Is Empowr A Scam? Point To Prove


Price: Various

Owner/s: Brandie Williams & Michael Cyrus Pousti


What Is Empowr?

An (Organized Scam to the first degree)

I am about to share with you from my experience with Empowr, In this review, I will try to give as much information that will help you to understand The tricks and trades of Empowr.


How am I so verse on Empowr?




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After being misled robbed and ill-treated by a famous online entrepreneur who owns over 20 separate online businesses. One of his staff contacted me.

Expressing sympathy and offering me help. This man said: quote: ‘after seeing all that had to happen to you I want to help you’. End of quote.

He said he could not help me while I was in the company because he feared to lose his position with the boss. But he knew of this company that would help me to regain my lost, and it would not cost me anything to join, it would only require 2-5 hours of my time daily.

He said it was highly rewarding. As they pay from $2500 upward per month according to the number of hours I can invest in the company daily.

I believed him and took his advice. (It is now that I know that he is the same person who owned so many companies who had disguised himself as a friend during my time with the company. The same man who had scammed me)

I signed up with Empowr without even researching it. Because I have developed a level of trust for this person was always contacting me, making me believe that he was there for me throughout my stay at the previous company. I took the so-called friendly advice and signed up with Empowr.

I received a welcome email from Empowr informing me that they payout cash three months or 90 days after the money gets in the account so as other detail about the company.

They said in the email that the first payment might not be much. They said there were four areas of earnings that were available to everyone, while at the same time there is a business opportunity for those who are interested. Such as: owning Radio and TV station etc. on the Empowr platform.

The four areas of earning are as follows:


2. Bidding


4.Closing loops

Listing means to put something up for sale. However, the video tutorial tells you that you do not have to have your product for sale. You can buy products same place in Empowr marketplace and resell the product there.

Each day as you do the task you will notice that there are four brown slots each representing a function. For each task, you will see that the slot slowly loaded up with the colour grey or deep blue.

A task is complete only when the slot is full. You must fill out all the slots Failure to fill all four slots will result in an incomplete task for that day.

In the marketplace you buy you sell you bid on other people products of all the task the marketplace is the biggest money earner. The big catch is: there is a show of daily earnings at the top right corner of the page.

You see your earnings in $$$$ Brilliant idea; they used to scam….! for a better understanding You may take a look at this:


All-time revenues: $14,411.33


My balance: $9,957 ►

This balance is what is available to me. So they say. “But It is false pretence”.

I  noticed that the money was proliferating, Because I had lost so much, I felt comfortable doing all the task spending many hours daily After ten weeks I get a new Coach.

The new Coach reduced the task slots from four to two. I could no longer see when the task for listing and bidding are complete. I, however, did what I use to do daily. He began to message me saying that I must have something in my house that I can sell on Empowr. To maximised my profit.

When I complete 90 days, I notice that there were four messages from inside of Empowr all saying that I should optimise my account with my Credit Card or my PayPal account. I ask my Coach Angel what does that mean?

He said that is how the system works, for them to pay out cash they need my banking information or PayPal or Credit/Debit Card information.

Angel message me to say that there must be something in my house to sell even some old clothes because I have not reached my daily gold not even a day in the past three months.

This message shocked me. I have been listing and bidding and buying and selling every day and was always encouraged by my previous Coach to continue that way. I was reaching my goal every day.

My then Coach message me so many times encouraging me to continue reaching my daily goal for maximum profit. And also, to make arrangement to ship to people who won bid on something that I have listed.

However, when I ask for their contact information, I would be told that they are of a foreign language so the Empowr would handle it.

I remember that I have won bids on two items that I have a personal interest in and when I contact the owners the one in the USA never replied and the one in my Country the reply came from Empowr.

Saying that he had marked up the price by $155.00 and the available cash that I have in my Empowr account was not enough to pay for it. At that time I was over 90 days, and my available money out as shown was $7.839.00

I contacted my Coach Angel, and it was then he replies to say the reason why I did not receive Cash out, is because I never request a Cashout. I told him I never knew I would have to make a request. I ask for the Cashout

Angel, my Coach, replied by saying: that he made the application on my behalf and found out that I owed $ 224.00 plus add platform fee which must be submitted before I can get cash out.

