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How well are we using the time at home to prepare a solid work from home business that can last through the test of time? Pandemic, catastrophic and common disasters never send a warning when planning a frolic for the human species.


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We sometimes believe it is all well and good for a disaster that will last for a week or two in one area of any country. It is always considered to be a natural occurrence even when it is sometimes very devastating for those who are directly affected as well as the government

Was anyone Prepared?

Which of us or who, ever think there would be a pandemic as the present COVID 19? No one has even thought about anything that would have come storming the world as this disaster that has forced itself on the world’s population. Read more here

Even now some of us are still asleep, not yet awaken to see what is moving rapidly throughout our world. Millions of the working class have lost their livelihood by way of job closure. Some small businesses are forced to close to preserve safety.

How many businesses have an online side to business?

I might sound foolish to you if you are thinking differently but while larger businesses can institute work from home for a large amount of their staff the small businesses can only do so if they had online staff plan in place.

For example, Some Restaurants and fast food establishments are using online marketing to sell their food. One can call in their order and have their food deliver to their address. Of course, not everyone likes to order cooked food online. There are some stores and supermarkets that have affiliate marketing in place for their businesses.


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Those are the ones who were thinking ahead. Now that the monster is on us how do we fix the business or workplace problems where people can no longer work? I am not expecting any one person to fix the issue it is a worldwide situation where everyone needs to be aware that something can be done and should be done to lower future unemployment levels worldwide

My # 1 recommendation

Take action to work from home  

Everywhere people need to see this opportunity and take immediate action to help themselves and their families now and in future to escape job cuts and layoffs that are unavoidable.

Follow me attentively on this, and learn about something that you have missed out on for a long time. I know of a company that train people to do legitimate Affiliate Marketing Online.

You will not need the fortune to join and continue the training with this company. The fact that you now know what it feels like to be at home without a job and you are not privilege to go out and search for a job, you would better take my advice seriously.

Wealthy Affiliate isgood place to start

I don’t know for how long this plague will be among us! Do you know for how long? If you start the training now even when the COVID 19 mist has rolled away and you are recalled to your previous job, you can continue doing your affiliate business as a precautionary measure. Trouble never sets like rain.


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If you have any doubt about that saying, you are supposed to understand it now that COVID 19 has moved in on the nations in this rapid divesting manner. The fact that you and I cannot stop its movements does not mean that we cannot secure ourselves and our pending financial status from the wrath of the pandemic!

You can sign up for seven days of free trial with Wealthy Affiliate for all the training you will need to become an affiliate marketer. If your business model is working from home you will have no need to be bored when there is a lockdown in your town and you are compelled to stay at home.

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Stay clear of public places

You see, with this disease, the fewer people occupying public spaces will be the less likely the virus will find hosts to live on. The way we do business from now on will determine how we value healthy living for ourselves and our nation as also all nations of the world.

Instead of you and I shouldering each other at the workplace, in the food stores and markets; the business can be so structured that each product item is in its separate area in the warehouse with its designated staff to package and distribute to the delivery person to take to your door.



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Stay safe away from the congestion

There will be less congestion in the business places, on the roads and everywhere. Consider my advice, make the right choice, become an affiliate marketer today! In future, you will be glad you did. Deep in your heart, you know your employer could do no better for you than to lay you off.

So you can stay safe from the boisterous waves of the COVID 19 pandemic. Would you not be happy if you have a business online where you can spend your time improving on during this time? While at the same time you are assured of an income coming from your business while none will come from your regular job from which you are now laid off?


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Basic things of life are always needed

Keep in your mind that while the world is forced to move at a slow pace, people have to eat food every day. They have to wear clothes, shoes, and everything that the body would normally function with before the crisis. The bottom line is that people need to have money! How will you earn money if you cannot go out to work, your workplaces closed against the virus! If gambling was your habit before, you can no longer congregate to gamble.

As well as you may not be a gambler who wins! Start affiliate marketing business today, get the training and get your free SiteRubix website to start your business with, use all the available tools provided by Wealthy Affiliate for you at no extra cost.

Many others have challenged the challenges and are glad they did. Why not making the Wealthy Affiliate Platform your next stop? If I have done it, so can you. Let me see you in the Live Chat Community. Will you? I am Dorcas. I want to hear from you, please leave your comment in the comment section below. I will reply to you as soon as possible. Do like, share and follow.