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What is Wealth? Is Wealth a Talk?

Logo to display on web pageWhat is Wealth? Is Wealth a Talk?

Good Physical Energy

Yes; this is a fact, work from home requires good physical energy in order to gain success. In this article, I will share with you some vital areas of business that might be overlooked by many who are desirous of starting a business. Here we go!


What is Wealth? Is Wealth a talk? Is Wealth an opinion, Or is Wealth an

Opportunity or something with substance? How do you define Wealth?

In this review, I want to look at some common misconception of how some of us define wealth. Or some of the common definition of Wealth.

I will begin with the health and wellbeing of one’s physical status.

Should it be defined as wealth health-wise?

Can one derive wealth from being healthy?

Or does health play any significant role in the acquisition of wealth? In this review, I will draw your attention to one of my observations in business about two brothers going into business.

During my research.

I looked at two brothers going into similar business. One robust; always on the go. Never complain of anybody ailment. They both start a company with an equal amount of capital. Both are having a similar business plan; they were brothers.

The other one was also looking robust but sometimes complains of not feeling the energy to move around as he would want to. However, he maintained a mindset to do business no matter what! I will keep them both.

The robust non-health complaining one is Brother A. The other health complaining one is: Brother B. In brother A’s business there is growth; brother A is experiencing a steady cash flow from the industry.

Advisors would call it ‘experiencing wealth.’ While on the other hand, brother B is struggling to maintain the startup principle. The action is defined as outlined by advisors as: ‘ Lame business startup application’.

These two examples go to show that there is a natural relation between health and wealth. Far as much as one might have a strong desire to go into business if there is an issue with one’s physical strength.

It is best to seek medical help first to ensure a healthy relationship with yourself and your pending business before you venture therein.

How you would check on the engine oil in your vehicle before you start the engine or venture out on the road. Do some medical checks on yourself before you venture into a new business?

You want your body responding to you as it usually should. New business demands a lot of your energy. As a business person, starting up a new business you want to make sure that everything is in place to start a productive market before you start. You should not allow the Licensing Authority to put any stop sign on your door or Samoans you to the court hearing.

Your business is new; you want for everything to be looking good and also going well. Therefore when you are starting up a new business, you should treat yourself with a good dose of business knowledge.

Time can be an element of pressure when you are in marketing. You could run out of time and cannot get the startup knowledge from an established learning institution. There are several learning institutions from where you can get a good working knowledge of how to start a productive business.

Desperation did you know that desperation is a highly professional teacher? “I hope you are not getting me wrong here.” To highlight this clause; Let me share something with you.

There is a man in my area where I live. He had work in a 9-5 job for over twenty years. For all this time he was working, he lived in a one-bedroom rent apartment with his wife and son.

An argument develops between himself and his boss in which he had overstepped his bounds and was redundant.

Because of the level of his disrespect to his boss, he could not get a recommendation from him that would help him to any future employment. However, he was fortunate to get a meagre pay up.

This man found himself in bewilderment and gross desperation. He has rent to pay and a son to send to school not to mention finding food and toiletries for the family. He was without much cash in this situation unemployment that he found himself in so suddenly.

The first lesson that he learns was that desperate situation calls for desperate action. Right at that juncture, he got a business inspiration. The meagre amount that he got for pay up.

He paid his fear into another city and purchased one dozen push toe slippers. And return home with them. Next day as early as the day brake he was up and moving from house to house knocking on people’s gate and offering them house slippers.

He sold eight slippers that day and made for himself a profit equal to the pay up he got after working 9-5 for many years. N next day he returned to the nest city, and there was where his business began.

The people called him slippers. Maybe he likes the name. As he walks from a community to community with a massive bungle of sandals covered his head and back calling out Slippers Buy Slippers!

Since I began writing this article, I heard him pass my gate. He is now living a few houses away from me. He now owns his own home and his son is in college.

He was in good health and still is. But his business knowledge came through desperation. After reading through the above: would not you say that Wealth and health are somewhat close friends?

What Have You Taken From The Above?

Should you be planning to go into business and do not have the slightest idea of what you need to do after you have read through this article is there anything that you have learns that can help you to start and maintain a successful business?

One of the lessons that I have learned from this man’s action is that to be successful in business one must stick to the things that work in one’s favours. Never allow pride to interfere with your success.

Never, consider your failure to be your funeral. Instead; see your misfortune as your blessings in the guise and grab on to every straw that has the potential to lead you into success.

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Brother B needs a good supply of energy to keep up with his business demands, so as he needs common business knowledge to take his business forward into a growing state of wealth.

Good Physical Energy

If he is not experiencing the physical energy, it will show on his countenance, and that is a bad show for business. You cannot meet Monday Morning Clients with a Friday night into Saturday morning drain face and expect that the client won’t be turned off and walk away.

Therefore you must have your health issues fixed to gain wealth in the business arena. When your energy is down, your movements become slow as also your speech.

Your smiles are always within your mind; it never shows on your face. To get wealth and success from your business, you must fix the issues that come from your ill health.

Then and only then you will walk into real wealth. Because brother A’s robustness was more than a show on his outside, he was able to experience wealth in short order.

He had no limitations that could prevent him from moving forward with his business. He was ready for the journey. So in record time, he had made his mark.

When you go into business being robust energetic and healthy rounded off with a good business knowledge there should be no stopping to your wealth creation; and that in short order.

Stay focus, make your business robust, if your business involves sale and the product that you are selling is Home-made Potato chips. You consider yourself having to play your roll in the market share

The Potato Chips that you are offering is something that people need. Therefore you have the right place in the market share. Ensure not to become threatened by some big names who are out there before you.

keep your concentration on your stock. Ensure that you deliver good quality at all times and your name no doubt run in the limelight. Learn this: never you at any time put up a bad or mediocre product and name a low price for it.

Ensure that your product is always good. The good product will always speak for you at the gate of business. Allowing you your wealth acquisition as easy as ABC.

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You may feel free to prove me wrong on this after you write your success story. But even then; do not forget that your good health can have a long-lasting effect on your wealth.

Never take a profound feeling for granted or push your deep impression in the rubbish can, when in doubt, check it out. See your Doctor; it will save you a long time for recovery as well as it could protect you from your funeral.

There are a lot of good stuff that you should consider taking with you into your business, these things, if you should add them up until you, will no doubt begin to see wealth even at the very start time of your business. Be refresh; your business knowledge should be for you a must get.




