Online World Wide Work from Home.

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Onl                                  Online World Wide work from home.

I am Dorcas! And I am talking to you! To all the at homers out there, who want to earn honest money without a boss. You can do so by starting an online affiliate marketing business.

Starting an Affiliate Marketing Business won’t cost you much as you might be thinking. Keep in mind, that you won’t have to pay rent for office space, you are working from your home. Neither will you have an increase in utility bills You are at home!

Angry with the idea

You have become sick and tired of getting out of bed from four in the mornings, and as hard as you tried, you are always late for your seven to three jobs. Because of traffic that causes road congestion. Among other verbal’s.

As also some senseless drivers and pedestrians, who do the most foolish and unthinkable actions on the roads during the peak hours. If you are driving you will have to be looking out for these kinds, of foolish behaviors while you are hoping that there was something you could to avoid the early morning traffic. Yes! Do it Here

Actions that caused you to sometimes feel as if your heart was escaping from your chest, the foolish ways in which they drive. You often wished you never have to be on the road during these hours.

Also, some of you, who have a boss, but could do with some extra money for that longed-for family, vacation, or an expansion, at your house! Or to buy a motor vehicle! It might be to pay your son or daughter, college expenses!

As well as, to take care of and parents who are advanced in age and need special care they cannot afford! Remember, the onus is on you to provide the best care for your parents, you know they cannot provide that care for themselves.

Anywhere you live

Whether you are living in a mansion, or in a cottage, or in a cave, under a rock, or on top of a mountain or, maybe, under the water! Anywhere in the world, you are, once you can connect to the Internet. This is for you!

An opportunity where you can become an entrepreneur working from the comfort of your home. You may want to share your skills! You can offer a service, or, promote, people’s products, via Affiliate Marketing, get a commission for every sale!

Millions of people all over the world are doing it. I am doing it, and so can you! You should not have anything to lose by starting a business of your own.

You can have this business as a side income earner while you are working for a boss, continue to build on it until it reaches a level where your earnings parallel your salary, then you can decide whether you want to fire your boss!

Online Work from Home is taking the world by storm!

Many of the older people who have retired without a pension and those who never get the income sufficient to buy themselves a house or even to pay rent for somewhere decent to live are changing their lifestyle from below the poverty range to above and into the middle-class bracket! This is a global affair.

Have you never known? I am not joking! People from every nation are becoming involved in affiliate marketing. Starting their own business from their home! Even some who are earning a minimum wage, are becoming aware of future poverty that is coming their way and is now taking positive action and starting their own business online.

Hey! I am not talking about MLM here! I am talking about a sustainable, honest business that anybody can start and develop step by step, on their own from scratch!

What kind of business is that?

It is a lucrative business, not a hype, not a scam. Matter of fact Let me break it down more simply, many businesses, that you see around you are on a commission basis, you might not be as observant to observe it. There are some stores where the line staff will come to take your order and you will notice that they write your order, some places they ask you to sign it.

Then take the order to maybe the cashier or somebody else. These clerks, are selling, on a commission! No sale, no pay! Affiliate marketing where you get a commission on sale is the same thing only that you advertise the product online! The more you published a product will be, the more people are drawn to the product and it will be the more sale of that product you will make.

The more sale you make will be the more commission you leverage. For all of this to happen, you must make a start! Start building your business at every chance you get. You will not start building your business today and begin to see success tomorrow

Build a business for success

That is not how a business is built for success. However, the most important part is to start building with no intention to stop. Read more here  There are some people who have started in internet affiliate marketing and are able to quit their regular job and are now enjoying life in financial freedom.

They are able to travel the world with their families. And enjoy the freedom of living rich! Mind you; these people did not just start a business and sit back and relaxed, they work in their business and make a business a success.

They are human beings just like you! Some Affiliate Marketers, start building their business, while they were in college, and graduating from college never look for a job to work for any company, why?

Because they left college as a successful entrepreneur’s. They were at the place where they could hire Freelancers to assist them with their workloads.

The stretch-hold of freedom

Think about it, wouldn’t it be nice if you could start your business and reach that stretch-hold? Can you think of a common suitable reason why you should not move in the economic direction that the world is moving into?

You cannot deny that the Internet has become the world’s largest marketplace  Read more here If you think it is not, tell me of something that you want to buy and you cannot find it on the internet. Know this: within another decay, many four walls, businesses will be obsolete.

If you do not hold your space on the Internet as yet, you better start before the best opportunities pass you.