Angel said only the first 30 days was free and I have to pay to stay on the platform to earn.

Fear enough! I paid $344.00 as that was the limit I have on my Debit Card for security reasons. I later found out that not being able to use PayPal and putting a limit on my Debit Card was  ( Blessings in the guise).

After Empowr strip my Debit Card of all that they could get from it I still did not get a cashout.

Angel said: I owed add platform fee amount to $ 86.00 and that must be in Empowr’s account before I can get any Cashout and any other fee that I might have owed must also be in their Bank account first.

By then I spend five months in Empowr paying them $344.00 I told Angel to minus any outstanding balance that I might have from my account and pay me the balance as I would not be able to pay any more money to Empowr.

Very stern, Angel informs me to log into my account and look at the agreement that I have with Empowr before I decide not to pay any more money to Empowr.

I knew that there was not much information requested by Empowr Neither was there any instruction from Empowr that could be in my profile account.

I attempt to log in and failed. (Password wrong). I contact g mail as I had never change the password for that account

G mail said: your password had been reset five days ago. It was kind of strange to me, but I remember that on three consecutive days I got g mail codes on my phone and I consider that g mail system had mixed up.

I told Angel that I need to contact Support to get an understanding of what he was telling me. Angel said I should contact Support through my account.

I had it out with Angel Who gave me a link. When I click on the link, it took me to my account. In my account, I saw an available balance of $ 3.00 but to be able to collect that $ 3.00 I must pay add platform fee of $86.00

I do not even need other people testimony to tell me that Empowr is a scam. Empowr Had Scammed me! I had a raw deal from Empowr, 5 hours per day for over five months is a lot of valuable time. Empowr is nothing less than a scam! I had not gone a minute further with Empowr since. I do not doubt that Empowr is a Scam.

Empowr has a few people in my country who they pay a small amount and implore them to post their earnings in the community, so people believe that they are real. I had not seen any Cash out of more than $ 365 .00 of all the posted earnings that I have seen and only a few people

Angel Rodriguez Ortega is no less a scammer than Empowr. The Coach is the one who delegates people in the loop and each week I have encountered messages via Empowr email that I received via Empowr messages.

When I opened the Empowr email I would see a message from so and so for you or so and so message you. I remember asking my first Coach about the scammers’ access to my email?

How so are many scammers messaging me if there is not something that Empowr can do to stop that behaviour from continuing?  he told me that the company do not condone scammers I should report it to support giving all the details

It was then I knew that there was no means of contact outside of the coach. I confronted him about it, and he told me that he is from xxx and he is a volunteer coach, and he is going to resign with immediate effect.

The one big question I ask sending him from my area immediately. I do not believe that he resign. This is the question: How can you receive an email from Empowr saying x have a private message for you find it here.

And at the same time, I never see x anywhere in the community of trust (as they call it)? And x turns out to be a scammer?  He never replied. Angel took over from him the following day.

As I write this review, I have more than a dozen scam messages sent to my inbox from Empowr within the past few days I need help to expose these scammers As I firmly believe that they are a part of empowr founders.

Should you join Empowr or is it a scam? Social Media is one of the latest frontiers MLM has decided to cross, and Empowr is at the front of that line.

Empowr, “The world’s first Democratic Social Platform”, lames to return its prophets to the community of users on their network Their website talks about how they are “Committed to Democracy, sharing, sustainability and justice.”

Their supposed goal is to help half the planet earn $25.00 a day by 2025

Empowr had branded themselves as a startup but when I confront Angel about my findings he said: You are giving the people a bad name, If they are what you sum them, up to be, they could not be in business for the past 15 years.

Yes, 15 years are well past startup shelf life. But if everyone they scam keeps it to themselves, they will no doubt continue for another 15 years. Who knows?

Empowr Co-founder Michael Cyrus Pousti has written a very self-aggrandising book called America is an idea, and Americans Dream is for everyone: why we build

That seemed to be a written recruitment flyer for Empowr Before launching in any of these many names that reach to Empowr Pousti was the founder and CEO College in the 90s. He also founded Higher Educational Resources Inc. “The man is brilliant in IT Education wise.” During his final year as a computer engineering Student- He advanced to Search engine technology that helped students to find financial aid.

