All Solutions Network: Is It A Scam Or Legit?

There are many facts in this review that will speak out loud enough for everyone to decide whether Work From Home opportunity: All Solution Network is a scam or it is legit.

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I was introduced to All Solutions Network by Karen Darnell who

became my first up line, seconded by Bruce Castro.Upon signing up I received a well furnished website as was promised. However, as I timely read through the content of the pages of the website I found out that none of the several hundreds offers was conducive to my part of the world.

please see some of the offers as listed:

Free Website

Discount on Prescription drugs

Discount on Doctors vicits

Discount on household Appliances

Discount on food items

Free quote on House repairs

Tax examption

Commission on all item purchase as long as it is purchase via your website

These are to name a few.


The offers could not work in the geographical location that I occupied. Upon such revealed understanding I contacted the team of up line who I believed should know the promises as set out in the pages of my website and also have understanding that every country or state is govern by its own Laws.

Not mincing Word

I did not minced words in pointing out that fact as I have understood them that they could not work for me. I told them I was sorry but I would not wast my time on something that cannot work for me in a profitable way.

A reply came from Bruce Castro; asking me to focus on the header that says none USA citizens and go ahead and follow all instructions as laid out in the pages.

I Looked at it read it and re-read it and as far as I knew the words remained the same none of them changed. There was nothing benefiting for my country base on its geographical location. If what was written therein was workable, then it would be suitable for those citizens of the United States of America and Canada.

This fact I have pointed out to them but they refused to accept the fact. They kept forcing their way to convince me as if they were trying to have me making a pig fly. They knew it was no mistake, They have their trick well planned The information that was found in the content of the website was deliberately concocted, therefore they continue to try to impress me. During this time Rich Smith one of the up line email me saying: quote:

Dorcas I am 75 years old and I am a good Christian. I am a member of the First Baptists Church. I want to help you to succeed. I saw where you have decided to quit even before you give yourself time to prove the system and allow it to work for you and take you to financial freedom. Dorcas, keep in mind that this is absolutely free, not costing you one penny. The potentials are there and if I has to work off my backside to help you to succeed, then I will. End of quote.

Updating my Down line

By then seven people of those who I have invited have signed up in the All Solutions Network, including one from the United Stats Of America. I discussed my finding with them and let them know that I am not wasting my time to continue as I saw no way by which any of us could benefit regardless of what they the up lines are saying.

I suggest to the assignee in the US that she could continue base on where she is at. I took the bold step and quit ASN Bruce Castro continue to send me emails advising me to use my website even to buy basic things and get a profit. I considered that he have not a clue to the laws of the land in which I live nor does he have any regard for the laws of other lands that he does not live in. After two or three reply to his email I stop replying to him just as how I have stop promoting ASN.

Email From Rich Smith 

I saw an email from Rich Smith about three months afterwards in forming me about some new upgrades taking place in my area and that I should log in to my website to see them.

Bruce Castro Launch A Fraudulent Attack

I logged in this is absolutely what I found: A black themed homepage with a red header fallowed by a  paragraph in red that reads: PAY NOW! Ten years hosting fee in advance for 35 websites price per site: $125.00 per year.

You have seven days to settle this to avoids severe action. I email Rich Smith informing him about my findings on my website asking him if someone at ASN had loosed their mind and gone mad? I never heard from Rich Smith again. I laughed at the idea because All Solutions Network was supposed to be free members were asked to give away as many websites as they possible can for by way of bringing people to the network. I laughed because even if ASN was not for free I. Brought in seven people only.

That is seven websites. I am not aware of any legal action that can force advance payment from anyone for anything. The assignee who lives in USA told me that she tried many of the listed benefits in the website and none of them works. She told me that she had been warned by a few businesses that ASN is stealing people’s identity therefore she should be careful how she proceed to use ASN as a beneficiary.

