A Grammarly Review

Reviewing Grammarly

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What is Grammarly?

On online Grammar checking

Spell Checking

And Plagiarism Detection Platform for the English Language

Founded in 2008

The software first released in July 2009

Headquarters: San Francisco, California, USA

Founders: Alex Shevchenko and Max Lytvyn

Grammarly is one of the companies that might be helping writers to save time using their product instead of a Dictionary. Good to know.


Grammarly follows you wherever you write

They correct promptly

They give you a weekly report of your performance


They cannot be contacted

They do not demonstrate honesty

They will trick you to buy their product

They collect for yearly monthly, at the end of twelve months, you pay for twelve years.

Would I recommend Grammarly? NO!

My number one recommendation

In my review, I want to point out some areas of Grammarly’s that strongly needs improvements.

I was introduced to Grammarly’s by an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate. During a time when I was undergoing heavy pressure from Gmail and some other crucial people to my business. A time when my stress levels separated the relationship between my fingers and my brain. Using a Dictionary then was somewhat useless.

In the beginning, I was told in Grammarly’s invites that it was free. However, fourteen days later I was billed most drastic whit a threat. I never allow that to detour me, I paid with my Credit Card for a premium membership.

Which I found not to be as accurate and trustworthy as the free membership. In April I start to edit a post and I did not found Grammarly’s. Honestly, I had not kept a record of the premium start date.

So I tried to contact Grammarly’s without success, as everywhere on their site where they say contact us was tailored with some questions that do not apply to any likely issues that a user might have.

At first, there was no option to write a comment or anything. So I began to fill out the form with my issues and I did the action four times daily. I always end by saying it is a shame I cannot contact you.

However, my April-May Credit Bill comes with a recurring bill payment from Grammarly’s in the amount of US$139.95.00 OK.  A few days afterward the service resume with a note that reads: Dorcas we miss you so much we hate to see you go.

I have the service May through June, in July the service was disrupted again with some nasty insulative popups. As if no blood runs in my vein. Still, no way to contact Grammarly’s I get back to the signup form and I did my thing there, with a question: how many times must I pay yearly within a year? The service returns with a popup that reads

Thank you, Dorcas, we are glad to have you back.

Now that Gmail logs me out of my email, Grammarly’s must-have found out and made their search. The begins to harassed me with some insulting verbs If they were decent enough for me to contact them could have Screenshot the Credit Card Payment to them but Scammers have strategies

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While they have saved me some Dictionary time; I want to get a refund of my money if they refused to resume their service. Or better yet to take court action against them for their misconduct.

They are stressing me to death with their popups and email to my yahoo account. While they are not open to contact. I am presently going through a phase that is not comfortable. Grammarly’s behavior, adds to my discomfort. While I am not saying that Wealthy Affiliate is heaven.

I am saying that if there is a way for Wealthy affiliate to incorporate everything needful for online affiliate business it would be an excellent business adventure. However, I am not sure what can be made possible within the next two decay.

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When a company doing business with another company or people, I believe that the next persons’ wellbeing and confidence in the partnership should be highly regarded. Working from home or from wherever you are should not define the quality of service that you rendered to your partners.

Respect should be an easy all-round flow. For everyone involves. How honest is your honesty when you find an easy way to collect people’s money and even if they want to close the deal with you they cannot without their Credit Card expired.

Because you have a recurring billing system to continue to collect but, you do not have an open way of contact for clients or partners to contact you even if what you are selling is garbage.

I am writing this review because I do not want anyone who signs up for Wealthy Affiliate under me to fall into any of this kind of dilemma that I have experienced while on the online journey.

I have not used any other online Spell/Grammar checker, so I would be unreasonable to define all of them to be the same. But for those who might want to save some time when writing, I would advise that you check them out thoroughly before you spend your money.

Many of those who have fallen victim to some of these strange business people can produce a better product than the one that they have fallen victim and suffer loss. It does not have to be a Gramma/spell checker

There are many other so-called businesses out there that we might to add to our affiliate landscape to spruce it up that are designed to deceive and mislead us to destruction instead of production.

