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Is WA University a place where Entrepreneurs Can join up with and make money?

Let us read through this review and find out the facts.



Hello everyone; Dorcas here with you one more time. I want to share with you today some of what the people are saying about the Wealthy Affiliate, how that they have been experiencing a sense of freedom in doing their business in a civilised manner.

Without fear of being a scam victim or deceived by some so-called online entrepreneur who is hiding behind some fancy talk and convincing video’s Just as I am saying. This is a platform that’s well deserve the trust of the people.

As it allows each person the opportunity to become his or her own boss. Not in word only but in deed. Each person, once he or she signs up an account with this fantastic wealth builder, is at liberty to find a niche and begin a business for him or she sees.

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It is evident that there will be a misunderstanding at times;  however, that is a regular occurrence in any business, you should not worry too much within a short time you will learn. But the focus is that one is at liberty to progress as an entrepreneur. One can link up with any affiliate company of choice, and establish oneself as a business manager and not being lured away into falsehood nor deception.

Teaching Information

The onus is on each affiliate to make a successful business, starting from this platform. There is so much information by way of teaching that makes it kind of hard not to be successful in your business if you follow the instructions and take and activate the information that is available here.

I say WA. Because being here and following the lessons, I gain a broader outlook to doing business online. Had I known what I know now? I could never be scam at any time.

I am confident that many affiliates share this knowledge of how this real business platform prove an escape route for them from the many scams so to speak business that is online.

Come with me; let us go forward. The design of this business model is something people need to carefully observed. It does not look like an overnight structure to me.

I understand it to be a design that was born with its founders. Therefore it grows as they grow.  And as they mature into adults, they were able to bring the plan into focus and draft the design.

The Love For People

The love for people plays an integral roll in the design of this great opportunity. Even though, they were on their way to making a business or cooperation for themselves.

The making, take a verse from the Holy Book which is the Bible; for them to do things this way. I felt it in my spirit the day I sign up to be an affiliate. ‘Love your neighbour as yourself.’

Outside of Love for their neighbour, these men could have done it differently. They could set up something for themselves alone. Or something that you must go through them to connect to affiliate companies and they collect and pay you a dividend.

In doing so, they could give anything below reasonable for pay. I love people, and that could be the reason why I spot this in these men so quickly. They are not selfish, they desire good for fellow human being, as they want for themselves.

Even though I have some bitter experiences with the people I met here, who have to scam me before, I will not blame the company for this. I Say WA.!

It is here. I learn about Google plus. Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools Other companies Webmaster Tools, Sitemaps and the many things that put together to make an online business a success. For whosoever desire to be an online entrepreneur.

I Had Been Mislead Battered Bruised And Scammed


Some Affiliates might not have a personal experience of what it is to be scammed. While there are some, who have. I hope that those who have been scammed will not keep silent, now that they have found a route of escape. I am imploring all who have been victim to online Scam by way of working from Home or doing your own online business.

Do not keep silent, tell the good news, flex your online muscles, let others know that there is at least one real online Affiliates platform from where they can stand and build their own scam free business, with all the necessary help that they need to build a business for real!

I experience it. That is why I can talk about it. Because of my disciplined upbringing. I had to quit my Government job because I never want to get into a dirty fight with people in the company who were mixed up in all farm of corruption. That was not part of company policy.

There are people every where who will always be corrupt, this type play out in all area of business life. It has nothing to do with who the boss is. It do happen. From CEO to Janitor. There are some people who are corrupt beyond measure.

These are not always dull in learning, they are no Dunce! They are intelligent, well verse. If you are working under their supervision and they fail trying to corrupt you, I am telling you; you will have a rough time working in that job.

You will be blamed for every thing that go wrong at the workplace. If it rains that water settle on the ground, it will be your fault. And if many days pass without it rains causing the wind to carry dust, it will also be your fault.

You will be punished and severely too. More so if you are in supervision. I had been through all this, I never report anyone. But because people could not change me.

Persons feel threatened having me around. I refuse openly to be a partaker of any corrupt practice. For that outspokenness. I was threatened with a 9 mm Pistol. By a man who I trained for the job.

