Develop And Establish Your Business

How can One Develop And establish A Business?




I want to share with you in this review some facts about  how you can ‘develop and establish yourself in business on the Wealthy Affiliate Platform.’

I will encourage you never to look back, once you have started. I will show you how you can be what you wanted to be, even though much testing and trials, you can progress to success.

I will also show you how you should resist your negative emotions; that can become barriers in your path to success.

How you should walk over obstacles and always do your best. I will also remind you that you should not conclude your journey before you reach your goal.

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Never Look Back

Many times on our journey to build a successful business we come upon unforeseen obstacles that are discouraging distasteful and cruel. These are occurrences, that,  no doubt, sometimes make one afraid.

However, we ought to remember and ensure that these trials should only make us; not break us. Everyone is right in; one’s own eyes. But the truth is: No one is more human than you or me.

Therefore, amid all this, we should keep our focus on the goal we intend to reach and never allow anything nor anyone to distract us from traveling this journey to becoming our boss.

There might come obstacles that one never dream of, nor even think of being possible; these should not break you nor slow you down. Instead, they should be the wind beneath your wings.

You have a target set, your goal is ahead, go for it, no matter what. Defeat your disappointment, encourage your appointment which is your target destination. You have no time for retention.

I am encouraging you. Now that you have found a platform from where you can launch out, you must relinquish all your doubt. Have faith in your freedom, cast away all your doubts. Success is not a mitt.

Success is a reality. You have a right; while you are alive, to partake of the things that life brings. You cannot sit back and be lazy. Do not refuse to make the stride, because someone in the guise resists you.

Good things come to them that wait but while you are waiting you must be Poised to take action, do not take grin teeth for a laugh, make every effort to become your boss.

Make your life meaningful, take your slice of the cake. If you are waiting on people for hand out, you might get yours too late. The road to success might not be that easy as you often supposed, but the one thing that is needful is you.

You must make the difference, be brave,  stand up to all foes. Some foes come as natural, like wind, Rain and flood, while there are some, that are human, and they are ready to defeat you in one single heartbeat.

Stop, look and listen. Learn the business song. Sing it in chorus and anthem. The business world does not belong to one man.

You Can Be

You can be your desire. Learn the things that you need to know. Things that are uplifting, things to keep you on the go. Find a lesson in the struggle, find the way to escape the pure child heart fighter, who is working hard to make you late.

The world we live in it is a big place, why worry about me, When I cannot stop you nor take your place. Give me my space! If you are selling Rock stone, I can sell dirt.

Give me a chance man, do not force me to leave, you alone cannot do business. We are in the world of business it is better we compete. While you are building your empire, be kind, help me to develop the mine.

I can help you in areas where you could be building as blind. I am an entrepreneur. I am seeking for others to be. I had more than a full share of earnings, that was too small to last.

It could not give the freedom that I had desired. So now I am thriving to be my boss. The Entrepreneur feeling is warm in my veins. I will be encouraged.

Neither will I discourage Fairness is the name of my game. I am building.  Do I have the desire to learn the online business why? What I am working on my empire Because I am not playing a game.

Don’t Mind The Trials

I do not mind trials, each one makes me strong. Tests cannot defeat me, See; you have it all wrong. This that I am doing; you should be happy for me. I want to help people to live happy and free.

If I could help forty out of every hundred people That I meat,  to set up their business, this world would have peace. I am not daunted by the trials.

If it will help me to help you, overcome the weakness that held you captive in the dark.  That is Causing you to hate me. And hate others who are trying to beat the odds of misfortunes to become our boss.

Misfortunes had beaten hard on my Status. But I am still standing strong, why? Because the place I wish for others is the same place, I belong. I want to be an independent person, an entrepreneur; there are many in the millions that can sing their song.

Progress To Success

I studied. I learn to wish good for others just as I want for myself. I progress moving from strength to strength I stay clear of envy, I hold a grudge for no one.

As I climb on the Ladder of progress Success is my aim I will do to others the good favor, it is a part of the business plan. I will not be mischievous either be envious of other man’s gain.

I will avoid all the tricks that are in trades.  And with much patience, I will gather all types of matches boxes that are in business as I progress to success.