Digital Work from Home

Logo to display on web pageDigital Work from Home

person holding pencil near laptop computer


The world has come a long way from Stone ages, unto High Tech administration. Every area of society has now the ability to use and enjoy the benefits brought about by technology innovation. Many companies could no doubt be far more advanced in production if they had broadened the scope of using technology in a general way, by taking their business to a higher level.

space gray iPhone 6 with Facebook log-in display near Social Media scrabble tiles

They might not have seen the need for the advance. However, in a sense of ‘better late than never’ COVID 19 has enforced the demand for businesses administrations to find ways to continue doing business in the face of fear and adversity being brought about by COVID 19. Admin has relocated some staff members of their companies to work from their home.

There is no doubt that companies are now realizing an advance net profit from this move. This gives them some reasons to fearlessly though selfishly welcoming COVID 19. More people are serving their employers now from home than ever before. Something that many admins, as well as staff members, never thought of could be possible.

Work for Yourself

Now that you know that the Internet is of more value than mere surfing, don’t you think it is time for you to broaden your status and step up in your life of labour by starting a business of your own, using the same principles of working from your home as you are doing for your boss?

The business you start today for yourself will be the legacy you leave behind when you depart this life. Your children can continue from where you left off as any normal continuation does. Do not think me mean to give you this kind of encouragement nor believe I want you to be ungrateful to your boss; it is nothing like that. I only want you to be equally independent as your boss.

Start a business of your own while working from your home should not be hard, if you scale out your time properly. While you are serving your boss will allow you more time to get your acts together. As you can add the time you commute to the time you would be home or somewhere you could avoid being at after work.

Then you could divide that time by two, use one half for yourself to set up your business and the other half to relax and spend with your family. Both way you will be doing yourself a great favour, you might not see it so now but when everything is said and done, and you start to see some profit you will come to understand that my advice to you was helpful.

Training Platforms

You already know how to use the Internet to work and earn money from your home. You have a normal payday from your boss even when you no longer commute. All that you need now to make a living without a boss while you work from your home is the Training about Affiliate Marketing. You can get that right here at the Wealthy Affiliate Platform.

Read More Here

Here you will learn the skills of doing your own Affiliate Marketing business online using the Internet as you are using it to work for your boss. Mind you, if you take in the training as is given and you have some proven knowledge of IT you might be a good fit to continue work for a boss while you are doing your own Affiliate Marking business from your home or wherever you are at. Digital marketing is where the world is going in this age, or you not a part of the world? Will you be complacent and allow the world to move away from you in prosperity? You will remain living from paycheck to paycheck?

Looking back into time when the mobile phone was Analog, Did you own one then? If you did own one, you no longer use it, do you? No, you don’t because you believe the digital phone is better and will be more rewarding to you. You could compare and contrast the Phone scenario with working from home for a boss and working from your home for yourself!

The World has gone Digital

If the world has gone digital, where are you at this time? Are you limiting yourself as to how far you should go digital? You can start a digital affiliate Marketing business on seven days of a free trial. It will be your decision to upgrade to premium within the seven free days or at the end of your trial period. What are you saying, are you in?

You will be surprised at the vase amount of niches that you can choose to promote from. The truth is: you cannot promote one per cent of the many niches that are available for promotion. But you must start somewhere

Or when your friends and acquaintances are comfortable earning from multiple income streams and have money enough at their disposal and you are not earning more than the one money your boss pays you, and you are always a deficit, don’t say I did not warn you!

I am sure that even if I never spend so much time to talk with you about having your own business while you work from home, COVID 19 has spoken loud and clear, not verbally but in action. I am sure, if you are deaf, you are not blind. “Voice a versa”. Neither you nor I know if and when COVID 19 cousin will come.

Neither which of the two will serve crueller, for this unknown reason, the whole world needs to be prepared for the future eventuality. Start and sustain a business from home is your best bet for now. In this post from my heart, I have shown you how. Be a pro get on the go, start your business today!

I am Dorcas. I want to hear from you Please leave your comment in the comment section below. I will reply as soon as possible. Please like, share and follow.

Digital marketing Business

Logo to display on web pageHave you started a business from home during the time you are instructed to stay home where you will be safe from the attacks of COVID 19? Digital marketing business is the new trend to follow. You might want to learn how!

black and gray laptop computer on brown leather couch


The Coronavirus/COVID 19 has enhanced a new way of business approached for the average marketer.  Is there a difference in Digital marketing Business, or it is the same as Work from Home. It is important to get an understanding of how this kind of marketing suites vendors, retailers, distributors, advertisers and all who are involved during a global pandemic as COVID 19.

I am certain that if big vendors like Amazon and the like. Had known there would be an event as harsh as COVID 19 a year ago they would have been much more prepared in the line of distribution than they were when the pandemic hits. We all have to give thumbs up and say thanks to affordable digital technology as well as easy access to the Internet which made business models like this possible.

When the world’s economy plunged into lockdown due to the harsh reality of the death told spike that comes with the pandemic. Those of us with business minds who have escaped and are alive and well if we had not done this before we now have the chance to take action and start living the digital Laptop/Desktop lifestyle on our terms.

Digital Marketing

Firstly, there must be an understanding of what is Digital Marketing? My understanding is the way by which we promote a brand or service online that is using the Internet. Is this your way of understanding also? When we utilized Digital Marketing we can reach a broader spectrum of people which is measurable and cost-effective. This kind of business allows you to reach more customers and spend less money than you would in traditional marketing methods.

person using black laptop computer


When we take into account that there are over 4.33 billion people from the world’s population who use the internet daily we understand deeper the power of Digital Marketing which is done via the Internet. Mind you, as an individual, one will not be able to exercise this reach without the help of Social Media which account for a hefty sum of visitors daily.

It is a fact that the pandemic has caused us much grief, but in all of the grief there is a blessing that the world remaining population can leverage on; that is to start a business from home where you might be bound for the season.

Not everyone was Rich

You might be wondering what I am talking about, and how can you leverage on this opportunity? Let me ask you a question: have you ever heard about Affiliate Marketing? Yes, that is what I said; before you get offended, hear me out. I am not sending you to stockpile any product, neither to go about knocking on anyone’s door to offer a service.

The Digital Affiliate Marketing allows you to advertise people’s products for a commission, by doing this kind of advertising you do not need to touch, stack, nor handle physically any product what-so-ever. You sell everything digitally, from your home or from wherever you are having access to the Internet with your Desktop or Laptop.

