Work from Home Ups and Downs

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Work from Home Ups and Downs

In this review, I want to share some of my findings that I consider being interesting to persons desiring to start working in their own business from their home.

Is Work from Home Business Makes Sense?

Yes, it does make sense when you find success. However, finding success is not an ABC for everyone. There are some key elements that one must know and is able to implement to get success in online business while you work from home.

There are many people who have started their online business as a work from home jobs, who have no reason to look back due to their level of success.

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The only regret they found is that they had not started before. One reason for this experience is the geographical location. While there is available training to do online marketing business.

I had not come across any training that even mentioned some of the major issues that prevent one from realizing success when doing online business as a work from home job.

The truth is, these issues are not in the training Curricular, some trainers might not even aware that these are common issues that face people from Some of the geographical locations.

You might even be penalized by those who have the power when your business appears to be in slow motion. Why? Because all persons do not think alike. “The mouth that never grew a tooth cannot give a fair account about a toothache”.

Social Media

Even when Location can be a big problem in the online business. If one can source help from someone with experience, online work from home business can be successful. Some things that face the average online business person are hard to understand, especially when you are paying for a service.

You are paying for advertising, and believing that your business is advertised internationally as your taught in the training. Only for you to find out later on that your business is advertised on your street only.

When the plain truth is you could very well walk your street and inform your neighbors about your business, and keep your money in your pocket.

It might be a year later when you know this is one cause why you are not seeing success. Then you are advised to upgrade to a high advertising cost. When you do your business is shown throughout all the parishes of your country.

Your business is still not being shown to people in another country, yet the training you are receiving tells you categorically that your business is seen worldwide. While the syllabus is saying one thing the action of advertising is saying something very much different.

Is it that Social Media and other forms of advertising are a deterrent in the path of the people who live on certain of the Island? Speaking out of my experience; I can believe no less.

Wi-Fi and Internet connection

Many successful online entrepreneurs realized success because they have good and reliable Internet supply. There has never been a time when they start training and become frustrated not knowing where next to go, as everything stand-still before their eyes.

They might not even know any of the ill-functions that a poor Internet supply caused. Because they are blessed to operate from a developed country where the grass is green even on the top of a cleft in the heat of summer.

Much distasteful to have people like these getting at you via your business at every chance they find available. They do not help you they crushed you in the heat of your plight.

Affiliate Marketing

From my understanding, affiliate marketing is a good thing. This is not something I am guessing I know it is a fact. Apart from online affiliate marketing, there are many businesses that do affiliate marketing where the affiliates get a commission on sales.

“If they do not sell products they do not get paid”. Simple plain truth. The difference with an online affiliate is that you can do business from home or from anywhere that you find convenient. And to make salespeople must know about your business.

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That is the reason for advertising. You might find a few social Media that offer free advertising as well as some that offer free to get you to sign up with them. Once you have signed up you will find out that the free-offer is your sign-up.

You will see the charges. You pay money until you drop dead, you never get a click. All of these things should be part of the training so one can be aware that the online business is not all that easy for everyone.

If you signed up for something that you believed is affordable, you are expecting to afford any measure taken throughout to see success. No one would expect to come upon some monster charges which, when you pay they are without success.

Why should you pay an affiliate marketer for a logo to market their own product? While way back then the Logo might be free it is not so now. How can I introduce something to folks as free that I have to pay for?

If you are living in a country that is many people heaven, you might want to start an affiliate business as your work from home job, you should not have the hassle like I am having.

To begin with, you will be able to pick and choose your Internet supplier. Or be able to use free Wi-Fi as there will be much available for Free usage. When you pay for advertising, because you are living in a town where the population is in the millions, you will be getting your money’s worth for advertising.

You won’t find yourself worst off after paying for advertising. When you spend a hundred dollars on ads you are likely to earn two hundred dollars. Then you can calculate your expenditure and profit. You will not feel cheated.

If you are on this post until now I want to hear from you. Remember to share, feel free to leave your comment in the comment section provided below. I will reply to you as soon as possible.

Work from Home Online Business

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Would it matter if your online business causes you to work from your home or from wherever is convenient for you? What if the home is under a bridge or in an old automobile? You would not be able to work doing online business or anything else, to that matter from your home location. You need the Internet supply, wouldn’t you?

I know you would. However, if you have yourself, and a Laptop you do not necessarily have to work from your home doing your business. You can work from anywhere that you find convenient, where you can sit comfortable enough to use your hands freely.  Start here


For many reasons, there are some people who will never be employed by an employer. While on the other hand, the minimum wages that are paid might not allow you any sense of freedom for the next century.

There are the rent, utility, and food bills that steer you in your face without any shame. You know that these bills are labeled, must pay. While there is the family to be cared for.