I believe; that the race is not for the swift; neither is the battle for the strong. It is for those who will endure to the end. By now we all know, that patience bread success.

Just as how one simple, the mini fly can blind one’s precious eye. With all that in mind, my focus is on overcoming the hurdles and finding a way out of the mire, to establish myself in business and become a successful entrepreneur.

Do Not Build Your Own Barrier

You can build your barrier in business if you are not honest and smart. Why are you are mindful and intimidated by the success of others? Or you think and act as you are the only one who should be in business.

Why are you spending your time to prevent others from making their mark in the business arena when you should be building your own business.

It is a waste of time for you to wait for the ignorant, who find pleasure in provoking you to change. You are not likely to happen.

You are building your own business, do not linger, go on. Did you not know; that you can lead the ass to the stream, but you cannot force the ass to drink the water from the stream?

There are some of us who are behaving like dumb asses. Do not try to change them. Find your way around them.

Apply your Clutch and Breaks, give them a full circle, progress toward your success it is yours; give it your best shot, hold on to it.

Walk over obstacles

You know your desire and what you want for the building. You can walk over every obstacle. No matter how it looks dangerous.

It is your responsibility to bulldoze  your track and patrol your business with the resources that you have got. You are trained to do online marketing.

If you do not equip yourself with the training and you are a novice to business, then and only then, the obstacle can detour you. And make a fool of you with laughter, that have no merit.

Walk over the obstacles, step on the foes. Work for your business, take authority. Show ownership, show them a sense of responsibility in the face of adversity.

Conclude on your Goal

When building something that worth the while building, nothing should be as important to you. No one should be able to hinder nor defeat you.

your focus should be on the finishing line. While at the same time, your lion in you should be roaring ready to tare the pray to pieces and finish the Hungary desire for business.

How can you be willing to step aside, or pull up your anchor, when you have not reached your goal. Not even halfway to your finishing line.

Or how can you allow me to hinder you, from completing your task of building your own business?

If you find that you are failing; go back to your drawing board. Revisit your business plan. Reaching your goal should not be an option. It is a must Reach.

Thank you for staying on my post until now. If you believe anything in this post feel free to leave your comment below I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Author: Dorcas Whyte

Courageous, persistent and brave. Born and raised in the sunny Island: Jamaicain the country side of the parish of Westmoreland Being the daughter of a farmer I learn the natural setup of life; and how to weather any storm of life.I develop my writing skill by making daily entry of occurrences on the farm. By doing so I became passionate about writing. Hence I became a writer.Writing Songs, Poems, Comedies, and even Books. Still searching. I began to explore the internet and.....did not I met upon "thieves" commonly known as Scammers.One of them stripped my Credit Card of $284.000.00 I am presently sweating to pay all that debt. I was invaded by a swarm of them. I was searching to find a way how I could contact one of them who have my name. who choose to lie to me like the others and then scam me; when I stumbled upon this "come to help us." Wealthy Affiliate. I has to promote it.

8 thoughts on “Develop And Establish Your Business”

  1. Hey Dorcas,

    I love your advice on not giving up or looking back but I have to say that this can be really hard to put into practice especially when you have built a website and have been posting content everyday without getting any sales for more than 3 months.

    Sometimes it feels like it will never happen. I say this from experience. I feel so depressed. At times like these what is the most practical advice you can give me?

    1. Dave; my advice to you, without one shadow of a doubt. Do not give up. There is potential opportunity to be your own boss, standing on the Wealthy Affiliate Platform. It might not look fort coming from a impatient point of view, however, the light is bright on the other end of this tunnel, as also the grass is green.

      Good things come to those who wait. Also the hotter the battle, is the sweeter the victory. Here at Wealthy Affiliate, you get the training as to how and where, you go forward. You have the chance to connect with Affiliate companies and make your business great.

      Listen; revisit the lessons and videos, there could be something vital that you have overlooked, as well as you might not consider as important. Also, carefully look at your Google connections, ensure all is connected and working properly.

      Then, have faith, believe that your day is coming it will come. Wake up the Lion that is in you, let him Roar!!!