Keep in mind that when you sell a product or service you are not an employee of any person or company, there will be no benefit that you have a right to get from any company, you will pay your tax and make your statutory deductions because you are your boss, marketing for a commission.

It is my opinion that being an affiliate marketer is one among the best of business activity that anyone can ever embark on doing. You will be working on your terms. You will not have to give an account to a boss or anyone. Although many works from home involved a boss, doing affiliate marketing/ digital marketing you are the boss it is your business all the profit comes to you.

Being an affiliate marketer is excellent, you have the freedom you would not have been an employee. You will promote products for companies via a website which is not hard for you to get yourself a website. Of course, you will need a platform on which to host your website which I will introduce to you down below in this post.

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One interesting thing about Affiliate marketing is that you start a business the moment you sign up with a hosting platform that offers you training. You should ensure to sign up with a platform that charges you one money for training and hosting one that does not carry upsells.

Here is one that gives you a free website to start you off; while you are learning the skill you are building your business at the same time. You will get seven days free to test the platform and training for yourself. The price is very reasonable which you can pay monthly or yearly. Try it out Here.


Search Engine Optimization SEO This is excellent for the success of your business but you must understand how it works I am not telling you that I benefit from it because I never take the time to learn about it. After all, I did not know its value. Now I am sorry I did not learn about it. Recently, one of my Linked in contact messages me and we begin talking regularly. Then he asked me about my business hoe it is going what it is doing for me.

I told him then he politely asked: Are you using SEO to get high ranked on Google? I said no. His question was: why are you not using SEO, Don’t you want free traffic? Yes, I do want free traffic but how can I get free traffic when paid traffic is not delivering as I expect them to deliver?

Then he said: Do you know I can help you to know what you might not be doing right. I am having a five days’ workshop on SEO starting at y time will you come and learn something? I should tell you I am a web developer who is an expert in SEO I can help you to not buy traffic and get all the traffic your business needs for free through SEO!

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I attended the workshop and the rest is history. If you know SEO you can safely say: away with pay per click and you won’t have to struggle with Keywords either, you will have everything locked in growing your business.

Now that you have read through my post you must have seen that you can make something good out of the grief that COVID 19 caused you, and start for yourself online digital marketing that will give you satisfaction despite the grievous pandemic COVID 19.

I am Dorcas I hoped I have helped you so far. I want to hear what you think Please leave your comment below. I will reply to you as soon as possible. Remember to like, share, and follow.

Some Truth about Affiliate Marketing

Logo to display on web pageIn today’s post I will try to unveil some truth about Affiliate Marketing. Here we go! This kind of business is easy and convenient for many business cohort to do!

Affiliate marketing what it can do for people who trust to work from home and do business in Cyber Space. Can business folks trust the potential of affiliate Marketing? Is there any tangible benefit to achieve from this kind of business and if there is, how can one achieve good benefit? All these and more I intend to unfold as I slowly put together some puzzles relating to the subject of Affiliate Marketing. Let’s get into the portfolio:

What can Affiliate Marketing do for Work from Home Businesses?

Well; as I often hear it I think I should share it! The old saying said: “tricks in trades, Matches Box in Business”. As also you could put it in one sentence: Affiliate marketing will achieve for who work in it, as much as is given to it! I carefully observed the many business opportunities online and whether you believe it or not.

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I have identified Affiliate Marketing as the most stress-free and rewarding business that anyone can be identified with on the Internet. You don’t need a scientist to explain this to you, for you to believe that it is that powerful, all you need is to follow the methods used by businesses and their affiliates, do your due diligence and see the lifestyle of affiliates and compare to other people in business to ensure which one will be best for you.

Where to Start

You will need to have a platform from where you will start your business, ensure to use a platform that will give you training as to how you should precede to start and develop your business for success. As also keep in mind that the niche you chose to work with can affect your progress negatively as well as positively.

For an example, you may chose a niche that you know everything about and you have a passion for it, but the truth about it is the market value of the product is low. The price might be under $ 2.00, remembered you are selling on a commission. Consider how many sales you will need to make before you can realize a profit!

There are Teachers and there are Teachers! Not all who you are expecting to guide you in a productive direction point out these down falls to you in their training. But as you precede and gain skills in the trade you will learn bit by bit and be able to make adjustment.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best businesses that anyone can embark on doing, but there is the knotty gritty that one must know and follow. Many people are in the business of Affiliate Marketing for the independence it can earn them, whilst many are in it to become millionaires, whichever one suit you, both are possible to achieve but there are things to observe during the sustaining process.

Observe as you grow

You will not be independent nor rich in the initial stage of Affiliate marketing, you will need to exercise courage, patience, and consistency Your commission will not come as an overnight fix! You will be doing all in your power to engage people to your offer, people need to see your site and your expertise has a lot to do with them wanting to support your business.

Should you at all you want to gain success online where you are not relying on a boss to pay you, Affiliate marketing is the deal! Believe me! To work from your cozy corner and on a job that offers you comfort while you are working is a good feeling.

If you are like me, there can never be something more comfortable than to work at your leisure and enjoy working talking with your computer and learning something in the meantime as if you are teaching yourself some lessons by which the end reward will be popularity and monetary gain.

Don’t get me wrong, to believe the information I give to you in this article is to lure you to sign up that I can get a commission when you upgrade to a premium member. Yes; if you sign up under my link and upgrade your membership a commission for me is possible but that is not my aim for giving you the information.

Of a truth, I have seen the devastation of many people from where I am from since COVID 19 invasion and even before. If all these people knew a way how they could earn honestly they would be earning money! Now that the Pandemic has come showing to all people the possibilities of life, I am sure that many folks are thinking differently when it comes to their lively-hood.

But what can they do? Is there a way out of the dilemma when you are told your service is no longer needed because your workplace will be closing down with immediate effect! Coming to grips with all this reality; I want to help! Tell yourself, as long as you are breathing the breath of life, the world still exist, it has not end!

You can become an Affiliate Marketer; do not look at the cost to join to a platform that will teach you the way. Look at the distance benefits that could be there waiting for you to achieve. Some age groups are advised to stay at home! But that command will not prevent them from having the need for basic amenities as any normal person have.

If more individuals who are out of jobs can start for themselves an Affiliate Marketing business it will no doubt help to alleviate the stress and strains off the elderly for not being allowed to go out freely for basic supply.

