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Is it worth your effort?

I think it does worth every effort you put into it for your benefit. At this time everyone supposed to have understood that the world we live in changes more often than we change our garments.

Workplace ethics and culture are no less changing. With the kind of changes that are common in the work environment, many workers had worked from age eighteen to retirement age.

Commuting to and from work five and six days each week and have retired without any meaningful security as one who had worked.

Without owning a home, having a saving account that can see them through their first three months of retirement, or even a small investment to rely on as a retired worker.

This period is one of the most disgusting misfortunes that can ever befall a decent human being. The question is: who to take the blame for the demised of stranded retirees?

Is it Government, is it the boss, is it the careless practice of the retired worker or, is it an overlooked necessity on past policymakers? The need for answers might not be helpful at this juncture.

Opportunities are numerous

However, the opportunities to prevent further occurrences of this nature are set globally available for all categories of workers to take positive action before their retirement age arrived.

Thanks to the many Work from Home available jobs and businesses that offers part-time and full-time opportunities to people who need extra income, as also those unemployed for various reasons, to balance their financial needs.

The vast amount of legal businesses and jobs offered online these days allows the unfortunate, the stay home mom, dad, and whoever it might be to step up out of the need for gainful employment and step into a thriving work from home job where you can work as a contractor or as a business owner for yourself.

Intimidated by Scam

The fact that many people are scared when it comes to the Internet, because of the many who have been scammed by online predators, makes it somewhat difficult for one to take that bold step into the online job market and business arena.

However, there is the word “research” that we should not bypass by any means, especially when we need to take on that extra task to work from home for our future benefit.

Examine the popularity of the business that has the job opening to determine whether it is a credible offer or it is a scam trap offer. Believe it or not, you can work without much of the nine to five stresses that complete the workplace when you are working from your home.

Redundant Nine to Five

The first one that you will make redundant is the time you spend getting yourself ready for work, then the time commuting, take into account that this is two-way stress.

That time could be spent doing some work in your work from home business or job. That money-saves or extra income.

When you decide to work from your home, you have agreed with yourself to start something that will give you the independence that every hard-working person deserves to have.

You can draft your time rooster to fit your every activity and nothing be left out of your attention. The cool thing about all of this is that companies train you and pay you to work for them as a contractor for free.

Get Free Training

If you decide to do business as your work from home activity, there are places that give you free training to start and continue your online affiliate business likewise for free.

Continue to read my post I will show a few of these businesses to which you can apply for online jobs that you will work from your home or wherever is convenient for you.

So as some places where you can sign up with and start your online business and get training as to how to precede for free. Because these are ways out of financial dilemmas and hardship.

You should not delay taking the positive action that will lead you into freedom and true independence.

Skill and Experience

If you have the skill and some experience in the following you can search for and sign up to work in the following areas with a reputable company.

Do you have in-depth and current familiarity with Social web, and Media Culture? Or excellent web research skills and analytical abilities? Can you work independently with minimal supervision? Do you have high-speed Internet, and use a search engine every day?

Do you consider yourself a search engine Savvy? If you do,  you might be able to work from home to perform some tasks online such as providing feedback on search results, advertising and web page content.

Social Media

If you love Social Media, you might want to utilize your skill and knowledge as a Social Media Evaluator, to provide feedback on news feeds, advertisements, and search results.

You might want to earn some extra cash to make up your paycheck, but you do not have much time based on the many variables surrounding your job.

If you Google search the Internet skillfully, enough, you will surely find some short simple tasks that you can complete within an hour that will pay you money enough to make up your paycheck.

Being bilingual

If you are by-lingual and a Computer Savvy; this could be a big plus for you; if you are in need of extra income and is willing to work from your home or wherever it is convenient where you can access a high-speed Internet supply.

There are many reputable companies out there who are looking to hire people who are bilingual with a willingness to work from home on jobs where they will review word-list that has been transcribed phonetically by software.

By, rating, and comparing audio statements against pre-transcribed data. And correcting any mistake found. These kinds of opportunities you can find by checking on companies Career’ page.