Empowr was the first company that successfully commercialised Internet Searching Pousti is a foundation player in the Internet Business game. “No grudge to him”,  he is the founder.

How much does Empowr cost?

Empowr said that there are no monthly membership fees.  If you do not give Empowr your Banking information, you won’t have to pay them a cent. However, as you used their platform to post, list.

Bid and close Loops (share)  Empowr charge you for Advertising Credits. Mind you. Before you sign up, they told you that they are giving you $ 20.00 to start. That $20.00 is soon to run out.

Empowr then begins to charge you add platform fee. If you let them have your Banking information including PayPal, They will no doubt take what they like from you

Then tell you that you have agreed for them to take all that you have including your first born as also your very life. And quickly add that the suggestion of taking your very life is just a joke.

No one offer any form of explanation as to how the amount they take from you is calculated; however, in the community, you will see from time to time people are posting things accusing them of  taking their money from their  Bank account and Credit Card

without their consent and they do not know for what reason. The daily earnings are seen at the top of your page as also every week you get a graph showing your all time earning and what is yours from that amount.

iI does not tell you what the amount subtracted is for, however, the graph figures are all fake if not, you would be able to cash out.

Angel said if you do not request a cash out on day 90 your money goes to someone else You cannot make the request before day 90 nor after day 90.

If Empowr is what they claim it to be: a user run completely democratic  Social Network that gives its profit back to its users something would be drastically wrong.

It is true that its design as a platform for advertising and promoting digital content, in that they charge you advertising Credits to post things.

It is unrealistic to pay to add credit to advertise on a platform that does not have the number of visitors as Facebook and is also less established. The network has nothing that is exciting

Although they tell you that you can post anything that you want That is not good enough for them to charge you anything that they like to Scam you and then mocked you.

This is my #1 recommendation

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I believe him and took his advice (Now I understand that he could be the same person who owned so many companies who had scammed me).

If after you have read this review, you are impressed. Feel free to leave a comment below.


Author: Dorcas Whyte

Courageous, persistent and brave. Born and raised in the sunny Island: Jamaicain the country side of the parish of Westmoreland Being the daughter of a farmer I learn the natural setup of life; and how to weather any storm of life.I develop my writing skill by making daily entry of occurrences on the farm. By doing so I became passionate about writing. Hence I became a writer.Writing Songs, Poems, Comedies, and even Books. Still searching. I began to explore the internet and.....did not I met upon "thieves" commonly known as Scammers.One of them stripped my Credit Card of $284.000.00 I am presently sweating to pay all that debt. I was invaded by a swarm of them. I was searching to find a way how I could contact one of them who have my name. who choose to lie to me like the others and then scam me; when I stumbled upon this "come to help us." Wealthy Affiliate. I has to promote it.

51 thoughts on “Is Empowr A Scam? Point To Prove”

  1. Wow, that is just horrifying! I hope that this review gets out their and more people are not scammed by them! I just can’t believe that there are actually people out there that would take advantage of people the way Empowr took advantage of you. In good conscience, I could never do that, not even to my worst enemy. People like this need to be shut down. I don’t know why there is not a way of reporting such blatant fraud, and these people cannot be held accountable for their actions!

    1. Matt’s Mom; Thanks for your comment. I really want this review to reach far and wide. Because Empowr said that they want to get all of the world’s population on-board by 2025 with this being said. I will not rule out the possibility that the money that they are scamming from the innocent will be use in the future to fund some form of terrorist operation.

      The countless amount of scammers that are messaging me from within empowr is not ordinary. Empowr emailing me to tell me that there is a private message from the scammers. none of them has ever presented to me to close loop with but I am message by them via empowr.

      One have to be lead by God’s power not to fall victim to their pitch. They are coming in the name of the Lord wanting your help to do the work of the Lord. Empowr is a blatant Scam.