However, there are so many areas of affiliate marketing that the market cannot be clogged there will always be available niche and products to trade.

The world is so made that even when COVID 19 and many other virus and diseases are slaying the people at their leisure, there are a vast amount of people still inhabiting the earth and all need to be replenish with basic things and more.

Now that I have informed you as to ways in which you can start an Affiliate marketing business online it is your responsibility to get active and do the work. Start today! I am Dorcas; I would love to hear from you. Feel free to leave a comment below.

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Work from Home 9-5/ Business

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Reviewing the standard of work/business from home.

woman in black tank top using macbook

Many people are seeking to make their living in the online space more than anything else these days. Yes; there are an endless amount of legitimate opportunities on the Internet where everyone can find a space.

Weak Internet Supply, if any

There is a problem, though! Will everyone can source a reliable Internet supply to run their business? Many have made a kill and are expanding on their earning capacity. Those who are in the long trade time, it is much easier for them to continue without a battle than those who are just starting without experience or a one on one help who is nearby.

My Number One Recommendation

A newbie without prior IT skill will continuously be at a disadvantage, not knowing the next step to take when having to deal with an inadequate Internet supply that causes all types of unnecessary disruption in your application. There seems to be not enough users’ complaint circulating the space.

As well as many users have not found out the reasons for the unfortunate disruptions. Being a victim of the circumstances, I speak my mind that the Internet providers do not care about their clients who together have made them rich and powerful, enough to manipulate the innocent consuming public with their false unhealthy product.

Internet providers, shame on you!!! You can do better. You should respect your subscribers as much as you are collecting their money. The service is keeping its business on the brink of closure. If you use some of the proceeds from collecting revenues to upgrade, exchange, and expand your equipment, users will be satisfied and comfortable using your product.

I have seen where the number of communication companies is growing into Internet service, and they are not offering anything more efficient than the existing ones. Business people like myself will move from one Internet provider to another, searching for real service without any semblance of redress.

It is just swapping “a Monkey for a black Dog” They are all too slow as well as too many days of no show, to be collecting revenue from the business sector. The cost on the user is unbearable, especially for those who are new in business without the knowledge of the nerve-braking behaviour of the internet supply.

This kind of Internet stress caused businesses to always experienced difficulties going forward to the level of success. It would bring great relief to the general business sector if world powers ensured that so-called giants as these Internet Providers clean up their acts and deliver active working service to the using public.

I am aware, to many, I have sound RAW, but I cannot help it; due to my trying so many of them and all turn out to be offering the same trash quality service. The only difference is some Internet Providers have a better customer care, and some are at a lower cost, but none of the services is healthy for business.

Start Today

Online Business is Good Opportunity

However, saying all of this should not in any way encourage folks to stay clear of online business. I am not sure how you see the future, but I am looking at a future where doing business online will be the focus of advancement worldwide. That said. Something must be don improve the quality service put forth by Internet providers.

Paperless Banking System

If the Banking sector is going paperless, what will that mean for the banking public? It simply means that whether you want to use the Internet or you don’t want to use Wi-Fi if you have money in any Bank that you think you own, you will need to utilize the Internet.

Let your Voice be Heard

The more users on the Internet that constantly malfunction will be the more voices to shout out FRAUD. How can Companies offer such essential service collecting $$$$ for a malfunctioning service? Sounds will make a difference in the hearing of the FTC, and, actions will be active to ensure the rights of users.

It is vital to know that starting a business online now is the sensible thing to do, as you will want to be identified among companies when Cyber Space becomes the most prominent from where people do business in future times.

Learn the Ropes

There are many things to learn while being active in Cyber business as you want to stay in the know; here is one of the places where you can get myriad of information that will help you to get rolling in no time.

You will start for the first seven days free! You have the option to upgrade to a premium member during the seven free days or at the end of the seven trial days. The premium price is for life, and it is incredibly affordable.

Sign up Here

Many members pay their premium monthly some pay annually whichever one is more convenient to you. Some other great platforms offer online training, but their cost is unlike my recommendation, you might not be able to take their practice as the budget is high.

However, as you start here and build out your website with eye-catching content you might want to take a peep on some other training where they are in small courses, you can do a six weeks course as well as eight weeks. You might even want to step it up to even a twelve-course!

Then you can compare and contrast them with the continual training you will have here at Wealthy Affiliate. You will be using the appropriate training in your business to enhance production and to sensitize yourself about some areas of business that you might not know about before.

Read More

The opportunities you can find online are endless. They only need you to explore until you see them so you can use them. Also, any business you chose to do online will require you to run ads, some Ads are free, but you will not be able to get many free Ads at the beginning since you don’t know them.

You will have to use paid Ads which is reasonable since you expect to earn revenue from your business. However, you will need to keep a watchful eye on your source of paid Ads, because scamming has taken over the business place by flood waves.

Read More

Some companies who we believe to be a reputable company that provides the Paid Ads service have Scam practice in their trade. I am a victim. Without an eye active in your business, these companies will strip you of your hard earn Dollars for Ads they never run, and no doubt drive you out of your mind.

Watch your business closely with them. With all the helpful information I have compiled for you going forward, you should start your online store today. Sign up Here! I am Dorcas. I want to hear from you. Please leave a comment in the comment section below. Do like, share, and follow.

How Groove Funnels Work from Home

Groove Digital Academy is a place where you can expand the training you receive at Wealthy Affiliate for online marketing. The more working knowledge you have will be the more profitable business you will run.

My Number 1 Recommendation

It is of importance to learn something new about the business-building journey require a lot of knowledge that not every entrepreneur understand at a glance! Affiliate Marketing is one of the best businesses one can do online.

But one will not see profit without a sound knowledge base of how and what to apply to your business to let it work. All who enjoy being a member of the Wealthy Affiliate Platform know that it is an excellent place to start and continue your business because the training never ends!

However, there are areas of boot camp training that some might not have complete due to unresolved difficulties beyond their control. The cause of this, one might never know, but there must be a reason. Loading a video is a native application that many enjoyed applying. But saying all of that is easier said than done.

Where online opportunities reach, almost everyone can have a profitable online business running without any form of drawback or lengthy delays, because of the vase amount of training available at Wealthy Affiliate and elsewhere on the Internet to help companies to succeed.