We might never know the truth behind it all but one thing is certain, as much as the sun, there will be a day of reconning Yes, a payback day is in the spotlight for everyone.

I am an Affiliate Marketer on the Wealthy Affiliate Platform I am an advocate for work from home, feel free to sign up on any link in this post.

You do not have to feel discouraged because some online businesses cannot be trusted. Wealthy Affiliate has made its name brilliant in many works from home entrepreneur’s lives to Add yourself to the number.

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I am Dorcas. I want to hear from you please leave your comment in the comment section below.

Jaaxy Enterprise the Most Reliable Keyword Tool

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Jaaxy Enterprise the Most Reliable Keyword Tool

My Jaaxy Review

Owners: Kyle and Carson

Budget:  Jaaxy Starter= Free

Jaaxy Pro: =$19.00 per month, $199.00 per year

Jaaxy Enterprise: =$49.00 per month, $499.00 per year

Is Jaaxy Legit? Yes, it is Legit

Consider choosing a Jaaxy plan that suits your budget. With the Jaaxy free starter membership plan you have thirty free searches where you can save those keywords to use writing thirty great content for your website.


In addition to the thirty free searches, you will have access to the Jaaxy Lite which is a complete free jaaxy search tool available to premium members.

As a minimum website owner; I used a Jaaxy pro which suits my needs better. It may be, however, that the Jaaxy Enterprise supplies you with more brilliance in performance as it cost more.

It is within your right to choose the tool that will give more proficiencies to your needs.



Find awesome domains, fact with Jaaxy Enterprise


Remember though, Jaaxy Pro Tool has most of the functions that are within Jaaxy Enterprise Tool. The Enterprise Tool, however, works at a faster pace.

Some things to know

The Jaaxy Search Tools are web-based, allowing you the opportunity to use them from wherever in the world You reside, from where you desire to work once you can access the Internet.

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On your Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, or your Smart Pone the choice of the working device by which you use is totally up to you. You can also store your search results in the Jaaxy tool’s area.

Fantastic! Work from Home Opportunity within the Jaaxy Keyword Search Tools area. You can promote Jaaxy Keyword Research Tools as a work from home business. Yes, you can have it for your niche as an Affiliate Marketer.

You can promote Jaaxy as you would promote any other business on the Internet and earn a commission when a sale is made via your website with your link.

Although I am an Affiliate Marketer on the Wealthy Affiliate Platform Reviewing the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Platform; I do not want you to get carried away and mixes up Jaaxy with Wealthy Affiliate.

They are two separate businesses owned and operated by the same people. Therefore, you do not have to be a Wealthy Affiliate Member to become an Affiliate to Jaaxy or to use the Keywords Research Tools.

You will need to sign up separately for a Jaaxy account. When you get in there you will notice that there are opportunities there for you to leverage on in addition to Keywords research. Should be interested to promote the Research Tool Platform.

Benefits of Keywords

As an online business entrepreneur, you need to know the importance and benefits that are in keywords. It is the Keywords that search engines found in your blog posts that they used to ranked your business. Keywords are the words people type into search engines when searching online.

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The more you apply relevant keywords to your site content will be the better your post ranked on search engines. Saying this does not mean that you are required to write more than one keyword in your content.

Ensure that the keyword you are writing about is embedded in your post title. That is the keyword you should build your content around ensuring that your keyword is adequately used throughout your site’s post content.

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Jaaxy provides you with the keyword tool for you to write a great article. You should ensure that your writing content flows with the keyword in an attractive manner to attract your readers.

In so doing your keyword stand out in your post and let your content looks great so as Jaaxy looking effective on your website blog post.

How to Stay Focus Working from Home

How to Stay Focus Working from Home

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Work is labour, no matter where you perform the task. There is only one small difference in the pair. Your work from home might mean that you are self-employed, whereas a boss or company will employ your nine to five job. Whichever type of employment involves you; you will need to fulfil a task as directed.

When you are working in company employment, you are paid fortnightly or monthly, be it from home or the company’s location. Whereas when you are working from your home being self employed, you might not be able to pay yourself fortnightly or monthly at the start of your business depending on the nature of the company.