  2. WOW! I am so sorry for your experience. I have had a very similar situation happen to even include a completely fake banking website with an account # and pending funds. To release the funds, it was one thing after another until I finally “lost it”. At that point the communications stopped and the website for the bank just disappeared. I reported it to the FBI but nothing came of it. The scammer was in a foreign country. In the meantime, it still took me a couple months to pay back money borrowed.

    There are several scams out there. One thing I’ve learned is to always do a little research as I’m sure you know very well now also. Thank you for the heads up about Empowr!!!

    1. Shawn; thanks for commenting and sharing on my post. I sympathized with you in your lost I had similar experience with another company even now I am repaying loan that I did not barrow.

      I do not understand why when these criminals are reported to Authority nothing is done to help us or stop them. Where I am from, it is popular on news that there is a International combination of law enforcers that are working in Cyber space to deal with Cyber Crime.

      They constantly made appeal for citizens to come forward and report these scammers. But when you make report, some lazy Law enforcers will tell you that there is nothing that they can do because the scammer is in a different country.

      We have to keep talking until our voices be heard by some listing ears. While at the same time, people who are seeking for legitimate online business follow our direction and sign up with Wealthy Affiliate So that later on they too can tell their story. 

  3. Hi Dorcas

    Yes, I agree with you that Empowr is a scam. Like you, I also spent quite a lot of time posting, closing loops bidding in the marketplace and so on. Total waste of time!

    The so-called earnings that you apparently have in your account is totally false – I have not posted anything on there for 5 months now, and still, I get daily emails to say how much I’ve earned! It’s a joke!

    Also, the market place is a huge scam. I “won” several articles on auction but there was always an excuse as to why I could not get the item. One time they took money off my Paypal account and I never got the item. I complained A LOT, and eventually they “credited” my money to my Empowr account – they will never refund your credit card or Paypal account as that is, of course, real money! They work with “funny money” I call it, it is on paper only and not real, a scam to entice people in.

    Also, someone “won” an item I was selling and when I try to get their shipping address to ship the item to them, there were many excuses, and then they decided to sell it on again – so there are no real products in this market place – you just bid (for your daily goals) and then “sell” anything you win on again, all to meet your ever-increasing daily goals.

    Luckily I very quickly cancelled my Paypal details with them so they could not take my money. This is a scam for sure, and one day they will get what they deserve!

    I’m so sorry that you lost so much money, and I hope you’ve removed all your account and Paypal details from them!

    1. Matalie; thanks for your comment. You have said it just the way I experienced it. Empowr, is a scam run by a bunch of clever scammers. I am happy for you that you move swiftly with your PayPal account, or those people would no doubt strip you naked 

      I am promoting Wealthy Affiliate so that those who want to make a decent living on line can sign up with WA and absorbed the training and work at their leisure to collect real money. 

  4. I’ve heard of Empowr before and others have said just how much money you can lose from it while making very little. Thank you for sharing your experience with it and I don’t like the different coaches kept telling you different things and what you supposedly needed to do in order to cash out. How long were you a part of it?

    1. Brian; thank you much for your comment. As soon as your ( success coach) as they called them found out that you are getting wise to their tricks they change. When I started question Angel he ask me if I want to change him as my coach. When I got mad at him he left. It is a different Coach now a total of four coaches in a little over five months.

      I wanted to add some images from empowr to this review, that would give a clearer understanding to you readers. But their system is so design that when I opened the email and highlight any image as I right click to copy I either got a popup from them that is covering the image, or messages coming out of the image that would prove as insult to my readers.

  5. I am so sorry to hear of your experience.These guys at empowr are nothing but sharks, just waiting to take a bite out everything that you own till you have nothing left.

    I am happy though, that they did not get to your PayPal info. Thanks for the heads up on these guys.

    I will be running away as far as I can from these guys,

    1. Roopesh; Thanks for your comment. You are so right. Only sharks handle people the way Empowr does. Even when they are plucking your eyes out they are showing you $$$ in a graph, in a bid to make you believe that all is well.

      They have collected So much from my Debit Card in addition to all the sales that I have made without them paying me a cent. Today. August 23/ 2017 I receive an email from them, demanding $386.00. It makes me so glad that I did not give them my Credit Card information. They kept threatening my Debit Card but they cannot take any thing more from it as I restrict payout from that account. 