However, it will be no rocket science for those who were not familiar with the Internet before joining an Affiliate Programme to succeed in a hurry. Timely searching will fix the delay period in due course. And this is one reason why business folks should exercise much patience in starting and building a business geared for success.

Follow this Link

Recently, I came across an opportunity that I have researched and found it to be excellent for all affiliate business folks, especially beginners. If I tell you that I am not sure how it gets in my inbox you might have a doubt, but it is true, I don’t know!

Some people might be familiar with the name, and some won’t. I was not familiar with the title until two days ago when I found it in my inbox and decide to search it out! The first thing that came to my mind was: this is another one of the scams someone trying to pull off. But when I started searching, I realized it was a blessing in the guise.

Anyone here familiar with the name: Mike Filsaime? This man is a stalwart in the Internet space for many decays. He is profitable to a vase amount of businesspeople in their businesses in the past and is now geared to be even more productive in the future. The products he has available are many and valuable for online marketers as well as for other businesses. Mike has Flawless credentials that allow him to be such a dynamic personality.

His first mentioned a Web Programmer back then in the 1980s that allows him to deliver a historical wealth of businesses in the past and has continued to move forward in business programming that is geared to assist small businesses as well along with their business path.

I have made a note of some of them to help you to know that this man’s input in the business arena is definitely to help those who are in a struggle to survive. It is left to you if you chose to check them out and apply those that are needful to take your business to the next level. There is the Groove Digital Academy from where you can learn all the ropes to add more life to your business.

Grove Funnels

Grove Funnels is a suite of Software Applications to build sales funnels and websites, developed Grove Digital which consists of the Landing Page Builder, Groove Page, The Shipping Cart, Groove Sale, The email Service Provider: Grove Mail; Along with other Software for selling Digital and physical products online. Groove Funnels.com is currently called Groove Apps.com.

Start a business today.

However, the name will be changed when Groove Funnels is officially launched in June, which is one of the many Software platforms that he has, such as EverWebinar, DealGuardian, WebinarJam, Kartra, Butterfly Marketing, Evergreen Business System, and PayDotCom!

It is said that Mike holds the Distinction of doing more one million dollar launches for more brands than any marketer has! And that he has generated over one hundred -twenty-five million dollars by following his passion for delivering game-changing Software that is designed to relieve the frustration and pain of operating on online business.

Grooves Ads

Groove Funnels will be launching in June 2020 Mike announce that they planned to partner with an agency to rebrand as Groove Ads. The agency will manage Facebook, Google Ads, PPC and YouTube Ads. for ten per cent of your Ads spend. The minimum will be $2,500.00 per month while the maximum will be $ 5,000.00 per month.

The Agency will build your Funnels, write your sales copy, and create your email sequences and your Ads for $ 5,000.00 per month. This suite of Apps is developed by Groove Digital INC, which entered the online marketing world with the eCommerce Solution Groove Kart that competes with Shopify.

The Difference Between Groove Kart versus Groove Funnels and Groove Pages?

Groove Pages is part of an all-inclusive, email marketing, list building, web hosting management platform. It is designed to run your entire business! It will connect everything in one account so you can manage.

We are seeking help from the wrong source.

Many times we seek help from our worst enemies, believing that it is convenient to get their help. After all, we do not see them as enemies because everyone looks reasonable and friendly. In the business world, there can be misrepresentation from unexpected borders.

Taking a try at something new might be a good fit as there might be the link to some missing puzzels. It is not advisable to rely solely on one’s understanding of any matter. Get some advice from other sources, and the business journey is not a bed of roses as one might believe.

There are many areas of discouragement, failures, and sometimes stress, before success. Good faith, consistency, work and perseverance will be the trend to follow to success. Although there are many trials and discouragement along the way to having a successful business; there are millions of people who have!

If they can endure the hurdles in the path to success and weathered the storms of failures until they won the battle and gain success. So can you and I take courage and fight our way through. It takes endurance to conquer the crash.

The battle is more comfortable won when you have some knowledge about the Internet and how it works, you know where to find what! Your business building takes a shorter time and less grubbing! Your location will be no problem, and some issues will never face you!


When we know about the precise kind of business that is good to start from home and go at it with determination and openness to learn, we can see success in a short to midterm time. However, should the training gained from Wealthy Affiliate do not fulfil the desired task; Grove Funnels have all the missing links to complete the process!

Read More

You should not have a problem to learn some marketing skills from Groove Digital Academy.  I am Dorcas. I want your feedback about this article. Please leave your feedback in the comment section below. Do like, share, and follow.




Reality Structs the world’s Economy

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Reality Structs the world’s Economy Forcing Work from Home. Will the present Pandemic teach the world a new way to keep its economy afloat during a future disaster of any kind? In my review today I want to look at some positives that the business community should be taking into account.

I Have put these internal Links together for your convenience where you can easily find some previous post that might benefit you big time! Here we go

How will COVID 19 Affect Work from Home?

Why Work from Home Business Instead of Job?

Work from Home Business Opportunity 2020 and Beyond

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Online World Wide Work from Home.

Work from Home with a Passion for Success

Work from Home Ups and Downs

What are we looking at in the world today?

The world is experiencing difficulties mixed with uncertainty because of the present pandemic, in areas where many businesses have to closed doors to help stem the spread of COVID 19. One major difficulty is that not every business is matured enough to have a strong financial reserve to continue paying their staff to stay home indefinitely until the dust of COVID 19 is settled.

While on the other hand, many workplace policies are: No work No pay! Who can blame them for such a policy? Proceeds to payout salary come from revenue due to work. Even when the Government has a responsibility to take care of its citizens, to come up with enough money for a budget for the working class weekly, fortnightly or monthly will not be an easy cheezy action.

Keeping in mind that the Pandemic never gives warning of its entry into any country, it just invades without any form of respect. Therefore, no one knows for how long the world will be under arrest by its present. Neither is it possible for any living person to continue life without money!

Saying all of the above; bring me to the point where I must share this vital information with all my readers. Now is the time for all the world to seriously take a study as to the way going forward! World’s economist must change the way we do business!

Get rid of the ‘business as usual’ and start with a new approach. When everything is in place to combat any challenge there won’t have to be a financial dilemma for the citizens of nations because everyone will continue to work from Home of course!

Is it a Good Time to Advertise?

Many will critique the act of advertising during this time of Crisis; people say all sort of things, Many have become religious overnight because COVID 19 is around They are extra sanctimonious; saying those who will advertise a business are ungodly and looking after ‘filthy lucre’.

