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Is Igor Kheifets Solo Ads A Scam Or Legit

Is Igor Kheifets Solo Ads A Scam Or Legit

Let’s find out as we go through the pages of Someone’s personal experience.

You might be asking about the missing Identity information, What is on the Website is not straight, it is much shady It shows fraudulent intentions. However, the website cannot be accessed at this time. Google said;

Quote: If Google search result says no information is available for a page like this: it means that the website prevented Google from creating a page description, but didn’t actually hide the page from Google. End of Quote.

There is an address in Canada without a street or area code. There is also another in Israel. But neither of them is trackable. So as Mike Grady’s address who canvases for Igor. His Address is as given in Tampa Florida.

I want to write a full illustration of the ordeal so that my fellow Affiliates who are searching for converting traffic like myself will beware of unscrupulous people like these.

Here I go. As a member of Linkedin, I am connected to thousands of business people ‘so to speak’ Some of them prove to be friendly in that they behave as if they have others interest at heart. “Nothing is wrong with that.” Some are genuine, while some others are not genuine. It the nature of world inhabitants. Mike Grady asked me what I do? I told him I do Affiliate Marketing! Another time he asked me about Traffic I said I could do with some traffic that converts.

Before the day was out. Mike Grady sent me a link. I never suspected Mike Grady to be an accomplice to Scam. Because of a timely conversation and I do not do his line of business. I followed the link and received an email with a video. I replied saying I am not in Email Marketing. Another email with a video says he will build me a Sales Funnel for my website and furnish me with one hundred traffic including twenty-six that converts into Sales For a minimum of $ 297.00 US. I paid for it via PayPal. He sent me this Email after I paid my money with a promise to send me a receipt in a separate email later. That never happened. Neither had I seen a Sales Funnel nor any traffic to my website.

In spite of all the tricks of fraud that I have experience trying to Get converting traffic to my business, I will not give up nor stop inviting people to join with us at Wealthy Affiliate.

My # 1 recommendation

Igor’s email

Here is the email after I paid.

Igor Kheifets <igor@igorsoloads.com>To: DorcasWMar 6 at 8:13 PM

This is it.

You crossed the line. The line most marketers never dare to cross. The line separating those the laggards and the go-getters.

Before we hook you up with some of the sweetest leads you’ve ever seen, you need to know what happens next.

Expect an email from Dennis Ray with some housekeeping. It may take up to several hours to get that email. Partially, because of a time zone difference. Partially, because it takes a while to get your order in our file stack. Bump yourself to the top of the stack by forwarding your Paypal receipt to support@igorsoloads.com. You’ll get a receipt in a separate email.

Next, I want you to have a special gift. It’s my way of saying thanks for pulling the trigger.

It’s an interview I’ve done with a living direct response legend John Carlton about email marketing. I drilled John for tips on how to get better open rates, how to write engaging emails, how to present yourself to your list for maximum response and much more.

Grab it here

That’s it.

Igor Kheifets

P.S. My ideal outcome is to help you not just get you more leads to market to but also convert more of these leads into paying customers faster. I shot a special video for you to help you become a winner by design. In it I talk about what separates winners from losers in our industry.

Watch here
Why some marketers are awash in success while others struggle to pay bills?

I continued to email Igor who continued to email to me some more offers and kept saying that I will be contacted by one Dennis Ray who will call me to give to me step by step guide. No one ever called me, however, the emails that came from So-called Dennis Ray it is the same person in  Igor Kheifets Videos. They both are offering meSolo Adds and Auto Responder to do email Marketing for $ 1000.oo US But nothing ever said about the Sales Funnel nor the one hundred Traffic that I had paid for.

On the morning of the fourteen days after I had paid Igor my money, I email him telling him that. I want a refund of my $297.00 he replied within minutes. Saying that he does not give a refund. I reminded him of many words that were said before I paid him my money how every sentence was complete by saying: “If you change your mind for any reason I will refund you one hundred per cent no question asked”. He said he will not give me a refund. I told Igor that I will take legal action against him and have FTC to locked him down as he continued to assure and reassured me how big companies like Digital Altitude and Mobe trade with him for his products and get big by using his products. I told him I know that FTC had locked them down among some others that he mentioned. I told him I am not joking it is either he refunds my money or prepares himself for Legal action. Within on hour, Igor has PayPay to refund me eighty per cent of my money.

I told Igor I want the full amount of my money or I will go through with legal action against him. And he will have to pay the cost. Igor blocked Google from printing his Website readable to the public.

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Igor began to preach Jesus to me via email Says: I am sorry, I feel like such an idiot Here is the email and Video:

I’m sorry, I feel like such an idiot2
Igor Kheifets <igor@igorsoloads.com>
Mar 21 at 4:44 PM

I owe you an apology. Honestly, feel like such an idiot. Last night we hosted a live workshop with Dean Holland where he showed how to get customers without selling stuff. Earlier today you were supposed to get an email inviting you to a live encore (we planned to conduct one for the people in European time zones)… but I messed up the autoresponder settings and the email didn’t go out. I’ve been doing this for 10 years. Still feel like a dumb**s sometimes.

Anyway, if you missed the live webinar and since you didn’t get a memo about the encore, I’ve put together this page for you. Here you can access the replay + find out the 7 reasons why I brought Dean in to conduct the training in the first place. You’ve got an opportunity to stream free replay until the end of the week. Then I’m taking it down.

free replay

Igor Kheifets

P.S. Watch free replay to find out how affiliate marketing is broken. It’s a huge issue no newbie affiliate is ever told. Most clickbank affiliates are in big trouble, unless they address this big issue for themselves.