Web Page Evaluator

There are many people all about the Globe who are searching for information daily. If you are brave enough, you could fit into supplying their need smoothly by preparing tasks online, providing feedback on the search results.

Advertisement and web page contents. You could be assisting technology companies with a fun filled useful experience for their clients all over the world.

With all the information that I have provided you in this post, I should let you know that I am an Affiliate Marketer that has a niche for which I write good quality content on my web pages.

I invite you to take action on any one of the above as well as my             Number one recommendation is business in affiliate marketing.

Start work from home today. I am Dorcas I want to hear what you think. Please leave a comment below. I will reply to you.

Multi Mix Marketing a Sociable Social Media?

Logo to display on web pageMulti-Mix Marketing

Is Multi Mix Marketing a sociable social Media where one can grow a business from dormancy to great success? Are you using The Mix for your business? Or, do you just use it for fun? My biggest question to you, do you know what is the Multi-Mix Marketing and how powerful Multi-mix Marketing can be in taking your business to the next level?

My Number one Recommendation

In my review today I want to share with you some of the powers of the Mix and help you to see how well you can use it at a cost to growing your business. In all of this, you and I must keep in mind that knowledge is power.

On many occasions, we hold the key to our gold-mine in our hands and because of lack of knowledge we cast it away or put it down as one of the keys to the old building which sits in a state of disrepair.

I must confess that I had no knowledge of the involvement of Stumble Upon with the popular Social Media ‘Facebook,’ nor was I aware that Stumble upon had closed its doors to businesses until today when I attempted to activate my account with Stumble Upon.

That was something that I knew should not have taken me in surprised since I am involved in online business. But strangely enough, it does. I had an account with Stumble Upon for the longest while, but I had not used the service even when Stumble never cease to prompt me to grow my business with their service.

I never even take the time to observe some of the examples they highlight to me. I know now that I was foolishly skeptical and had been an obstacle in my own path, by not paying gainful attention to the many prompts sent to me by Stumble Upon.

Yes; Stumble Upon had closed its doors and had evolved into the space of Multi Mix Marketing. Now, what is Multi Mix Marketing? Let me try to explain: Multi Mix marketing is a Social Media Marketing that offers Resources to properly market your brand online.

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Having Multi- Mix Marketing you can reach a broader market and establish online credibility on a platform that is powered by technology. The Mix is capable to meet your specific business needs.

Depending on your brand’s current standing the Mix will give you knowledgeable and professional recommendations to take your business to the next level. There are over nine areas of advance to which the mix will take your business with immediate effects.

Using this technological landscape to build your business will see you utilizing and executing digital tactics just as those used by your competitors and rivals who are ahead in the market.

The process of gathering information that is relevant to a particular area of interest or topic is content creation. The people who implement content creation or services are called Creators.

End-users, as well as businesses, crave the services of Curators. That is the reason for publishing the content quality that is appealing to your audience that will keep them following your brand.

Thus requiring a particular skill of content creation and Curation. Which will prove integral to the success in your online businesses? This will be a strategic way to maintain a consistent publishing schedule of quality content as also position you as a thorough leader in your space.


woman holding wine bottle beside man in front of woman smiling


The competition is stiff and to find the most relevant content in a given Niche to publish across many channels can be time-consuming and challenging.

There is where you will find a competent agency with knowledge and experience in the technicalities of content creation and curation.

One who knows the suitable platform with tools to keep your organization’s brand appealing and actively up-to-date with industry trends, news, and updates.

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One that knows to curate effectively using automation, from back-linking through content creation software to developing innovative and authentic content.

Means adding your voice to a handpicked collection of content that is gathered from a number of sources, around a specific topic, that you publish and share with your fans around the world.

Content that your audience will like, comment on, and share with their followers. Thus exposing your brand to the wider audience in society.

We are in a digital age where every impression, interaction and reaction by one’s audience is integral and important for you to track. Do not get left behind and allow your market to get absorbed by your competition.

Believe it or not. Content marketing has become one of the most powerful digital strategies for businesses of all sizes and industries in the last decay or so.

You Read More Here

However, when it comes down to developing your strategy, it can be difficult to decide which kinds of content marketing you should use to grow your business.