      If they ever get your PayPal account that would no doubt be fatal. My advice to everyone is to stay away from Empowr as much as you possible can.

  6. i just came across your post Is Empowr A Scam? Point To Prove.
    I too got involved with them a few years ago, and I quickly learned that their system is not all it is cracked up to be.
    My coach was a jerk, and it did not take long for me to realize that this program was not for me!
    there are much better ways to make money out there, I suggest to all of your readers to stay away!

    1. Brandon; thank you for your comment. The coach is the one who get the dirty work done. The Coach interact with the people in the community it is the coach who set up the loop for people to interact with each other. The only contact or Support you have is ( your success coach)

      I have found a honest platform from where I can stay and do legitimate business This information I will do my best to reach as many as had fallen victim to Empowr or those on the verge of falling victim.

  7. Oh my, I’m so sorry for your terrible experience with scammers like Empwr. It’s really a terrible world of deception on the internet. Many still fall victim to people who take advantage of those who are sincerely finding a way to make a decent living.
    I remember when many people I know also got scammed, not on the internet but by phone. They received some SMS or a phone call informing them how their names were luckily drawn in some kind of raffle and won the cash prize amounting to hundreds of thousands, sometimes even a million. However, they would have to give their bank account number so they can deposit the money. You may know what happened after that.

    It really turns my stomach that there are people who would do this to others.

    1. Alice Thank you for your comment. Empowr is not the only Scam experience that I have. But it really makes my skin crawled to know that they have scammed me and I walk away. And it is as if they are not satisfied. They send me tons of email every day some of them harassing me because I block them from taking any more money from my savings.

      You know Alice; Scamming takes on every form. There are some who are scamming in the name of Charity. They contact you via Empowr and  ask you to help them to carry on their work of Charity as they are infested with Cancer and have but a short time to live. They offer to pay you big money for your work.

      For the over five months that I stayed at Empowr I learned so much about the scam tricks as so many of them tried to scam me in so many different ways. All of them contacting me via Empowr.

      I walked away from June but they are sending me daily earning statement, also drastic memo that I owed them so much $$$$ for add platform fee for July and if I don’t pay what they will do.

      I really want to help the Internet searching people to keep clear of Empowr as mush as they possible can.They all can find refuge at Wealthy Affiliate where they will be working from a honest real business platform.

  8. Hi Dorcas,

    I’m so sorry for you for having gone through all these experiences. It must have hurt you very much, I cannot help but to conclude that Empowr is such a BIG scam.

    You should have paused earlier when you saw all the excuses given to you by this your couch. But anyway, it has already happened and we all need to learn some lesson from your experience. It sad to say that there people out there who are always looking for ways to scam others.

    In fact, I have personally heard about this Empowr scams from other members here on this platform, but personally, I haven’t had the chance to read any review about them. I think your review is more than just a review, but rather a real life testimonial which is very bad to talk about.

    Anyone thinking of joining Empowr need to read this review of yours. Thanks for sharing this valuable information with us.

    1. Steven; Thank you much for your comment. If I am hurt? From reading people post within the “Circle of trust”. I had my doubts. But because I believed what I was told, that it was free. Also interacting with others was sort of fun to me.

       When upon my inquiry after three months Angel told me that I owed monthly fee because only the first month was free. I was sort of mad. Because they gave me $20.00 to start with or so they said and I saw the stat of my daily earning plus at the end of every month there would be a big subtraction. Now I know that the daily earning stat is all fake. (Empowr is a scam trap) 

      Yes it is a review testimonial That I want the world to read and escape Empowr scam trap.

  9. That is awful. I have never heard of Empower until now but I will make sure to steer WELL away from it and let all of my friends, family, strangers on the internet, enemies… EVERYONE so they don’t get scammed. Unfortunately, they will just close and start again as a different company.

    1. Chris; Good thing that you never heard about Empowr Maybe you would have fallen victim to scam. I want you to help me to spread the news about empowr far and wide. Please, Please Chris help me!!! Help people escape scam.

