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Have you started a business from home during the time you are instructed to stay home where you will be safe from the attacks of COVID 19? Digital marketing business is the new trend to follow. You might want to learn how!

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The Coronavirus/COVID 19 has enhanced a new way of business approached for the average marketer.  Is there a difference in Digital marketing Business, or it is the same as Work from Home. It is important to get an understanding of how this kind of marketing suites vendors, retailers, distributors, advertisers and all who are involved during a global pandemic as COVID 19.

I am certain that if big vendors like Amazon and the like. Had known there would be an event as harsh as COVID 19 a year ago they would have been much more prepared in the line of distribution than they were when the pandemic hits. We all have to give thumbs up and say thanks to affordable digital technology as well as easy access to the Internet which made business models like this possible.

When the world’s economy plunged into lockdown due to the harsh reality of the death told spike that comes with the pandemic. Those of us with business minds who have escaped and are alive and well if we had not done this before we now have the chance to take action and start living the digital Laptop/Desktop lifestyle on our terms.

Digital Marketing

Firstly, there must be an understanding of what is Digital Marketing? My understanding is the way by which we promote a brand or service online that is using the Internet. Is this your way of understanding also? When we utilized Digital Marketing we can reach a broader spectrum of people which is measurable and cost-effective. This kind of business allows you to reach more customers and spend less money than you would in traditional marketing methods.

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When we take into account that there are over 4.33 billion people from the world’s population who use the internet daily we understand deeper the power of Digital Marketing which is done via the Internet. Mind you, as an individual, one will not be able to exercise this reach without the help of Social Media which account for a hefty sum of visitors daily.

It is a fact that the pandemic has caused us much grief, but in all of the grief there is a blessing that the world remaining population can leverage on; that is to start a business from home where you might be bound for the season.

Not everyone was Rich

You might be wondering what I am talking about, and how can you leverage on this opportunity? Let me ask you a question: have you ever heard about Affiliate Marketing? Yes, that is what I said; before you get offended, hear me out. I am not sending you to stockpile any product, neither to go about knocking on anyone’s door to offer a service.

The Digital Affiliate Marketing allows you to advertise people’s products for a commission, by doing this kind of advertising you do not need to touch, stack, nor handle physically any product what-so-ever. You sell everything digitally, from your home or from wherever you are having access to the Internet with your Desktop or Laptop.

Keep in mind that when you sell a product or service you are not an employee of any person or company, there will be no benefit that you have a right to get from any company, you will pay your tax and make your statutory deductions because you are your boss, marketing for a commission.

It is my opinion that being an affiliate marketer is one among the best of business activity that anyone can ever embark on doing. You will be working on your terms. You will not have to give an account to a boss or anyone. Although many works from home involved a boss, doing affiliate marketing/ digital marketing you are the boss it is your business all the profit comes to you.

Being an affiliate marketer is excellent, you have the freedom you would not have been an employee. You will promote products for companies via a website which is not hard for you to get yourself a website. Of course, you will need a platform on which to host your website which I will introduce to you down below in this post.

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One interesting thing about Affiliate marketing is that you start a business the moment you sign up with a hosting platform that offers you training. You should ensure to sign up with a platform that charges you one money for training and hosting one that does not carry upsells.

Here is one that gives you a free website to start you off; while you are learning the skill you are building your business at the same time. You will get seven days free to test the platform and training for yourself. The price is very reasonable which you can pay monthly or yearly. Try it out Here.

Search Engine Optimization SEO This is excellent for the success of your business but you must understand how it works I am not telling you that I benefit from it because I never take the time to learn about it. After all, I did not know its value. Now I am sorry I did not learn about it. Recently, one of my Linked in contact messages me and we begin talking regularly. Then he asked me about my business hoe it is going what it is doing for me.

I told him then he politely asked: Are you using SEO to get high ranked on Google? I said no. His question was: why are you not using SEO, Don’t you want free traffic? Yes, I do want free traffic but how can I get free traffic when paid traffic is not delivering as I expect them to deliver?

Then he said: Do you know I can help you to know what you might not be doing right. I am having a five days’ workshop on SEO starting at y time will you come and learn something? I should tell you I am a web developer who is an expert in SEO I can help you to not buy traffic and get all the traffic your business needs for free through SEO!

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I attended the workshop and the rest is history. If you know SEO you can safely say: away with pay per click and you won’t have to struggle with Keywords either, you will have everything locked in growing your business.

Now that you have read through my post you must have seen that you can make something good out of the grief that COVID 19 caused you, and start for yourself online digital marketing that will give you satisfaction despite the grievous pandemic COVID 19.

I am Dorcas I hoped I have helped you so far. I want to hear what you think Please leave your comment below. I will reply to you as soon as possible. Remember to like, share, and follow.