You will find a strategic marketing approach that is focused on creating and distributing relevant and valuable and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined market and audiences.

At Multi Mix Marketing. Ultimately to drive profitable customer action. By creating and utilizing the top high-performing kinds of content marketing will be how your business engages leads and boost sales.

By using each format that thereby will create a mix of communication tactics that speaks stability and strength in your brand.

It is noticeable that traditional marketing is becoming less and less effective by the minute. For your business to move forward; there has to be a better way.

Instead of you pitching your products or services you need to show that you are providing good quality and relevant useful content to prove to your prospects and customers that you are here to help them solve their problems so they can feel better.

The fact is that content is the present, future marketing strategies to increase sales, save on cost, and gain more customers. As it stands today, content marketing is the center of marketing strategy.

It is getting your message across in a meaningful way that your prospects and your customers understand. As an agency that is ahead of the technology trends Multi Mix Marketing will keep your brand ahead of its competitions.

Lack of proper Social Media Marketing for your business will limit your inbound traffic to your usual customer base. Some similar people that fit your target market personas are likely to be searching for the same keywords that you could be ranking for.

Without using Social Media as, a part of your marketing strategy, it will be much more difficult for you to reach anyone outside of your loyal customer circle. Showing your content on as many platforms as possible will allow these individuals to reach your business organically.

Each Social Media Page your account that you add to your marketing mix is a gateway to your website, Facebook account, blog, or sign up form. And each piece of content that you post on these accounts is another opportunity for you to gain new customers.

Content such as a blog, infographics, case studies, business information, employee photos will make your business’s social profile intriguing and credible.

Some Tips for Social Media Marketing

In a bid to capture an audience that is meaningful to you; ensure that your marketer or agency creates content that is relevant to your brand or business.

Content strategy should ideally consist of capitalizing on all the various social app capabilities in order to improve organic social media rankings in alignment with the social media algorithms.

Make certain that your marketer or agency is well versed and up-to-date with the latest social media platforms technological developments as to how to marry these platforms with the other digital marketing tools in a bid to get correct insight and analytics.

In order to know if social marketing is effective, choose an agency or marketer that can access the platforms, generate and drill-down reports to give you meaningful data about your Social Following. This way you will know if your target market is with you.

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What is the demographic your following consist of and determine what strategies can be used to convert them into paying customers? You should be setting goals and improving conversions- every marketer knows that objectives need to be established in order to drive the strategy for their clients.

Am I a member of Multi Mix Marketing? Yes. I am a member. Would I recommend Multi Mix Marketing Yes; that’s exactly what I am doing. If you are not yet on board, get started today.

I am Dorcas. I want to hear from you. Please leave your comment in the comment section below, I will reply to you in short order.

PS. Remember to share.

Web Talk Review

Logo to display on web pageWeb Talk Review



Is Web Talk, Legit, or is it a Scam?

I invite you to continue to decide on this for yourself.

Web Talk was registered in twenty-ten and then renewed in

June twenty eighteen

Owner: Robert Garbowicz

This Robert Garbowicz is the same who had his company ‘YouNight’ failed in twenty-ten the same year he opened Web Talk

What are the products of Web Talk?

The product is a Social Media Platform Similar to the FaceBook platform where one can add friends, share photos send messages, all the above is with a limit. Depending on the level at which you join.

Members who join during Web Talk’s Beta Testing stage are free members they are limited to fifty contacts.

The premium membership, however, offers more limits. These are some limitation levels:

  • 1) Pro level: cost $20.00 per month or $ 200.00 per year. This level is limited to five hundred contacts, five messages to none web Talk connected members, five email messages, no banner ads and see who viewed your profile.
  • 2) Pro plus cost $30.00 per month or $ 300.00 per year the Pro Plus level is limited to one thousand contacts and ten messages per month to none connected Web Talk members as well as ten email messages.
  • 3) Pro Platinum costs $ 40.00 per month or $ 400.00 per year. The Pro membership level has unlimited contact levels, one can also view profiles incognito without them knowing, also search for members using age and gender search parameters, send up to twenty messages per month to non-connected Web Talk members and twenty email messages per month.
  • Check out my number one recommendation
  • 4) Because it is another MLM company it offers a retail aspect to the business platform which is used for the retail aspect they call it their EngineCPX.