      Help empower me, to get to the powers that be, to crush Empowr scam

  10. This is terrible. Just reading this was terrible. It makes me so mad that you had to deal with this. I don’t often read thoroughly through articles, but as I read through this I got so mad and frustrated by a company that would scam people so willingly and then sends in a “friend” to help them clean out everything else you have.

    1. Austin; Thanks for your comment. Yes, it is terrible. I walk away from Empowr to keep my sanity. These are the kind of people who occupy part of our world.  The sad thing that really bothers me, is: these thieves are among decent Law-abiding citizens of the world. 

      They have the Scam money, when the honest hardworking man buy a house in the upscale area the scammer buy one next door to him.

       The scammer have no class, so he do everything to be friend with the honest man the scammer will ensure that his son marry the honest man daughter the is a dangerous contamination we must be mad enough to shout out loud until our voices are heard.

      Wealthy Affiliate have set the pace let us use it to make the difference in Cyber space.

  11. WOWZA! That’s shocking!! Especially if you are trapped to get your cash out on the 90th day – not before and not after or your money goes to someone else??? OMG!! How do they get away with this!!

    1. Karsha Thanks for your comment.I am also shocked at the disclosure and my question to them was: why was I not told that before even when I ask how long it would be for me to get the Cash out after I pay the amount he said that I owed.I really want to help the public not to fall victim to empowr charms as I now understand their democracy is to strip the people of the world of any thing that is valuable

  12. That’s crazy! Hopefully no more of this occurs again. I just can’t believe that there are actually people out there that would take advantage of people the way Empowr took advantage of you. In good conscience, I could never do that, not even to my worst enemy. People like this need to be shut down. I don’t know why there is not a way of reporting such blatant fraud, and these people cannot be held accountable for their actions!

    1. Jake; Thanks for your comment. No more of this will happen to me. But the scam industry is growing so it is likely to happen to others. Empowr is a source of Scammers. Who scam people in the name of Democracy.

      We have to shout out loud about them until Law enforcers hear us and take some action. There is a Multinational Cyber Law that is presently active. However, In my opinion enforcers are  Slow or lazy. I think that Cyber Law needs teeth.The suffering public need togetherness to fight down Scam

  13. Hi, I am so sorry to hear your story. Nobody should be treated like this. I think the worst part is that there is nothing that you or anyone else can do about it. These thieves no that they are practically untouchable.

    At least, your review will help those that can read it to steer clear of this scam. I applaud you for sharing your story.

    Since, you have gone through this, can you give me some advice as to what some of the signs are that I should be looking for when determining that sites like this are scams?


    1. Frank; Thanks you for commenting on my Blog. You are right nobody should be treated this way but if when treated this way we do not open our mouths and blaze the matter loud we are somehow helping them to thrive in the Scam industry.

      They believe that they are untouchable. But if man cannot touch them God will touch them. I am so glad for Wealthy Affiliate that have given me the opportunity to share this with the searching public. I will be exposing this set until the powers that be take some step to stop them.

      Look out for those who will be friendly and stripping you for a lot of personal information in the name of United States Laws. Those who have a specific amount of spots left for your area. Those who tell you that they will take a personal interest  to see you succeed so every now and again the want to give you a Phone-call.

       Those who have two types of membership a starter membership and a premium membership, the premium is for life and it gives you access to everything in the company. But when you sign up and paid for Premium you get nothing. You are offered a up-sell of Bronze, Silver, gold as also if you want to earn money you will has to follow the steps rung by rung, so after you pay for those three you can start another two rung which are Diamond and Platinum. You could type your fingers off, to get clarity from support. Support will not respond to you. And you will neither will you see anything that you have sign up for.  Now is the time for you to watch out for someone from within the company to become friendly to you. Be careful of this friend.

  14. These are the type of experiences that makes us wonder if what we do is even legit. Thank God i’m in something called Wealthy Affiliate that I recommend to everyone! I was also with a scamming company and it’s just so sad to see people dedicating themselves into lies and traps. I was in something where you got paid t type out captcha’s but when you wanted to get paid, you couldn’t cash it out!

