Is Empowr A Scam? Point To Prove


Price: Various

Owner/s: Brandie Williams & Michael Cyrus Pousti


What Is Empowr?

An (Organized Scam to the first degree)

I am about to share with you from my experience with Empowr, In this review, I will try to give as much information that will help you to understand The tricks and trades of Empowr.


How am I so verse on Empowr?




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After being misled robbed and ill-treated by a famous online entrepreneur who owns over 20 separate online businesses. One of his staff contacted me.

Expressing sympathy and offering me help. This man said: quote: ‘after seeing all that had to happen to you I want to help you’. End of quote.

He said he could not help me while I was in the company because he feared to lose his position with the boss. But he knew of this company that would help me to regain my lost, and it would not cost me anything to join, it would only require 2-5 hours of my time daily.

He said it was highly rewarding. As they pay from $2500 upward per month according to the number of hours I can invest in the company daily.

I believed him and took his advice. (It is now that I know that he is the same person who owned so many companies who had disguised himself as a friend during my time with the company. The same man who had scammed me)

I signed up with Empowr without even researching it. Because I have developed a level of trust for this person was always contacting me, making me believe that he was there for me throughout my stay at the previous company. I took the so-called friendly advice and signed up with Empowr.

I received a welcome email from Empowr informing me that they payout cash three months or 90 days after the money gets in the account so as other detail about the company.

They said in the email that the first payment might not be much. They said there were four areas of earnings that were available to everyone, while at the same time there is a business opportunity for those who are interested. Such as: owning Radio and TV station etc. on the Empowr platform.

The four areas of earning are as follows:


2. Bidding


4.Closing loops

Listing means to put something up for sale. However, the video tutorial tells you that you do not have to have your product for sale. You can buy products same place in Empowr marketplace and resell the product there.

Each day as you do the task you will notice that there are four brown slots each representing a function. For each task, you will see that the slot slowly loaded up with the colour grey or deep blue.

A task is complete only when the slot is full. You must fill out all the slots Failure to fill all four slots will result in an incomplete task for that day.

In the marketplace you buy you sell you bid on other people products of all the task the marketplace is the biggest money earner. The big catch is: there is a show of daily earnings at the top right corner of the page.

You see your earnings in $$$$ Brilliant idea; they used to scam….! for a better understanding You may take a look at this:


All-time revenues: $14,411.33


My balance: $9,957 ►

This balance is what is available to me. So they say. “But It is false pretence”.

I  noticed that the money was proliferating, Because I had lost so much, I felt comfortable doing all the task spending many hours daily After ten weeks I get a new Coach.

The new Coach reduced the task slots from four to two. I could no longer see when the task for listing and bidding are complete. I, however, did what I use to do daily. He began to message me saying that I must have something in my house that I can sell on Empowr. To maximised my profit.

When I complete 90 days, I notice that there were four messages from inside of Empowr all saying that I should optimise my account with my Credit Card or my PayPal account. I ask my Coach Angel what does that mean?

He said that is how the system works, for them to pay out cash they need my banking information or PayPal or Credit/Debit Card information.

Angel message me to say that there must be something in my house to sell even some old clothes because I have not reached my daily gold not even a day in the past three months.

This message shocked me. I have been listing and bidding and buying and selling every day and was always encouraged by my previous Coach to continue that way. I was reaching my goal every day.

My then Coach message me so many times encouraging me to continue reaching my daily goal for maximum profit. And also, to make arrangement to ship to people who won bid on something that I have listed.

However, when I ask for their contact information, I would be told that they are of a foreign language so the Empowr would handle it.

I remember that I have won bids on two items that I have a personal interest in and when I contact the owners the one in the USA never replied and the one in my Country the reply came from Empowr.

Saying that he had marked up the price by $155.00 and the available cash that I have in my Empowr account was not enough to pay for it. At that time I was over 90 days, and my available money out as shown was $7.839.00

I contacted my Coach Angel, and it was then he replies to say the reason why I did not receive Cash out, is because I never request a Cashout. I told him I never knew I would have to make a request. I ask for the Cashout

Angel, my Coach, replied by saying: that he made the application on my behalf and found out that I owed $ 224.00 plus add platform fee which must be submitted before I can get cash out.

Angel said only the first 30 days was free and I have to pay to stay on the platform to earn.

Fear enough! I paid $344.00 as that was the limit I have on my Debit Card for security reasons. I later found out that not being able to use PayPal and putting a limit on my Debit Card was  ( Blessings in the guise).

After Empowr strip my Debit Card of all that they could get from it I still did not get a cashout.

Angel said: I owed add platform fee amount to $ 86.00 and that must be in Empowr’s account before I can get any Cashout and any other fee that I might have owed must also be in their Bank account first.

By then I spend five months in Empowr paying them $344.00 I told Angel to minus any outstanding balance that I might have from my account and pay me the balance as I would not be able to pay any more money to Empowr.

Very stern, Angel informs me to log into my account and look at the agreement that I have with Empowr before I decide not to pay any more money to Empowr.

I knew that there was not much information requested by Empowr Neither was there any instruction from Empowr that could be in my profile account.