It was heartrending, but the level of corruption, and the amount of the staff members who fell into the sneer of get rich quick by corrupt means. I choose to walk away. I decided then to start my own business. Not knowing that corruption was a widespread disease that was taking business places by storm.

From that business, I became open to online scammers as they get hold of my contact information. Some of them are not really intelligent, those are easily identified. I would not consider them a threat. However, there are some of them who are well eloquent.

They are very rich in the scam scheme. And they continue to make a fool out of the innocent like myself. There offer comes with a good lay out. If any truth was in them, one could make a living from them. But they are all falsehood. It cause me to ask?

Can a human being be so heartless? They often offer work from Home. Specifically for single Mom and the unemployed. Because this sect is vulnerable, They fell victims easily.

These heartless ones, pray on them. They talk them into getting a loan to finance the offer which they knew doe’s not exist. These kind, although they have become wealthy, they are of no fixed address online.

They show some things in video’s that is a real business to get you to sign up with them, telling you this is what they are taking you into but when you pay them with your Credit/debit Card you are billed every month even when you were told it it’s a one time payment.

And there is also a new introduction on a regular basis that you have to pay for and you never get paid. Some of them will mail to you a small check monthly when they collect $300.00 or more from your Credit/Debit Card they send you a check for a mare $16.00

As they see you as the ‘big fool round town.’Even when you found out that you are being Scam and leave their scheme, if you do not change your banking information they are billing your account monthly just the same.

These type are every where, look out for them. I make you aware. You will be lured into the scam trap and be greatly laugh at. These tractors are lingering here directly to take your last drop.

Be smart, read carefully, They are lingering here in the dark, If you are greedy, and lustful, you will follow their nice talk. You have started the journey to be your own boss.

Be patient be courageous. Success is not an overnight walk. Stick close to the teachings, follow the lessons don’t stop. A delay is dangerous, learn all the lessons, don’t you fuss. Promote yourself to success.

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If you divert and get an injury, do not blame any one, blame your own self. Do not say I did not warn you. I am feeling hurt right now myself. But all when I am hurting. Pain is hitting me every where. My last sentence in writing. Is: We Say WA.!!!

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Challenges That Face Us

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Hello there every one. DorcasW here again. I want to share with you today some of the common Challenges that we have to face, as we walk the road to become a successful Entrepreneur with the Wealthy Affiliates.

Profile photo of adminDorcasWBe in tune: the path to success is paved with colorful challenges. As one aspire to become a entrepreneur;  success should be the main focus. So then, in what soever color shape or form The challenges comes Be prepared to deal with them accordingly.

Success do not has to be  ABC nor 123. Success demand commitment,  dedication, perseverance and resilient. Success is not designed to be an overnight fix. When therefore we are face with challenges in the early stage of setting up a business. Perseverance should take precedence as the way to go forward.

Even when there might not be a quick fix. There should be a must, fix; in the line of business principles. challenges should be  seen as signs of stepping stone to victory and be treated as likely source of building material.

This is no time to harbor discouragement, it is simple the right time to get level with the challenges and persevere to your goal, that you have set in your business plan, to become your own boss.

Always remember that a simpleton, cannot lead a successful roll in life. Be resilient,  be the Dinosaurs in your own business, be ready to frighten every fears that attempt to frightens your motions. Be your boss

Learn to be observant. The answer to your challenge could be right there beside you. while you are busy looking all about on others success and thinking of your pending failures. If you used resilient and commitment you just will has to succeed.

Interact With Successful Business People

There is no danger in retracting the old days and the old ways in which business people of old times face their challenges and deal with them accordingly, as they travel through the many Challenging lanes to success.

Talk with them; find out from them how they make it. Why they never give in to criticism nor times of failure. Find out from them; how dedication to starting up their business, work for them. And why you should fallow their footstep in building your own business. Ask them questions that will give you answers  that will be of benefit to your pending business.


If you are not dedicated to the things that will take you into independence, you will never become independent. Thus we know that the road to independence is sometimes paved with blood sweet and tears. Many sleepless nights and less time for pleasure. You are building a very important structure; your time is important.

It might not be part of the tools you would choose to use because you do not know of its value but when you know how important it is to be dedicated to your business you will want to show more respect to your time, so you can get a feel of true business habit.