Many Affiliate businesses are going Digital! Whether you have passed sixty-five years or you are under eighteen years of age, your chance to start your own online business is now! 

I am not sure how many million entrepreneurs’ this platform that I am on will accommodate, it is near two million strong as I write this post. I am not sure about the honesty and training resources of any other Affiliate Platform I am certain about the one I am on.

You can do yourself a favour and start your business today! I am Dorcas. I want to hear from you! Please leave your comment in the comment section below. I will reply to you as soon as possible. Do share!

World Wide Work from Home

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World Wide Work from Home

There is a growing trend of online work from home opportunities in the job spaces these days. Is a fact that everyone wants to ensure a decent income, and that is one big reason why online work from home business is growing rapidly.


          Click Here

However, one will not readily grab at every online opportunity in the name of wanting to ensure an income, because there are some opportunities out there that are geared to run the innocent out of mind.

Forcing them to walk in public places in the nudes and eat from the Garbage Bin. That being said; Is the Government Consumer Protection protect the vulnerable?


The people who are in business, Does the revenue collection body, ensure honesty, meaning that there is, in fact, a real, honest business existing from the people whom they registered to collect revenue from?

In plain words; do revenue boards collect revenue from thieves? If they do why? If they do not, how so many fraudulent businesses are thriving on the Internet?

My findings are no secret to the general public who many, suffer severely at the hands of these sorts, while there seems to be no help from authorities for the helpless.

Why are there Police departments in all countries that make-believe that there are there to protect? When it is a fact, the protection that they are allowed to offer to citizens and others is limited?

Police are also victims

No lie; some of these Police officers have fallen victim to the ongoing shameless fraud that takes place twenty-four-seven on the world wide web. Just like you and I. Is it a fact that these conscienceless fraud based businesses?

Here is an honest online work from home

Has the influence over Government; The practice becomes so common that even believed, to be honest businessmen and women are now supporting them to excel their gain. Where is the world going? It is said that one bad apple spoils the whole bunch!

Because of Internet access; people are let loose to do anything they feel like doing without any fear of the Law because they have seen biases! Will the powers that be fix the issue and clean up the mess! Or has fraud in businesses become legal to maximize gain?

Is it now the new business trend? World Wide Work from Home. How is it done, is there a way that everyone can start a Work from a business without fear of being defrauded? Yes! Let me show you How, and where!

If you start and refuse to work hard and build your way into great success without defrauding others, then Government, might wake up to the reality of what is happening in the World wide web and allow the Police to pay attention to all kinds of fraud among all classes of business and you get caught.

Strange to me

When I was younger before there was Internet access. I would not believe that everything sells in the market including lies. I was taught to speak the truth and speak it ever. Now I found that lie has become a much lucrative product in the online marketplace.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like it. I am not comfortable around the people who support this kind of business.  A lie is a falsehood! It leads to many kinds of mayhem and death, it puts many people out of their homes to live on the streets in parks, under bridges, in old vehicles, and in the woods.

Many young children grow without their parents because of this kind of product in the marketplace. Some children never see a school, nor eat, a comfortable meal, many children lived life as if they were born old because of the lie product in the online marketplace.

Where was this kind of product, originates? And why was it allowed to flourish until it seems to have reached a stage where it cannot be harnessed and put into never, never.

I had seen many people who had lost their minds when they think about how they had lost their hard-earned cash with the belief that they were investing to make life better for them and their families.

They had lost mostly because they know not what to say to their family; they can no longer finance their children. The action they have taken, believing they were making it better, had turned out on the negative side.

Lies Kills

Some commit suicide, their children growing up not knowing their parent/s. Shame on people who would support a company like this, who indulge in selling lies. Which can be put into another context by saying they are selling people’s wellbeing, as also their lives.

There are of the truth, many worldwide works from businesses and jobs, however, you should ensure to find the one that really follows me in this post and search this one out.

You might just find something you were searching for for a long time. I have known people who never work in employment with a boss all their life and they made a decent living working from their home.

Others who had started in employment for a boss later switch and they work online and never fall victim to any form of scam. They are the lucky ones. You can be lucky also if you take my recommendation.

If you become an affiliate marketer, you can market a service, for example, you can market your skill and live comfortable. You can also market other people’s products and get paid a commission.

Whichever you do, you will need to advertise the product not by using a city cry on the top of your vehicle but by using the Internet. There are many advertising methods for you to use via the Internet. You can start your business here.