Those saying is for the ignorant. Which country can survive without the “Tax Dollar”? Also, who can live in these days without money? In normal time inflation was on the rise; What do you think? How will a country’s budget look after merciless dust of COVID is settled?

Does everyone know what stagnant water looks like? Without a vibrant business advertising structure, that will be how the public and private sectors look after COVID 19’s frolic. Businesses must improve strategically in their advertising practice.

While there might not be an immediate growth from present advertising, there should not be an absence of the business advertising presence on the various advertising platforms. As a matter of urgency;

The advertising flame bust be burning hot! during this time to prevent stagnancy after the storm. People must be aware of, knowing what is next for the business. So as the way gets clear things can be up and running as if nothing had gone wrong! In a sense, there should be some different keywords in the advertising strategies, but never a rest period.

Yes; there might be a drop in revenue coming from paid advertising during this time, but if the business had seen strong revenue in the past from paid Ads it should not have a problem to continue to use paid Ads in spite of the fall in revenue without a sweat. The hike will return in due course!

Some method of advertising?

There are some good quality advertising that many businesses do not incorporate because they might not know they exist, or they might underestimate their value, however, they are some useful advertising practice!

Those kinds should be strongly encouraged during this time when many people are at home, some are kind of glued to the TV. Use the electronic comedies, talk shows, forums, and such like, advertise advertise advertise!!!

Social media is commonly used by many businesses, now is time for an increase in advertising strategy using The Social Media. Although, not every online business, the owner has the flair for video, and doing Social Media advertising video is of paramount importance.

You do not see the text at a glance, however, the images are always steering you in your very eyes. Get active Business cohorts, prepare change for the next revolution in the business arena. There are encouraging advertising opportunities where grants for many countries are available from leading Social Media.

Where Small businesses get a grant of as much as $ 30.000.00 in cash and credit to advertise their businesses. All small businesses in the United States and some other named countries will benefit from this grant.

My country is not mentioned among the benefitting countries, but I am happy for those businesses whos countries are mentioned and I do hope the owners learned about the benefit in time so they can apply and be able to boost their businesses through these grants.

If you are able to leverage on even one of these offers you can move your business a great way ahead without out of pocket expense that you might not even have. As also since you get the grant in cash and credits, you can settle some outstanding accounts if any and use the credit directly for advertising.

In all of this, however, your location speaks volume for you! Think about it; If you could get a grant from more than one offerer, how much you could boost your business for now and future advertising? I hope you did give some time to reading those emails sent to your inbox by these advertising Social Media Companies.

I found among the many emails coming to my inbox from these Social Media Companies that some of them have value. Only because of my location, why I am not among the recipients. But I always take the time to open and read every email I receive in my inbox from all Social Media.

I am Dorcas. I hope I have helped you to ignore criticism and give your business some serious advertising during this season. I would love to get your feedback Please to leave a comment in the comment section below. Do like share and follow.

Training for Work from Home Business

Logo to display on web pageGet Training Free Website Work / Business from Home

How well are we using the time at home to prepare a solid work from home business that can last through the test of time? Pandemic, catastrophic and common disasters never send a warning when planning a frolic for the human species.


happy new year greeting with white flower


We sometimes believe it is all well and good for a disaster that will last for a week or two in one area of any country. It is always considered to be a natural occurrence even when it is sometimes very devastating for those who are directly affected as well as the government

Was anyone Prepared?

Which of us or who, ever think there would be a pandemic as the present COVID 19? No one has even thought about anything that would have come storming the world as this disaster that has forced itself on the world’s population. Read more here

Even now some of us are still asleep, not yet awaken to see what is moving rapidly throughout our world. Millions of the working class have lost their livelihood by way of job closure. Some small businesses are forced to close to preserve safety.

How many businesses have an online side to business?

I might sound foolish to you if you are thinking differently but while larger businesses can institute work from home for a large amount of their staff the small businesses can only do so if they had online staff plan in place.

For example, Some Restaurants and fast food establishments are using online marketing to sell their food. One can call in their order and have their food deliver to their address. Of course, not everyone likes to order cooked food online. There are some stores and supermarkets that have affiliate marketing in place for their businesses.


red and white UNKs restaurant


Those are the ones who were thinking ahead. Now that the monster is on us how do we fix the business or workplace problems where people can no longer work? I am not expecting any one person to fix the issue it is a worldwide situation where everyone needs to be aware that something can be done and should be done to lower future unemployment levels worldwide

My # 1 recommendation

Take action to work from home  

Everywhere people need to see this opportunity and take immediate action to help themselves and their families now and in future to escape job cuts and layoffs that are unavoidable.

Follow me attentively on this, and learn about something that you have missed out on for a long time. I know of a company that train people to do legitimate Affiliate Marketing Online.

You will not need the fortune to join and continue the training with this company. The fact that you now know what it feels like to be at home without a job and you are not privilege to go out and search for a job, you would better take my advice seriously.

Wealthy Affiliate isgood place to start

I don’t know for how long this plague will be among us! Do you know for how long? If you start the training now even when the COVID 19 mist has rolled away and you are recalled to your previous job, you can continue doing your affiliate business as a precautionary measure. Trouble never sets like rain.


grayscale photo of people riding on shopping cart


If you have any doubt about that saying, you are supposed to understand it now that COVID 19 has moved in on the nations in this rapid divesting manner. The fact that you and I cannot stop its movements does not mean that we cannot secure ourselves and our pending financial status from the wrath of the pandemic!

You can sign up for seven days of free trial with Wealthy Affiliate for all the training you will need to become an affiliate marketer. If your business model is working from home you will have no need to be bored when there is a lockdown in your town and you are compelled to stay at home.

Sign up today

Stay clear of public places

You see, with this disease, the fewer people occupying public spaces will be the less likely the virus will find hosts to live on. The way we do business from now on will determine how we value healthy living for ourselves and our nation as also all nations of the world.

Instead of you and I shouldering each other at the workplace, in the food stores and markets; the business can be so structured that each product item is in its separate area in the warehouse with its designated staff to package and distribute to the delivery person to take to your door.



man in white t-shirt and blue denim jeans standing beside woman in white long sleeve



Stay safe away from the congestion

There will be less congestion in the business places, on the roads and everywhere. Consider my advice, make the right choice, become an affiliate marketer today! In future, you will be glad you did. Deep in your heart, you know your employer could do no better for you than to lay you off.

