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‘Hello everyone; my name is Dorcas Whyte. I am very passionate about working from home. My work involves helping people to help themselves via my website Contents.

As an Affiliate Marketer on the Wealthy Affiliate Wealth builder platform, I decided to create a website: https://wealthyaffiliate2.com.

To promote the Wealthy Affiliate via writing helpful content where more people can learn about its existence and sign up to become members where they can start a business and grow to success. I had worked in many career areas in the past. If you would like to join me within Wealthy Affiliate you can register here to create your starter membership. Here is where I network with the community.

Although these include working in the family business as a manager; I never have the privilege to work from home. I had to be out there on the Farm most of my time to ensure that Livestock and Cultivation are in good order, as also to maintain workers’ Satisfaction.

From a twenty-four-hour-day, I never have twelve hours for myself to eat, relaxed and sleep. I moved on to working for the Government while maintaining a small farm for myself.

I found that I was also on my feet here and there and almost everywhere. On people’s farms in the Bank wherever delinquent Farmers could be found. It was hectic yet interesting to me.

I wanted to work meaningfully while helping others to do the same. Signing up the Wealthy Affiliate form to work online has me much excited I was sure that working from home would bring me many benefits in all areas of the word “benefit”

One of the areas of working from home that helps me to find comfort in Affiliate Marketing is Content creation. Why; because I am a passionate writer. I never feel challenged by writing. I can always meet a deadline if and when required.

Still, with the Government, I joined the Constabulary force, which is another hectic time-consuming job, one that I also enjoyed in spite of, if you sacrifice your heart in service, you can never do enough in the eyes of some superior officers, as well as “Politicians.”

After nine and one-half years of service, I quit with no intention to work as a hired servant ever again. My experience in like’s journey allows me to author many Scripts from which I published one.

I am also a Songwriter, Producer, and Singer. As I am blessed with a Wonderful Voice. Comedy is one of my hobbies, as I love to make people laugh. Among all of these attributes, Wealthy Affiliate is the first to give me an opportunity to work from home or from wherever I am at. I hoped I have, helped you to know anything about me. Thanks for reading.