surveys that just anyone can do. They are usually irregular surveys asking for highly specific information about a technical subject. For example, a survey that requests information about what type of business computer is better than another is not looking for answers from low-income workers, retirees, housewives, or the average Joe. The survey is looking for responses from experienced business executives who know exactly what they are talking about, in detail. Are you an experienced business executive? If not, then you will not qualify to do that survey, or any other surveys requiring a specific career background or technical knowledge. You will be stuck doing the 50 cent stuff. This author is 100% right.

    1. Paul thank you for your comment. and the detail that you have strengthen my post with.

      Those jobs that I have listed are only a small amount of the elusive list that Money Connection have dumped in my inbox I list those for illustration. With the hope to help people to find the place where they can really make honest money from their home.



  2. Dorcas, thank you for this blog on Money Connection OnLine Jobs. I confess its really hard to know which of these programs are really legitimate. Honestly, I was considering doing one of the “Take the survey” and get paid options but it sounded too good to be true. The facts you provided: $1000 for 1 or 2 hours and from home! No way. I, like you, tested the Data Entry and On-Line writing job but it did not go anywhere.
    Most of all, I appreciate your honesty about the work from home option you endorsed. Thanks for letting me know . . . it really is work. I have to invest in it.

    1. Christian; I really appreciate you commenting on my post. I am not saying that this man is not making the one million US$ per year from one of these sites. I am saying I have tried a few of them including the one he claimed to be making that much from and I do not see the possibility.

      I will continue to encourage people who want to work from their home to follow my instruction and sine up with Wealthy Affiliate. Absorbed the training and uplift themselves in becoming their own boss.

  3. Thank you for an informative post. I live outside the USA, Canada and Uk and have found the same issues. I have not tried the companies listed above so you have saved me time and money by arming me with the knowledge that they do not work and so I will not try them.

    This does still leave me with the need to find a suitable and reputable online work from home business opportunity. Do you have any suggestions. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Bryan; thanks for your comment; I am happy to know that my post will save you some time as I consider time to be money.

      You may now rest your mind at ease. You have done yourself a great favour when you read my post. To answer your question: yes, there is at least one reputably online work from home business opportunity that without any reservation, I am recommending to you. It is the Wealthy Affiliate you may click on any of the Link that you saw in this post for further information and instruction.



  4. I have been looking to make some money on the side and hopefully from home. So i tried the Money Connection.
    I have to report that I am less than happy with it, and feel as though I have wasted to much time with them from my experience using them.
    Do you have a better recommendation than these guys!

    1. Brandon; thanks for your comment; You are just another person who have waste your time with Money Connection offers. While one cannot live off of any of these companies payment plan this man seams to have his way of earning from them as one of the companies that he introduced to me that I have wasted my time and money into, he claimed to be making US$ 1000.000.00 per year from it.

      Of course! I have. My number one recommendation to anyone seeking to make money online is: Wealthy Affiliate without an apology.



  5. I think I have become indifferent to survey sites for the obvious reason. It takes up to much time. Plus the amount of money you receive doesn’t match the time spent. So I avoid them at all cost. However, your #1 recommendation is something I dont mind spending my time on.

    1. Jamie; thank you for your comment. You are so right!  Taking Survey is very time consuming, and pays too little. My number one recommendation is the best anywhere on the Web. There are over one million people having the same views.



  6. Thanks for the good info. I think you just saved me some time and i won’t bother with surveys. I had no idea they paid so little. The problem with being a newbie is that there are so many options out there and a lot of them seem legit. It’s pretty easy to get scammed. The best way is good training and hard work. Thanks again.

    1. Dave; thanks for your comment. I am glad that I was able to save you some time. It is a fact that when you are new to something you lack skill and information. that leaves you vulnerable to abuse.That being said. I recommend all will be newbies to come and join the wealthy Affiliate training and business community where they can get the tools to work their way into becoming the entrepreneur that they dream of becoming 2018.

      Cheers! DorcasW

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