All the tools that you will need for going forward in doing honest business are in the package. You will learn the ropes just like the over one million people who are doing their business from this very platform Sign up now!

I am Dorcas. I would love to hear from you. Please leave your comment in the comment section below.

Work from Home/Affiliate Marketing

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Work from Home includes several opportunities from which people can make for themselves a decent living. You might not know this, but there are areas of opportunity that allows you to do your own business online without spending a fortune.

As also there are some other opportunities where you can do business that will cost you an arm and a leg to get off the ground. And they are also stocked with Upsells.

However, looking back at the world of business model, where it is coming from, you might want to ignore all the variables and launch into an online business of your own. If you lay back and remember the negative side of online businesses you will never start doing your own online business.

If you are one of those people who commute daily, wherever you commute on public roads you will see some reasons, why many people will tell you in no uncertain term, “work from home” is definitely “a come to help us the opportunity”!

You might be scared to start a business, no sweat; there is much work from home employment opportunities available. Where you can keep your boss if that is what you want, and you can choose your hours of work too.

However, you cannot determine your wages, that is left to your boss. Never believe that you can scull time because you are working from home online. No, you can’t. It will be honest, work honest pay, just as when you would travel to an office to work.

However, on the other hand; Doing business has its advantages and disadvantages. Some businesspeople offer services as a business.


Some do business as Affiliate Marketers selling other people’s products, for a commission. Some people do Digital businesses, be it service or affiliate marketing where they advertise other people’s products and when a sale is made they are paid a commission.

 Many people are making honest money from online business opportunities where the work from their homes. The truth be told, when you work from home, you give yourself an advantage over those people who commute to and from their workplace daily.

If you ask me how; you might be a parent/s or you might be living in a different community or state from the one you work. You might have three or four children to drop off at school where each child attends a different school.

Have you looked at vehicular traffic recently? Does it look normal to you? How will you see it within the next decay? Consider yourself getting out of bed at four o’clock am to get ready for work that you will start at seven am.

You may as well start early, as you may not have your own ride. There might not be a School Bus in your area. If there is, it might not be convenient for all of your children’s School. You will need to take some of them to school depending on their age.

One of your children’s schools is in the east, another in the west and another in the south, the one who can ride on the school bus is going North. Neither of the other three is matured enough to travel alone on public transportation.

Even when you drive your own car, would it not be much easier for you and your children if you never had to starts working at seven am? Or nine am if you please? I challenge you, with the early morning traffic between six-thirty am and Nine am you will find more stress each day

Then what you might be able to handle at your will. Traffic congestion is not a one-country problem, it is everywhere, although worst in some Countries than some, it can be seen the world over. In some countries.

Traveling a tree kilometers distance in the early morning will take you roughly two hours on the highway. Within developed areas. Neither School nor work is in remote areas.

They are all part of the development in developed areas.  You do the math; it will be much worse in the afternoon, Why? Much vehicular traffic using the highway in the afternoon might not be the working class.

They are, however, road users. You might not have finished picking up your children from school until nine or ten O’clock pm in the afternoons, so if you are determined to continue working in a job where you have to commute consider the cost.

Should you see your children becoming aggressive identify the cause? Moderation is a necessary ingredient in our daily lives. While we might not be able to solve a problem we can avoid one from taking place. Do business work from home!

The action can only get better, as time progress, it cannot become worse. When you are working from your home in spite of the traffic stress, in the mornings, you will have time to recover your loss as there will be no boss shouting threats at you nor any pay-cut for lost hours.

You can also redeem the time in the afternoon as you will leave your home directly to pick up your children, with ease, not when leave from your workplace on the edge of your nerve.

Think carefully about it, while you might not be thinking, some people are making the best of the opportunity to work in their own business from their home. That means that you could be left behind. I am serious! More people are finding it better and easier to work from home now than ever.

While the reason for some is to get rich, there are those with growing concern about the economy in which they are living. Inflation everywhere is climbing high Who doesn’t see it? It is time for people everywhere to begin looking out of the box, find the new trend!

 Make something work for you that looks impossible! Or even foolish. Make your family proud. Start your business here! Write your success story within the first half of next year. You can do it! Take the bold step! I am Dorcas. I would love to hear from you.

Feel free to leave your comment in the comment section below. I will reply to you as soon as possible. Do share.

Click Funnel Review/ Work from Home Do Business

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Click Funnel Review

Work from Home Do Business

Click Funnel Review:

Are Click  Funnels a Scam?

An Edison Product?