Minimum Wage

On a paycheck of a minimum wage. Now is the ideal time for you to take positive action, to break the spell. Otherwise, your children might fall in the same predicament of earning no more than minimum wage.

What I am saying to you might sound cruel, you cannot see the way out of this with this meager wages, how must you start your own business. You will need to learn some simple hard facts.

Otherwise, ten years from the time you read this blog you will be in the same position that you are in today earning minimum wage. Do you know something? It might be worst! Have you ever looked at the speed at which inflation climbs?

Tell you the truth, the only way that you can match up with inflation’s speed is to have a business on the side. You will not be able to do a brick and matter business; the startup cost is too high for the minimum wage earners. Your best fit is starting an online business.

Start Your Business Online

I, like many others, have started online Affiliate Marketing, where we get access to training for the small hosting fee that we are paying. I am not here to tell you that you will see money the next fortnight or at the end of the month. No! I am not saying that.

Even when I saw a success story Two days ago, where a woman who joined the company that I am in, September 2019 she said she had been receiving converting clicks. Meaning that she is making money in less than a month after she starts a business.

If you join and are able to earn that fast, it will be good for you, but, that will not be a promised success by me. What I will promise you is light at the end of the tunnel.

Social Media Helps

You may be active with as many social media and follow the training, open some accounts with some Affiliate Marketing distributors to promote their products, for a commission, you are in for success.

When you begin to see money, equivalent to your wages and exceeds your wages, it will be your decision to stay or quit your minimum wage job. You did not have to find this article to read, it might have been your blessing in the guise.

While at the same time the amount of training that you will be able to absorbed now is not the same as when you get older. Your eyesight is better now than it will be some time to come.

Make the best of the start of your business from your home today! You can think about it later when you are reaping the benefits.

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Listen Up, don’t ignore what I am saying to you believing things will change in your workplace to upgrade you from minimum wages to a better salary. It won’t happen! You need to grab your bull by its horn, twist its head and throw him to the ground.

Improve your Minimum Wags to Maximum

The way to do this is to take positive action. Yes; you will pay a premium $49.00 monthly if you know this will change your circumstances from minimum to maximum wages.

It should not matter the $49.00 hardship that it is going to cost you as you will have to cut back $49.00 of your current expenditure. It is difficult, but with a made-up mind and strong determination, you can do it!

Although pride might hinder some who were living below the poverty level and had made the bold step into Affiliate Marketing, doing business working from their home or the most convenient place to them.

You would better believe that some people who have success stories today were once living in like circumstances as yours. Trust me, they who never used to smile because of elusive cash-less-ness; they are all smiles now.

You can’t tell them anything else but Affiliate Marketing, working from Home doing business. On the Wealthy Affiliate Platform where they get all the training, they need to become successful for the same $49.00 per month.

And guess what? They start for seven days free with ten free lessons Two free websites to start with a comfortable atmosphere. What more do you want? You can contact the boss. They are also in the business working from their homes. So can you!

Be Aware Scammers Out There

Yes. I know that there are many other things that you can do from your home besides Affiliate Marketing that are legitimate and lucrative too. However, you need to keep in mind that amongst the many other legitimate online jobs and businesses there are countless scams.

Without me having tangible proof that an offer is legitimate and workable I will not share it with anyone. I will share this with you for your safety Whenever you see on offer do your due diligence check it out before you fall for it.

Scammers are using the names and Logos of Legitimate businesses to scam people. They had scammed me recently in the name of Google Chrome. BY charging my credit card on a weekly basis.

When I found out, I called all the numbers listed on my bank’s website, for several days, and never able to contact via telephone. I email four separate times and none of the emails went through. However, good enough for me, the card expired six weeks after they started the scam.

Using Companies Name and Logos

They found out that the Card had expired or something. Failing to continue the scam. They send me a form in the name of Google Chrome, asking me to take a survey of the service I am receiving from Google Chrome, and how they can make it better. Read More Here

I did the survey, they send another form asking me to explain my experience and satisfaction or dissatisfaction with Google Chrome services. In the column provided, I explained everything from start to the present.

A popup said: edit and submit. At the same time areas were highlighted on the form to edit. I refused, as I need to give my experience as requested. The form was deleted in my eyes. Then the virus was shot into my Laptop.

I am Target

Today I got a similar offer from my Internet/Telephone provider, looking genuine, however, it is from the same Scammers. I x it off I am not sure what next. But I am advising you to take my advice seriously as I do not know if this kind of scamming had reached my company. I know that if you take action from my offer you will be safe. Sign up here!

I am Dorcas. I want to hear from you. Please leave me a comment in the comment section below. Remember to share.