This is the kind of twister Scammer I proved this IgorKheifets/ Dennis Ray to be. After his act of fraud, he begins to talk down on Affiliate Marketing. These are only two of the many email /Videos that I received from the Igor figure. He ensures to send me six emails in the Igor name and six in the Dennis name daily a total of twelve emails. of which, none of them relating to what I paid him for. They are lined with new offers. poor statement on Affiliate Marketing. I hope that this review will help some Affiliate marketers to escape the trap set to defraud Affiliate Marketers of their hard earn cash in a bid to get traffic to their Websites. I am Dorcas. I would love to hear from you Please share what you know in the comment section below.



Dreamfuel Mailer is it a Scam or Legit

Product Name: Dreamfuel Mailer

Founder’s Name: Emily White

Date Founded: Jan.1, 2014

IPO Status: Private

Opening Status: Active

Company Type: For-Profit

Company’s Address:

Greater New York Area,

East Coast,

Northeastern US

Website: www.dreamfuel.me

Contact Email: info@dreamfuel.me

In this review, I want to help you to more fully understand and decide for yourself whether Dreamfuel Mailer is a Scam or it is Legit. I also want you to decide on whether some existing policies are good for other business enthusiast or they are evil influences.

My # 1 Recommendation

The Product

The founders claimed that they promote any Niche and are good at sending traffic that converts to websites businesses. While that might be true, I have an issue with Dreamfuel Mailer. I am not saying that they are a Scam.

What I am saying is that they are blatantly Selfish! I am not saying that their products are not suitable for other people’s business. I am assuming that they are heartless and cruel.

They are among many email marketers who have no respect for other business people, even when they are expecting support from the business public. Years ago, I wanted to do email Marketing, I knew nothing about the business then, and I don’t know anything about it now.

I no longer have interest in the product. Dreamfuel Mailer has me dumbfounded at email marketing after being in so much harassment from Dreamfuel Mailer and some other similar mailer, the very idea of running an email marketing business. Have me sceptical. These blatantly wicked people turned me off. I could not want to treat people in such mean lowdown doggish manner.

I do believe that businesses should be transparent and flexible. I am not aware of me opening an account with these people moreover, to give them access to all my Gmail accounts.

However, they find pleasure to flood my email accounts daily with hundreds of emails. They are preventing me from finding important and essential emails. When I clicked on their unsubscribed button, the message says: “You cannot be unsubscribed from the kind of account that you opened with us”. To every time I tried to unsubscribed the amount of daily email inflow increased.

Why Gmail allowed such kind of slackness on peoples account, whenever it becomes disturbing to Gmail they logged me out of my mine email account. It is like I cannot hide from these provocateurs, how are they getting my email account, is a question I cannot answer because I do not know. All I know is that they cannot be more annoying.


I refused to believe that Emily White who is the founder of Dreamfuel Mailer is not aware that her business method is messing up other people’s business. I want to Sue her and her Company for all the issues and lost that she had caused me and continues to generate.

Hundreds of them have invaded my email accounts. I was able to unsubscribe many of them. However, some of them does not have an unsubscribed button

What kind of dirty tricks, you are forcing on your ideas on people as if they owed you something. I found Wealthy Affiliate on the Internet while I was searching for something, Not by any email invasion. The action ensures me that business is available via the Internet without people harassing others in the name of the market.  Prove Me Here


Emily White is doing her business for profit. Fear enough. Any industry that will make a profit must embrace communication. Emily White knows that, so as her advisors Tony Schiller and Justin Kalifowitz.

In the same breath that they were overemphasising communication for their business, they are setting up barriers against other people’s trade including me. My questions are, however, is this the way email marketing is supposed to be?

Does email Marketers have the right to harassed people in that manner? Do people give support to businesses that annoy them? I am aware that many of Wealthy Affiliate Members do Email Marketing, does anyone from the Platform indulged in harassing people with hundreds of email to their inbox daily?

Or, is anyone having similar emailers issues as I am having? In all of my dissatisfaction by Dreamfuel Mailer, I want you all my readers to understand that some of their product could be useful for business, but I would not try to know because of their poor consideration for other people.

And too, I do not know how they come by my email addresses. Neither would I recommend any of their many products they are emailing me about to anyone, not even if their products are lifesavers. I would not recommend them.

Date Founded Jan. 1:2014

Dreamfuel Mailer was founded on January 1 2014, while Emily White and her team Nichole Parks and Jessica Nori are enjoying profit and popularity as to how many emails they send out each day, some people’s businesses are being hindered because they cannot access their email from their partners or Affiliates.

Because of Emily White’s Dreamfuel Mailer invasion, Five years is a long time for somebody to endure provocation of this nature, The very idea of Email Marketing makes me sick as well as anything else that Emily White and people like her have to offer.

People who want to start a business from home can check out this offer. You might be one who is being harassed by Dreamfuel Mailer, and you believe that the only way to stop them from flooding your inbox is to take up their offer, my advice to you do not stop open new Gmail account it is free.

In the same way that Emily White treats you like trash, ignore all of her offers to Check out the one I am showing you Click Here you will not encounter any form of harassment in the community of Affiliates here neither from the Founders of the lucrative affiliate business.

Opening Status: Active

Emily White is proudly saying, that the opening status is active, it is an invitation to people to join her in her selfish business attitude to provoked people by harassing their inbox with her business offers that might not even be legal. If to do business means to create some enemies Emily White’s way it is better not to have a company.

I will be reviewing several more like Emily who made themselves thorns in my flesh with their Email Harassment that they called Email Marketing.

I am Dorcas, and I would love to hear from you, what do you think? Please leave it in the comment section below. I will reply to you.

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