Not thinking that Bruce Castro was planning something else that would take me like a Tornado; nearing one month after I quit ASN I got an email complete with a video from a prominent Job board both script and video were saying the same things. Saying that m

Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates have agreed together to assist developing nations by providing some jobs to employs some of their people to open read and reply to their company’s emails The video shows Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg in a press conference with Fax News they were discussing how it would work and that they would start with Jamaica as a pilot project given its economic condition they will start with 150 jobs.

The jobs would be free but the employment Agency will be ask to pay for administration As soon as the admin. Fee is paid the access would be open to begin training for the Jobs. I have at that time so many people waiting on me to place them into gainful employment I never think that kind of technology exist as seen in the video so wanting to place my clients into jobs I used my debit card and paid the admin. fee.

I wanted to grab the opportunity before other overseas job placement agency fill out the spaces. Now that I have paid no one could have  taken the spots that I have paid for. I began to contact my clients. To my embarrassing surprise, when some clients came less than on hour afterwards and I logged into the website given that was given to me for the workers.

In big bold print on the home page, was the name ‘Bruce Castro’ as owner of the website. There were no job available on the site for any jobless person, my money was nowhere for me to retrieve. Months afterwards Karen Darnell who had distances herself from all the falsehood emailed me asking why I stop logging onto my ASN website?

And encouraging me to retrieve my status because the benefit’s are exceptionally good they are second to none the she said the ASN Network is here for the people and that I should embraced it. The following day I got an email from the bold no heart, no shame Bruce Castro I had not replied to it. And ever since he has been emailing me every now and again I no longer opens his email.

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IS Traffic Legit Or Scam?

Founder: Brian Rooney

First 15 Days: Free

Price: $19:95 Monthly




In this review I will give you detail as much as I can remember about my experience with Traffic Wave .net

Becoming A Member

After being a member of The Online Ad Network for a short time I was introduced to Traffic wave by my up- line  from TOAN  CEO Brian Rooney. He told me that he had develop a new company  called Traffic Wave, with a lot of effort and hard work in order for it to generate a higher income stream for it’s members mainly through it’s Auto-Res ponder.

I signed up the membership form. A form that would melt the most smart thinker with all of the unlimited good business practices that are listed therein. All that was offered and said to be involved in this new Traffic Wave business was of high value, promising and very good.

It was pitch to me in an intelligent way very convincing, I have believed that upon signing up one have entered into one of the most lucrative online business that could ever exist.

The information that was required was far beyond the ordinary. In return one would be given: Auto Res ponder, Landing Page, Unlimited Banners Email Marketing ect.

Admin Service

Having all this the company’s admin would be responsible for it’s members administrative work.

Everything was Cristal clear. within one’s back office A layout presentation with a radiant promising prosperity setting.

However, when I was setting up the Landing Page I found the instructions a bit conflicting This was not readily seen at the begin but as progression was made the confusion emerge one realized that there got to be some mistake due to information found nearing the end.

Sad to say when I contact admin about the conflict I experience setting up the page and ask for help to correct or erase what I thought was error on my path or theirs. I got no response

No Area To Edit

There was no area for correction on the pages nor option to delete so I contact admin again giving all the details. I was again blatantly ignored.

As time progress there would be a memo via email. Reminding me that I need to create a Landing Page. which will cost a fee. I really took this as a tricky insult. I was on the company’s website. I could only do what I could access doing. If they do not give me the option to create a landing Page I could not create one.

Email Promise Failed

I never got the chance to send out one email, whenever I got into that page in my Back office each time I click ‘send email’ I got a pop up message that said:That I have already exhausted all the emails that I am allowed to send. Or a pop up message that said: the number of email that you are allowed to send is twenty six which was sent from more than a month now.

I had never send one email  from that back office. While I found it very useless to contact admin as If they do respond they would be telling me to follow the instructions that are there. Which in truth are instructions to make a fool out of people. When you click on them they either take you on a circle or they remain static.