I attempt to log in and failed. (Password wrong). I contact g mail as I had never change the password for that account

G mail said: your password had been reset five days ago. It was kind of strange to me, but I remember that on three consecutive days I got g mail codes on my phone and I consider that g mail system had mixed up.

I told Angel that I need to contact Support to get an understanding of what he was telling me. Angel said I should contact Support through my account.

I had it out with Angel Who gave me a link. When I click on the link, it took me to my account. In my account, I saw an available balance of $ 3.00 but to be able to collect that $ 3.00 I must pay add platform fee of $86.00

I do not even need other people testimony to tell me that Empowr is a scam. Empowr Had Scammed me! I had a raw deal from Empowr, 5 hours per day for over five months is a lot of valuable time. Empowr is nothing less than a scam! I had not gone a minute further with Empowr since. I do not doubt that Empowr is a Scam.

Empowr has a few people in my country who they pay a small amount and implore them to post their earnings in the community, so people believe that they are real. I had not seen any Cash out of more than $ 365 .00 of all the posted earnings that I have seen and only a few people

Angel Rodriguez Ortega is no less a scammer than Empowr. The Coach is the one who delegates people in the loop and each week I have encountered messages via Empowr email that I received via Empowr messages.

When I opened the Empowr email I would see a message from so and so for you or so and so message you. I remember asking my first Coach about the scammers’ access to my email?

How so are many scammers messaging me if there is not something that Empowr can do to stop that behaviour from continuing?  he told me that the company do not condone scammers I should report it to support giving all the details

It was then I knew that there was no means of contact outside of the coach. I confronted him about it, and he told me that he is from xxx and he is a volunteer coach, and he is going to resign with immediate effect.

The one big question I ask sending him from my area immediately. I do not believe that he resign. This is the question: How can you receive an email from Empowr saying x have a private message for you find it here.

And at the same time, I never see x anywhere in the community of trust (as they call it)? And x turns out to be a scammer?  He never replied. Angel took over from him the following day.

As I write this review, I have more than a dozen scam messages sent to my inbox from Empowr within the past few days I need help to expose these scammers As I firmly believe that they are a part of empowr founders.

Should you join Empowr or is it a scam? Social Media is one of the latest frontiers MLM has decided to cross, and Empowr is at the front of that line.

Empowr, “The world’s first Democratic Social Platform”, lames to return its prophets to the community of users on their network Their website talks about how they are “Committed to Democracy, sharing, sustainability and justice.”

Their supposed goal is to help half the planet earn $25.00 a day by 2025

Empowr had branded themselves as a startup but when I confront Angel about my findings he said: You are giving the people a bad name, If they are what you sum them, up to be, they could not be in business for the past 15 years.

Yes, 15 years are well past startup shelf life. But if everyone they scam keeps it to themselves, they will no doubt continue for another 15 years. Who knows?

Empowr Co-founder Michael Cyrus Pousti has written a very self-aggrandising book called America is an idea, and Americans Dream is for everyone: why we build

That seemed to be a written recruitment flyer for Empowr Before launching in any of these many names that reach to Empowr Pousti was the founder and CEO College in the 90s. He also founded Higher Educational Resources Inc. “The man is brilliant in IT Education wise.” During his final year as a computer engineering Student- He advanced to Search engine technology that helped students to find financial aid.

Empowr was the first company that successfully commercialised Internet Searching Pousti is a foundation player in the Internet Business game. “No grudge to him”,  he is the founder.

How much does Empowr cost?

Empowr said that there are no monthly membership fees.  If you do not give Empowr your Banking information, you won’t have to pay them a cent. However, as you used their platform to post, list.

Bid and close Loops (share)  Empowr charge you for Advertising Credits. Mind you. Before you sign up, they told you that they are giving you $ 20.00 to start. That $20.00 is soon to run out.

Empowr then begins to charge you add platform fee. If you let them have your Banking information including PayPal, They will no doubt take what they like from you

Then tell you that you have agreed for them to take all that you have including your first born as also your very life. And quickly add that the suggestion of taking your very life is just a joke.

No one offer any form of explanation as to how the amount they take from you is calculated; however, in the community, you will see from time to time people are posting things accusing them of  taking their money from their  Bank account and Credit Card

without their consent and they do not know for what reason. The daily earnings are seen at the top of your page as also every week you get a graph showing your all time earning and what is yours from that amount.

iI does not tell you what the amount subtracted is for, however, the graph figures are all fake if not, you would be able to cash out.

Angel said if you do not request a cash out on day 90 your money goes to someone else You cannot make the request before day 90 nor after day 90.

If Empowr is what they claim it to be: a user run completely democratic  Social Network that gives its profit back to its users something would be drastically wrong.

It is true that its design as a platform for advertising and promoting digital content, in that they charge you advertising Credits to post things.

It is unrealistic to pay to add credit to advertise on a platform that does not have the number of visitors as Facebook and is also less established. The network has nothing that is exciting

Although they tell you that you can post anything that you want That is not good enough for them to charge you anything that they like to Scam you and then mocked you.

This is my #1 recommendation

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I believe him and took his advice (Now I understand that he could be the same person who owned so many companies who had scammed me).

If after you have read this review, you are impressed. Feel free to leave a comment below.