Keep Focus

However, this should not be a deterrent to you because you are building a business. Your financial input, as well as your self- labour, are essential to your future success. The fact that you are working from your home should not allow you to invest full-time interest in TV shows and sporting events, at the end of a work period you want an income.

My # 1 Recommendation

Stay focus on that one thing that you start; once you are the focus, all other usual activities will have to be secondary or in avoidance. Read up on articles about your work from the event, do some research online. Hold conversations with those who you can find with similar interest.

You would be surprised by the knowledge you gain from all of the above. Always look back on yesterday’s task, see if there is something you have bypassed that was necessary to have accomplished.

Roster Your Time

Your time must be evaluating and rostered carefully so that no area of home life is deficit or pressured.  Supposed, for example, you are a farmer who works from your home Farming Worms. As straightforward and high paid as this kind of farming might be, you will need to invest some time in it like any other work from home.

Space is Not a Problem

Even when you do not need a lot of space to pack your wormers if you want you can also pack them inside your bedroom, you will need to dust and clean the outside of your wormers, that will take some amount of carefulness and time. I say this so you can understand that work from home means work or labour.

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I am talking about you building a business that requires your time and interest. Some of the work that you can do from home are so fun-filled if you are like me. You would be out of bed by four am and work in your business in the cool of the morning for two hours.

Schedule Your Time


assorted art tools


By six am, you can begin your house chorus and get the children if there is any off to school then tidy up the house and back into your bed for some real daytime sleep. Awake by noon for mid-day meditation after which you will be ready for more serious work from home.

In addition to the income, you have the edge over working nine to five when you work in your business from your home as long as you do not waste your time foolishly.

Obsessed With The Best

I am kind of obsessed with Wealthy Affiliate, the many ways that are made available by Wealthy Affiliate that allows you the opportunity to work from your home via Affiliate Marketing.

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And it goes beyond that. As once you begin into Wealthy Affiliate training to work from home, you will be exposed to many other online opportunities as you launch out into researching.

The opportunities are endless. I will warn you though, be careful of excellent opportunity offers, especially the get-rich-quick ones. They are made up of imitation gold; however, they are fake hype. Don’t let them catch you. I stick to Wealthy Affiliate.

Some Things You can do

No matter what! You can work from home and earn a commission whenever there is a sale via your website.  As well as you can Teach a Skill as your niche, doing so, you decide on the cost per course.

There are so many different kinds of business that you can own when you complete the Wealthy Affiliate Training; all you need to start the company that is right for you is a versatile mind. And restless hands.

These are two powers to go into the business working from home, and the sky can be your success limit as the possibility is there for you to see money falling into your business-like rain. But you must be willing to invest time dedication and hard work from home to your business for raining success.

Some More Help

I should even help you further on a business opportunity I mentioned earlier on in this post. Seriously, even a schooler can do this kind of farming and make a lot of money to see himself or herself through college while the business is left to be managed by a paid staff.

Depend on how big you expand the business when you start to see a profit. Be aware, and you do not have to live in rural parts to do worm farming. Worm farming is a money maker, and a must earn money from home business. Maybe I should prepare an eBook about the lucrative opportunity.

And train some people of all age group how to invest time into worm farming business and where and how to sell their worms. You know if you check me later about the market, I can be of help to you.

Remember Your Source of Information

Any kind of business you chose to start from home can be beneficial to your success later in life while you are willing to work hard. When I said work hard, I do not mean you should abuse yourself.

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That is far from the meaning. I mean you should be willing to do what work is necessary to get your business on the progressive move, more action than verbal. Hands in labour eyes are observing, heart rejoicing, mouth not saying a word.

I had not farm worms. But I know about worm farming, I see the purpose for worm farming that it is a lucrative Niche, one from which you can buy your house, your vehicle, pay for your higher education and the list goes on.

I know that it is one of the most natural business to start and see a healthy profit from money-wise. Whether you are a bank manager, a pastor, a Medical Doctor, an Attorney at law, a student, or even a beggar on the street, the worm Niche can change your earning potential massively. Please let me hear from you in the comment section below.