    1. Linda Thank you so much for your comment.I thank God greatly for Wealthy Affiliates I believe that God had heard the cry of people suffering from scammers so he provide WA as a rescue ship to rescue people.

      Typing out Captcha? This sound familiar. Linda; if I have to write on some more of the points to prove that Empowr is a Scam for the public to stay clear of them I will do it. These scammers are murderers in a different form. 

  15. Hi Dorcas,
    I am sorry to hear what happened to you and that empowr scammed you.
    Do you have any idea/suggestions how people could avoid cases like yours in advance? Might be helpful to lots of people…
    I wish you the best for your website at Wealthy Affiliate and keep up the great work 🙂

    1. Mia; thank you much. for your sympathy. My suggestion to the public: be careful of people or companies that will tell you that that have online opportunity that will help you to work from home and earn you a decent living. You might know them you might not know them. but when you sign up with them they tell you that it is not really them that have the opportunity it is their friend and they quickly connect you to their friend.

      Tell the people far and near. that there is a business training opportunity that they can sign up for seven days free trial and learn the online business principles and more that is: Wealthy Affiliate. It helps to escape Scam.

  16. Thank you for this post, Dorcas.

    I’m so sorry that Empowr did this to you. Most scammers have no compunction about the distress they cause others.

    I had never heard of this company and out of curiosity, I decided to check out their website. They look legit on the outside, unfortunately. I shall also check out this company on other review websites and spread the news far and wide if they’re using dubious schemes to rob people of their hard-earned money.

    1. Princila; thanks for your comment. I never herd of Empowr before it was introduced to me. While I could search and do not find the truth. I never done any research on Empowr. I got a raw deal. Today as every day Empowr, email me saying they are getting PayPal to collect $386.00 from my account. It does not bother me PayPal cannot do it. Because I block them from my saving account.

      I am saying to the public. Checkout Wealthy Affiliate it will be worth your time.

  17. Hello,

    Awesome article on Is Empowr A Scam.

    I have definitely been interested in using this product. I haven’t read many reviews on the product. I am glad that I ran into your review.

    Now I definitely consider myself a beginner with any kind of marketing.

    What would you suggest I start with for a solid training platform. I have heard many great things about Wealthy Affiliate. What is your opinion on this platform?


    1. Shawn thanks for your comment. I warn you keep away from Empowr it is a blatant Scam. The time you will be spending to Close loops and do the many things that one has to do in Empowr for some fake money show,  fake promises and lost of your hard earn cash. You can use that time to build your website content here at Wealthy Affiliate that will make you real money.

  18. Am so sorry for your experience and the torture you experienced under the hands of these brutal scammers. It happened because of the trust that you had on this ‘angel’ who finally turned out to be the devil himself. One sign of scammers is shifting goals whenever you discover the truth in order to make sure they succeed in their ways.

    I hope this was the best experience in that now you know the truth and that it pushed you harder to the right direction of finding the truth. What did you find out? What is the best option and recommendation?

    1. Pmbaluka; Angel was the third Coach He became my Coach ten weeks after I join. But I have more communication with him because of me not receiving any Cash out. I consider him as a fallen Angel.

      my recommendation to the searching public is: Sign up for a profitable business with Wealthy Affiliate. No will be in a community of people who have escape Scam and are enjoying a thriving business. You will be thought for free how to set up and continue a online business. you will sign up for free and be there in classroom mode for seven days free Within which you will get two free websites yours for life. after your free trial you pay less than $20 to be on the platform as a premium member After your first month you pay $ 49.00 monthly or if you want to go yearly that is discounted

  19. Oh my God! I can not believe everything you went through with this program. I’m sorry you lost money and your precious time. Personally, I had never heard of Empowr, and maybe I would have joined it. But thanks to your publication, now I am more conscious to review any program before enrolling.
    Thanks again for sharing your story as many of us who are looking for different ways to earn money from home can protect ourselves from fraudulent programs like this.


    1. Damendra, thank you much for your comment  I am so happy to know that you never heard about empowr because the way it was pitch to me, if anyone get that pitch they will go for it.