3443 W. Bavaria (Boise)

St. Eagle’s Idaho 83616


208 323 9451


Russell Brunson

Todd Dickerson

Dylan Jones

What are Click Funnels?

Is it a Scam or an Edison Product?


Start Here


While working from home today; I want to take a look at one well-known company that some people claimed to be a masterpiece to their work from home businesses. Some said that many entrepreneurs are finding success using Click Funnell in their businesses.

What do you think? I have visited Click Funnel’s website and found out that one of its founders is no longer a part of the Funnell. Click Funnell has offered a number of products to use with the funnel which attracts a hefty sum if one decided to buy them all.

However, these products are not compiled and thrown at you. So you can easily be frightened away at the costs. They are carefully orchestrated and timely presented one by one cunning free offers.

It is said that Click Funnels give you the tool and strategies you need in one convenient place to market or sell your products online. They say you can drag and drop the webpage editor.

Quickly build sales funnels that convert. Smart shopping cart with one Upsell. Email and Face Marketing Automation. Everything organized in one simple dashboard.

Generations Leads

With Click Funnels you can generate new leads that you can connect with. Create simple funnels that quickly capture your visitors’ contact information, so you can generate new leads to follow-up with over and over again

Sell Your Products

One-click Upsells can dramatically increase your revenue. All you need is a viral product for your trendy target market. Do you believe all of this? So far, it is their word I had not met with anyone who had really use any of their products and give an account of their experience.


However, they would have to be some really brave people to publish such credible sounding information, it turns out to be false.

Training Yes, they offer training with their products. I have seen training in Text format and also video.

While it will take some time to understand the video the Text format should do the trick. Although I have not proven any of this so-called credible information about the powers of the Click Funnels, it would be unreasonable for me to pass a verdict below the voice of those who spoke.

Questions and Answers

I have found these questions and answers I will also share them with you. That you can get a better understanding of making a decision whether Click funnels is legit or a scam. I hope you will find them helpful.

  • 1) Do I have to pay for updates?
  • No! We give constant updates to our software, add new templates and you get it all for free. Because click Funnels are upon the cloud, when we make an update or add new features, they automatically show up in your account.
  • 2)

Are my Funnels secure?

Yes! Security is our top priority, and we build Click Funnels from the ground up to make sure your funnels subscribers and members area secure. You don’t have to worry about staying up-to-date with “Plugins” that can easily be compromised.

  • 3)

How long are your contracts?

There are no long term contracts or commitments. You can use the Click Funnels month to month, and cancel at any time you like!


If I have questions, is there someone I can talk to?

Yes! We have a first-class support team who can answer your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Just click on the “support” link on the bottom of any of our pages or go to


If I cancel my Click Funnel account will I lose my data?

As with most “software-as-a-service” platform when you cancel your account, your data will become inaccessible, but don’t worry, before canceling you have the opportunity to download CSV files of your contacts and members or “pause” your account and we’ll keep everything backed up waiting so you can come back again later!


Do I have to install anything?

No! We created Click Funnel so you would not have to have a whole I.T.  Industry to run your website! Just Login, start clicking, and you can build all of the pages in your funnel from the member’s area.


Can you handle the load?

Yes! Because Click Funnel is hosted on the largest public cloud cluster in the world (powered by Amazon and backed up by Cloud Flare Security + CDN) we have virtually unlimited ability to scale in real-time. Whether you send 100 visitors or 100-000+ a day, it won’t slow us down!


Who owns the data/content/subscribers?

You do! All content (including your users) is 100% owned by you. Click Funnels do not have permission to use that content or contact your users for any reason. Click Funnel is just a tool for you to deliver your content!


Can I host the pages myself?

No, we are a hosted “software-as-a-service” Platform. We do this so that we can make sure you get all of the updates, new features, and so your funnels won’t break. You can also export the HTML from any of your pages, as well as your contacts anytime you’d like.


If I don’t like to stay with Click Funnels, how do I cancel?

Simply log in to your account, click on your account settings and click” cancel my account”. No need to call, email, or talk to anyone!


Are Click Funnels a Scam? I would not say so! If not, how would I rate Click Funnel? I would definitely give them a 5 out of 5 stars.

More Work from Home

Why so? Because I find it difficult not to believe they deliver as they say they do!  Would I recommend Click Funnels? Most definitely I would recommend Click Funnels to any entrepreneur who needs the services!

I am Dorcas. I would love to hear from you, have you used Click Funnels in your business? What is your experience like? You may leave your comment in the comment section below. Do remember to share.