Credits Never Work

Whenever I tried to use the credits that they said was allotted to me, Yes I saw some colorful coins which means nothing at all to me. Whenever I click on them nothing happened. I have the same experience with the banners. Even when I was directed to a page where they said I could choose from a collection of thousands of banners. I saw some pictures of banners and that was all. If I should click on them until  the the images cried out I would never get one to move from the (fake) collection

I consider this as an attacked on my intelligence. as I was told that I should click here for to access unlimited amount of banners. As a member, to me they are free.

Banners Are Static

Of course, the banners are there but clicking on them did not make a difference to me. I could neither remove one by a click nor by copy and paste.

The CEO kept close track of you by sending you regular email as to how you should proceed. to build a good down line and how you should upgrade your matrix. The instructions that he gives they are plain and straightforward but to apply them would be difficult. as the lay out of the back office is very different. The only way that you could apply his instructions to the website from your end is if you are skill enough to make a “pig fly”.

Back Office Settings Contrary To Teaching

The truth is: reading his training modules via emails; was like you were reading his heart on how much he wants for you to succeed. But as my PC security had warned me that his companies are shady so I have found them out to be.

Progress Report Received

I remember seeing an email from The CEO saying that he had a way to help members to easily build their subscription list, by a massive advertising campaign that he had arranged on a  monthly basis called the co-opp he advice me to sign up for it saying I should take the opportunity and sign up before the start of the month as he have space for only 150 people so it will be a first come first serve basis. The cost per month would be $39.00 and no one is compelled to sign up every month you sign for it when you want to.

Because I really want to earn some money I signed up for the Co-opp and paid the $39:00 the first day I was email to let me know that nine people have visited my page. The second day another email said a total of twenty three people visited my page the third day another email saying that a total of fifty one people visited my page and one subscribe to my page I should go into my back office and send him a thank you email.

Tricks Identified

I did send the thank you email and there was no more email to tell me of any more visitor. After a week have passed I email admin about it asking how there is no more information on visits neither by email nor from the Auto res ponder? An email came to me from Admin saying that they could only allow me three days on the advertising list because there are so many other people that they have to advertise my name is remove from the list.

I replied to the email reminding admin that I was told to pay $39:00 to advertise me for one month not for three days. I went on to remind them that I was encouraged to hurry because the list can accommodate only 150 people and after the 150 have applied the offer would be closed for the month. I asked promptly, how come now I am removed from the list to facilitate others and they are telling me about three days?

Admin never respond. However, about four days afterward I got an email from CEO saying that I should set up my landing page in order to get Subscribers. I reminded him of the error that was made and I have no way to correct it even though I have contacted admin. He never reply but he continue at least once a week he would email me to tell me to set up Landing Page and to tell me that some members are earning big; as much as: $200.00 per month.

Back Out. Email Marketing Introduced

Upon this information I decide to back away from Traffic Wave. $ 200:00 is nothing as the earning promised in the promotions neither is it an income that any one could be working so hard expect to earn. I do not see $200.00 as an income that any body in a civilized world can live off with the inflation that now exist.

I stop visiting my back Office and also stop repelling to email from Brian Rooney and his admin. I was really angry when he email me to say I should remember that I had signed up for email marketing with his companies and so far he had not let me into that section of his business but he is now ready to take me into his membership of email marketers. I should reopen my account and allow him to set me up as a email marketer.

That would only cost me $17.95  I had ignored him and never replied to any of his bidding emails and even as I write this review he is still sending me email for me to reopened my account with his Traffic Wave When he saw that I was not budging he sent me a check for $22.00 then another one for $16.25 I email and said thanks for the checks. I will not say that he is a scammer but I knew of a fact that his companies are shady.

Before I left Traffic Wave  the last time I log into my back office I noticed that there were massive improvement from admin but before I cancelled the account all the good settings were removed including the subscribers.


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