So you can stay safe from the boisterous waves of the COVID 19 pandemic. Would you not be happy if you have a business online where you can spend your time improving on during this time? While at the same time you are assured of an income coming from your business while none will come from your regular job from which you are now laid off?


the new york times newspaper


Basic things of life are always needed

Keep in your mind that while the world is forced to move at a slow pace, people have to eat food every day. They have to wear clothes, shoes, and everything that the body would normally function with before the crisis. The bottom line is that people need to have money! How will you earn money if you cannot go out to work, your workplaces closed against the virus! If gambling was your habit before, you can no longer congregate to gamble.

As well as you may not be a gambler who wins! Start affiliate marketing business today, get the training and get your free SiteRubix website to start your business with, use all the available tools provided by Wealthy Affiliate for you at no extra cost.

Many others have challenged the challenges and are glad they did. Why not making the Wealthy Affiliate Platform your next stop? If I have done it, so can you. Let me see you in the Live Chat Community. Will you? I am Dorcas. I want to hear from you, please leave your comment in the comment section below. I will reply to you as soon as possible. Do like, share and follow.

How Will the Coronavirus Affect Work from Home?

Logo to display on web pageHow Will the Corona virus Affect Work from Home?



In today’s review I will look at some areas that we might have not thought about as important in the way going forward after the exit of the frightening Covid 19 that has dismantled the economy of the world. Although some people might believe that the corona virus is a new man-made disease that has started in china. In my opinion that leads me to do massive research about the virus, it is the furthest thing from the truth.

When and where Corona virus did starts?

Studies have shown. The first case of Corona virus was detected in June 2012 in Saudi Arabia. Followed by one in September of the same year in Qatar where a 49 year old man was infected by Novel corona virus (MERS-COV) there was a 99.5 % match between the two viruses.

Researchers report (A newly emerged highly pathogenic Bat- Corona virus called: Middle East Respiratory syndrome Corona virus (MERS – COV) formerly known as HCOV – EMC Human Corona virus Erasmus Medical Center was recognized as the consul agent of fifty percent fatality and fatal respiratory disease in human during 2012.

Sequence match between the two viruses separated from the patients. The viral transmission from discriminating animal species to human has been evidenced. And another study has also demonstrated that the pathogen had spread worldwide largely by human to human infection.

WHO 2013

The largest cluster of cases to date occurred at a health facility in twenty three health care workers. However, the focus of infection has remained in countries on the Arabian neck of land.

Saudi Arabia Ministry of health 2014 says: Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates were reported as home cases of viral infections and additional cases inched Franc, Germany, Italy, Tunisia, and the United Kingdom.

The viral action is now well spread in South Korean States. After finding these truths among many others about the corona virus I am more aware that ignorance might have caused many unformed people around the world to lay senseless blame at the feet of the Chinese nation and president Donald Trump of the United States of America for the inception and spread of the Corona virus.

Look at This

In fact, it may be true that the Covid 19 limn of the Corona virus starts in China; but the Corona virus is not new, neither did it starts in China. From June twenty twelve until now March twenty, twenty; is a long time to have any guest around, be it welcomed or not welcomed.

However, the fact that one branch of a tree hangs in your neighbor’s premises does not mean that the tree belongs to that neighbor. Covid 19 a segment of the corona virus might originate in china but I will not give blame to china for the Corona virus which starts from way back in twenty twelve in Saudi Arabia.

Follow this Link

Because it had not affected the nations of many of us who are blowing our top about the virus origin without full knowledge about Corona virus we need focus, and love for one another that when there is a crisis or catastrophes we speak with grace for one another. Thinking, what if the next health crisis starts in our own country? Are we all not reading Bible prophecies? Who can tell what God is doing in return to man’s evil inventions? Has not the word of God says whatsoever a man sew that shall he also reap?!

I implore everyone to take valuable precautions in their conduct, follow all healthy instructions and tips. Avoid crowding, stay healthy. Do not be afraid of the Covid 19 fear God and obey his words, live clean and enjoy a sanctified life.

Ensure not to spread propaganda, talk things that you know about those things others can listen and follow if necessary and not being misled by errors. Use your time wisely and skillfully, while you are at home search out some ways that you can prepare yourself and the wider society for any eventuality that can negatively affect you, your country and the world’s economy as a whole. Start Here

Think and develop some ways in which people can utilize technology to keep the economy moving forward even when there is a visual lock down that the nations do not suffer poverty after the crisis.

From where I am, I am hearing a lot of senseless blames being given to president Trump and china. Instead of some ways to curve the pending poverty that is coming on the nations of the world when Covid 19 takes its exit.

Should it continue for several months, are we looking at the possibility of gross famine on the lands? Supposed we should have more business activities from home where technology is used in a massive way instead of manpower? I am not sure what vision Kyle and Carson had when the start the online Affiliate Marketing training facility, but I see something in it that can change the crisis of disaster aftermath. Get it Here

If more people and business get active in online affiliate marketing, when it is necessary for people to keep their distance when many businesses has to closed their doors and staff are laid off indefinitely. Marketing segment of businesses could still thrive. We know that business like Tourism and public transportation would be hit, but almost everything else could be doing fine. But, how prepared is the world for this kind of halt on a whole?

It is my views, you don’t has to agree with me, but I think that some more businesses and individuals should be thinking smartly to start learning online affiliate marketing business and any legal business that can be done online to that mater, should in case of another outbreak of whatever the name might be, the people of the world are more financially secured than they are now. Sign up Here

It is no secret that Covid 19 had plunged the world into massive scare. Some folks are now suffering from nervous breakdown, high blood pressure and heart problem and asthma due to the knowledge of Covis 19. Will these be able to return to work after the storm? I would like to hear from you. Please leave your comment in the comment section below. I will reply to you as soon as possible. Do like, share, and follow.

Work from Home Is Google Products Free from Scam?

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woman using gray laptop on bed


Work from Home Is  Google  Products  Free  from  Scam?

In this article you will get the chance to make the decision whether any business on the Internet is totally from being used as a Scam platform. Most of the text here will be adapted from correspondence come to me as direct emails. I am sharing this because I am feeling the effects of Scam these three times in the name of Google.

This time I am compelled to share it with the present information I have. I wish someone who read this article is equip enough to contact the relevant Google Authority, where something can be done to save the buying public who buy the various Google products.