Web Talk Compensation Plan Breakdown

The SocialCPX is the platform they are using to manage their affiliate members and sales. The way they said one can make money with the Web Talk is via retail and sales on monthly and yearly membership as also advertising fees.

Web Talk Commission Breakdown

1)Ten percent of premium monthly and yearly subscription costs that are paid by people you sponsored Web Talk affiliate members will be paid in commissions.

2) Ten percent of any ad spend that is done by a member’s personally sponsored members will be paid to that member in commissions

3) Ten percent of any advertised local services that are purchased by your Web Talk member will be paid to you in commission.

4) You will receive a payment in the commission of two to nine percent when a product is purchased through the Web Talk News Feed paid to you by Web Talk.

5) five percent of all app subscriptions sold via the internal Web Talk app store will be paid to you in commissions.

Residual Commission

There is also a residual commission offered through a uni-level compensation plan structure. The Uni-level plan is structured for people that do not know it’s true levels

Breakdown of structured team

  • 1) First level: This level of the uni-level plan will have your personally referred members on it.
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  • 2) Second level: This level of your uni-level plan will have members that you sponsored members referred to Web Talk.
  • 3) Third level: This level of the uni-level plan will have members that your second level members refeed to Web Talk

Twist to some areas of membership

There is a twist to the number of members that can benefit from the residual commission. The company said that they will only offer residual MLM commission to the first one million affiliates that join the program.

Meaning that anyone who joins after the one-million mark will not share in the residual MLM commission. Is it not that garbage? And a sign of mistrust? Where ever you fall your subscription will not be counted in this number.

Is Web Talk a BBB Accredited?

No, Web Talk is not accredited with the better Business Bureau

What is the cost to join Web Talk?

During the Beta Testing Period, there was a free membership After which there would be a premium with monthly subscription at $ 20.00 However, they now have the Pro plus which cost $ 30.00 and the Pro Platinum for $ 40.00 The big question is waiting in Limbo.

Is Web Talk a Scam? I would not say it is a scam, I would rather say is it a highly organized deception to draw people into a web that will get them involved in sharing MLM practice.

To Begin with: No one said it was an MLM company during its Beta testing. Web Talk was described by its developers as a social media company next to FaceBook that is sure capable to drive traffic to any online businesses in a more structured way than FaceBook.

Robert Garwicz said, because of its high quality it will outsource FaceBook within a short time. I will not give blame to those who fell victim to Web Talk offers because of its offers at first many people fell into the trap.

Knowing that Robert Garwicz said he and his team have the Web Talk on the drawing board for eight long years to ensure that Web Talk is well-formed and will be ready for the public when they launched.

So many fantastic business talks that would be a winner for everyone if Robert Garwicz and his team had lived up to their word. I see now that it was all a Spiders Web. Web Talk

Would I recommend Web Talk? No!

You can follow my number one recommendation Here. I believe in open honesty in word and indeed. Call a Spade a Spade so that those who need the use of an Iron Fork do not waste their time nor their money on buying your spade when they need a fork.

You have an MLM business, say it from the start some will give you their support, do not con people into buying into your interest when that is not their style.

There are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and even Linked in, why would I join Web Talk if they had excluded the Web from the talk and be real as a business is supposed to be, there should not be an issue.

I am looking at the short term excitement that someone can have while they are in denial of the facts. But although Robert Garwicz and his team convinced themselves that they have the world at their disposal.

Read about real business here

Almost the whole world is enjoying FaceBook and other useful Social Media from their free angle. When confronted about the promised traffic

They introduced some MLM companies that are how one will know the truth behind The company that Robert claims to be better than Facebook that is a total MLM company will be short-lived like any other MLM company.

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There are known benefits people are getting from FaceBook which is not an undercover MLM company. Ensure to share my review with many others by clicking all social share buttons on the page.

By doing so you will be helping some others who do not know to know some truth about Web Talk. I would love to hear from you. Please leave your comment in the comment section below. I will reply to you.