      3 Months is not long enough for you to give up. When I was pregnant, I waited for 9 months, before I started feeling labor pain. When Labor pain begins I had to wait fore another 17 1/2 hours in severe pain, before I saw the joy of my life. 

      All you need to do, is add action to your waiting hours Bro.


  2. Hello Dorcas
    Thanks so much for sharing your tips.
    Now you mention not minging on trials, now this is powerful because like you, I do not give up, I do not want to be a quitter.
    Another thing you mention is walking over obstacles, most people prefer to turn away and run from obstacles than facing them head on and solving what seem impossible.
    As determined as we are to defeat these setbacks, there are some we can not avoid, like online scams that are so random it`s almost impossible to miss them and keep safe.
    I have really enjoyed your post and your way of thinking.Very informative.

    1. Hi Romey; Thank you so much for commenting on my post. I feel fulfilled when I find somebody with brave attitude like myself.

      We are living in a competitive world and scammers are not in the least left behind. They are every where, They work in and for big conglomerate companies and if one has not been bitten by a dog, one will not be able to describe a dog bite.

      I know that Wealthy Affiliate is a good place to do business from. And from a lot of what I have found out since I am here, I also know that a lot of scammers have joined themselves to WA and from experience I also know that some of them are working under guise with the company, Some who have scam me before.

      But in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, If they do not desist from provoking me, by harassing my website. Kyle and Carson is going to know them, because My lion in me is about to attack.

      There are some Dogs the only way to avoid their bite is to see them DEAD and because they know that they can bite you but they do not know that you can kill them they continue to bite you.

      I come to WA to do business and I will invite all who want to do legal marketing online to come to WA since the fight is not from Kyle nor Carson Wealthy Affiliate remain the best platform from which people can do a legitimate business. I say WA..!

      Cheers Bro.

  3. This article hits home with me all the way. So much encouragement and passion driven words in it.

    You are spot on about learning to not put up your own barriers. At the end of the day the reality is only you yourself can stop you from succeeding.

    If you think developing a business form the ground up will not be affected by your mindset, you have another thing coming. Thanks for the article

    1. Garth Wright; Thumbs up to you. You have fully understood my language. I am aware that there will always be obstacles in the path of some of us trying to go forward in business.

      But I also knew that a Goat will never cross a River. 

      Fair is one of the greatest enemy that can cross the path of any one walking the road to success, or building a business from scratch.

      You and I are building our own business to help us to financial independence. Wealthy Affiliate have helped us a long way by giving us the tools in guidance that is necessary. I see no wise reason why we should not do our part.

      If a Tiger lies in the way Be a Lion unto him, for even when the Tiger is more fierce and cruel than the Lion; it is a fact that the Lion is stronger than him and have more statics.

      Garth, Wealthy Affiliates have provided for me training in abundance. It is for me to use up those training tools and all of my previous business knowledge to go forward and not allow negativity to stop my show.

      Having said all this. I will go to success with WA

      The knowledge and help I obtain from Wealthy Affiliates.

  4. Hi Dorcas,
    Your offer very solid common sense advice about what it takes to realize your own online business.

    I think that you’re especially wise when urging others not to look back. I think the problem with looking back all the time is that it can sabotage your success.
    For example, one of the things that you need to move forward is constant constructive feedback on the steps you are taking to establish your goal. If you keep thing of how in the past you were hurt or misled, you won’t be open to the help of those that truly want to see you go achieve your dreams.

    1. Thabo, Thanks for your comment. I can do no different than that which I know to be right. We all are born with five senses. however, I find a law here among the senses.

      That there is a sixth sense that is given to us after we are born. This is the common sense that work for us in all areas of our lives.

      If somebody’s passion is to go forward, why logging behind, where your focus is that is where you will end up.

      You are right, if the feedback you are getting, is not constructive, you need to change course, search the pipeline see where the contamination is streaming from and get it fix.

      To be a successful entrepreneur you will have to take hold of the rein. Be your own lion.Of all the beast of the field, The Lion is the strongest,and the bravest. If there is a fearful lion that will cower away from other forest creatures I do not know of him. 

      My advice to all those who are building their business is: Get your Lion active, approach your goal with braveness. make success the name of your game.

      In the same way that you make the right choice choosing the Wealthy Affiliates to be your business guide.

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