I was trying to get my Gmail emails active after the Technicians clean the virus from my PC when I was asked to add a variation eight digits Code. I add the Code which was rejected and a Code came via text to my phone. I type the text and the that email was released to me with a form to boost my business https://wealthyaffiliate2.com/ by starting an ad campaign for the site.

A number of encouraging business tips was giving I know I had add a signup form to the sight it is true, the site needs traffic. So I set up the campaign and was prompt to set up three campaigns. Some powerful keywords were given especially in the last campaign. When it says click for payments. I notice it was different from before when it was Google Ad Words. There were three levels of payments. I chose this one which was more economical for me at the time.

(1) $350. 00 per month for clicks.

However, it says I would be charged April 16 I got an alert from my Credit Card Provider one week after showing charges as follows: $ 1.00, $ 50.00. On the 17 March another charge for $200.00. Only merely 15% of the campaign is run.

I do not get a click neither is it yet 16 April, what am I charged for? I email Google Ads. The reply explained overdue balance charges from January 20. I did not even have an account with Google Ads in the month of January.

Start a Business Here

They do not use the account nor the email I have with Google Ads. At first when I email Google Ads asking them to pause the Campaign, they replied that I do not have an active campaign with them. I send the copy of the Credit Card Alert to them. They email me making a different excuse for them to charge me. Here they are please open and read them for yourself.

The Internet on the next side could be down. I cannot get a Screenshot, so here they are I copy them.

Learn Affiliate Marketing Here

Re: [5-9441000030144] is the case ID of your support email



Mar 19, 2020, 2:54 PM (3 days ago)to me

Google Ads

We’ve opened a case for you

Thanks for reaching out.

Our team will begin working on your support request right away, so you won’t have to do anything else—you’ll be sure to hear from us as soon as we have an update. You can find the case ID for your request in this email’s subject line. In the meantime, please feel free to check the Google Ads Help Center for answers to your questions.

Thanks for advertising with Google! We look forward to helping you.

The Google Ads Team

Collapse allPrint allIn new window

[5-9441000030144]-Issues with your Google Ads account : 8835535648



Mar 19, 2020, 5:04 PM (3 days ago)to meGoogle LogoHi Dorcas,

Greetings from Google Ads.

We hope you’re doing well. This email is in regard to the recent interaction about issues with your Google Ads account : 8835535648.

Upon checking your Ads account we see that there are no active Ads nor campaigns and account is not yet set up.We request you to be more specific about the issue where in we will look into & help you.

Hope this helps, If you have any questions about this issue or how to improve the performance of your Google Ads account generally, we’re here to help.

Looking forward to helping you meet your advertising goals with Google Ads.



NB: If you need to reference this support ticket in the future, the ID number is 5-9441000030144


Mar 19, 2020, 8:50 PM (3 days ago)to ads-support

hello; although you have not seen any account setup. Here is the proof. I have not received the Credit Card statement for the month as yet I am not sure what it will be like; one thing I know I have not seen any success, return nor profit on my money spent. Therefore I no longer care to advertise with Google Ads.


The following transaction was done with your credit card xxxx-xxxx-0336

Transaction Date: 2020-02-28 06:01:41 PM
Transaction Amount: USD 1.00
Merchant Address: GOOGLE *TEMPORARY HOLD, g.co/helppay#



The following transaction was done with your credit card xxxx-xxxx-0336

Transaction Date: 2020-03-04 03:29:55 AM
Transaction Amount: USD 50.00
Merchant Name: GOOGLE*ADS4305409899
Merchant Address: GOOGLE*ADS4305409899, CC GOOGLE.COM





8 of 176





Dorcas White dorcaswhyteyt@gmail.com

Sat, Mar 21, 8:08 PM (6 days ago)
to ads-support@google.com

Hello Chazz; thanks for your reply. However, nothing you said here make any sense to me. To begin with, I do not have two accounts with Google Ads. This make three different excuses for the charges.

I have not an account with Google Ads before February 28. You refused to address that reason for the charge, so you have changed it to something else, that I do not understand, causing me more confusion. I might has to get legal help to have you give an understandably reason for the charges.


Dorcas Whyte dorcaswhyteyt@gmail.com

Mar 22, 2020, 7:54 PM (5 days ago)
to ads-support@google.com
Hello Chazz; If I had not verify my email address for 4305409899 why you tell me thanks for confirming my email address? If you don’t know the email address how you have the ID number?
Anyway, here is the email address again: whydrumjobplacement@gmail.com I do not understand why you are insulting me in addition to defrauding me This is my third Scam experience I am having with Google. Three too many. I will not take it lightly, Authority will know about this. Why me?





[5-9441000030144] Google Ads support – Unauthorized charges


Mar 23, 2020, 3:40 PM (4 days ago)
to me
Google Logo
Hi Dorcas,
Thank you for your response. I hope you are taking good care of yourself and keeping safe at this point in time after all, you are very important for us and your family 🙂
I apologize as I could not honor your disconnect preference (phone) to get back to you as we have limited sources and do not have access to all the tools due to the global impact of COVID-19. I hope you will understand and cooperate. However, I am sharing the details via email that should help you resolve your concern.
Query: Unauthorized charges of $1 and $50
Findings: Please be informed that, on January 14th, 2019 we have launched a pre-authorization experiment in AdWords Express and AdWords Next for new accounts on Automatic Payments in the US only.
During billing setup for new accounts, customers included in the experiment will see a notification, which informs that your credit/debit card will be pre-authorized either $1 or $50, and that this pre-auth charge will automatically drop from your bank account after one week.
I hope the provided information is helpful. If you have further questions, feel free to contact us or reply to this email thread, and we will be happy to assist you.
Thank you for choosing Google Ads. We appreciate your relationship with us.
NB: If you need to reference this support ticket in the future, the ID number is 5-9441000030144

Dorcas Whyte dorcaswhyteyt@gmail.com

Mar 23, 2020, 6:23 PM (4 days ago)
to ads-support
Hello Keerthi; thanks for reaching out. I live alone with my three Dogs and one hen. I only go out to on occasions. My phone is not disconnect. It is mobile with both local and international credit on it. But technology in many areas of business seems to be down with Covid 19 just like some human beings are. (laugh)
 I had login to my account and saw where $200.00 was also taken on march 17 with a claim that I owed $5.00 balance.
Up until now I do not see where the campaign gets one click. That’s my reason to want to pause the campaign.






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