      When ever you review a company do it multiple times. There are some of the Scam companies that are writing their own convincing review about themselves. I have a personal review to write on that. Look out for more revelation on Scammers.

      Because of all this. I was able to spot Wealthy Affiliate at first sight, that it is clean and legitimate. I have experience shady companies. I had seen scam companies. Thanks be to the Almighty God. I have found Integrity, good class, and the way going forward to success at Wealthy Affiliate.

  20. A cousin of mine mentioned this Empowr a few weeks back and had me curious so I started to do some research on it and came upon you post – you have hit the nail on the head – thanks for saving me a ton of wasted time, effort and money, this sounds terrible and anybody’s worst nightmare, thanks for giving me the head up and to run a mile from this

    1. David; thank you so much for your comment. I am happy that you did not risk your time and money to sign up with Empowr. I want to sensitive as many as possible about the tricks and trades that empowr are using in the name of Democracy to scam people.

      I am also thankful to the Almighty God who helped me so far, to survive during this disgusting experience with empowr. With a loud voice, I will continue to help the searching people to escape the cruelty and falsehood that empowr is offering people the guise as Democracy.

  21. This is terrible! I’m sorry to hear this but very grateful you have this review out for people to be aware of Empowr. Shame on these scammers and the sad part is they have no remorse. My Mother in her 90’s was scammed and still is by a fellow that’s 40 years difference in age. Let’s all pitch in and keep your review going by spreading the word. Thank you for letting us all know about Empowr.

    1. Monica; Thank you so much for your comment. The 40 year old who scammed your mom, would scam her even if she was 140 years old. This sort have no regard for anyone but themselves.

      One of the things that angered me most about them: is that they squeeze themselves in among the upper class and are posing as decent citizens; living in upscale housing areas. Because they look like you and I. We could fall victim to having them mixed up in our families via our sons and our daughters. 

      The task to expose and eradicate Scammers should be the concern of every decent citizen of the world. Monica; help me as much as you can on this project to expose Scammers of every level.


  22. Hello Dorcas
    I haave read different reviews of empowr network since I get started online and it`s confusing, I`m never sure what to believe and what not, some people say it`s ok to join the program and some say to stay away from the program.
    I find it out of place for the program to take money away from Account or Paypal when hey originally say it cost nothing to be a member.
    Now the 90 day time to make a request to withdraw, I think this is another loop,things happen, people get busy or forget or the balance is just too low, so if you do not request for it you lose.
    Having read your well written,well-explained post, I think I will stay away from the program, too many scams out there.

    1. Roamy; thanks for your comment. No need for you to be confuse over the pretty talk of some people. May be, they saw the money figure in the top section and believe that it was real money that they would one day have. So they began to daydream on it. I too believed that the figures were real money like on a pay check.But I proved it to be fake. This is reasons for me to expose the scammer Empowr.

  23. Hi Dorcas
    I am feeling for you,after your ordeal. A Google search is a must now, every time before you sign up to a program. My rule also is to never give a phone number for ‘coaching’, as it is likely a scam.
    Thanks for giving out the bad info. on this company, your experience has made me aware of their scam.

    1. Greg; Thanks for your comment and advice. I will certainly be careful with my phone number from now onward. I want for you to tell as many people as you can about this review so they can take precaution against Empowr

  24. Hi!
    You’ve learned your lessons the hard way. So sorry to hear that from you. Thank you for spreading their stinky scam styles and warning us. We will be more cautious before joining any affiliate groups online as there are foxes hiding inside sheep’s skins. Oh yes, research is very important before starting to venture.

    1. Dolor; Thanks for your comment. I wish I have more areas where I could spread this Scam trap so that more people can be aware of the tricks and stay clear of Empowr.

  25. What a Scam! I am sorry that happened to you. That is how they get you. They your personal information and take take take! I see that you wasted a lot of time in that company and you should of never joined if you knew that they payout months later. If they don’t pay me within two weeks of me starting then there is no need for me to join. So sorry to hear your story. I am glad you warned me, now I can look the other way.

    1. Kendrick; thanks for commenting on my review. The truth about payment and so on you do not know until you sign up. I want you to help me tell people about Empowr so more people will escape their Scam.


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