Challenges are real factors that show up at unexpected hours. Generally, at times when your resources are limited. No need for you to panic; cease the rush. Use up the challenge as a means of opportunity to get pass some hurdles that was in your way and you never knew how to get pass them.

Begin to see your challenges as blessings in disguise. Of course, we do know that some of the challenges show up at the most critical moments of our lives, but that is no reason to not face them and show some muscles. It is time to let the man or woman in you stand toll.

Be courageous; show the things that challenge you, that you are dedicated to your call, you will speak loud until your voice is heard, Then and only then will  what you have seen as challenge no doubt become a channel to your success.

You need not to be a pro to get on the go. All you need is to know, that you have a task to complete, your own business plan to activate before it gets too late for you to take your stand on the business Platform. Make your mark where others can see to accept and encourage you to stand firm with your head holding up high.

Some people could have everything going right in the start of their business, They could be up and running without a hitch or a stuck, that does not say it is all right, though it is good for them. Their challenge does not have to be the same as yours. While in the same breath, they might have a better approach to their challenges. As well as a quick fix method.

Never become Jealous at the speed of others

Yes, of course they might have a business flare, who knows? As well as, Business could be in their blood stream, That could be good for them. However, it does not have to be so. But they are dedicated to their own business, they are committed to any thing they do.

They might have written Success  stories at any costs in the most prominent part of their business plan. Therefore anything that looks like failure erase  of itself once it cross the path of the business involved.

This type will go after the challenge. In other words, they will seek for the challenges and work on them before they become a monster in their path. There are times when things made to destroy the very thought of business that resonate in your mind. And the question is often asked: Why?

Your Failure Will Ignite the Flow Of Joy In Envious People

Some of the challenges that pop up at unaware are deliberate man made, Provocative and disruptive. They are designed to weaken your spirit. to get you frustrated and sometimes afraid. So built to get you discourage and numb in your body.

If you know the human specie of creation well, you will understand that in every creed or culture, there are some people who enjoy knowing that they inflict sorrow and discomfort on others. And it does not matter their level of education, nor their financial status. Their natural attitude is to ensure that other people are unhappy.

There action is always questionable but with all this: because of their educational and financial standing, they pass off among decent business people unnoticed, still being disgusting, disturbing forcing the innocent and the feeble ones out of the business arena.

It is a fact that this kind of behavior is prevalent; and often take a long time to be exposed. However, the truth have it’s way to swore. Everyone  has the right to be the crawling security with a Lions heart in his or her own business.

If lack of financial resources causes a halt in the building of your business, there are many lending institution all about the place. You need to choose the one that best suite your need. And get the financial injection that is needed to fix that negative issue of your business structure.

Things You Should Pay Attention To

Should there be something wrong in the formatting of your business plan; that too, you can do some work on. As it is a thing that should be identified before the plan leave the drawing board. Take on the issue, fix it fast, keep on going, your goal is waiting to receive you into being your own boss.

Revisit your business plan; look at the distance you have reached in the structure, compare it to the plan. find out anything you might have left out from the plan, also anything you might have over done. Fix it fast, you need not to suffer lost, become your own boss.

Some of the material that you need to use in the building of your business, believe it or not, will be human element, some are personal discussion and knowledge as well as behavioral approach or change. These are often called by that C word. Which in fact it is self imposed.

In each individual business, there will always be issues. But the way they are approached have a lot to do with the way forward. If there are constant negative interference with your building by a builder who is more equip to build than you are, sure, that is something to make you mad.

However, there got to be a way around all of this, there is no road found any where that was built for one person only to use. And every Lane have two turns. Never be discourage by Negative interference, You can handle it, stand strong be yourself, Survival is the name of the game for the strong and Lion heart individual

Use perseverance to awake the lion that is in you, let him roar, let him prance and attack, you do not hold him back, it is a business you are building, be tactful, be smart, a Dog without Teeth can only bark and make noise, that will cause fear.

But when the Lion’s Teeth ache, he gets more aggressive with his paws. The challenges you face in your building shows signs that the keys to the shop’s front’s door is smelter, they are lost, there is no way for you to recover, as the one lock smith in the area is expired, no more, he is of the pass.

Wake up! This is your business! your goal is to be your own boss, why, should you accept this    and live your life in the dark. Wake up your Lion heart!, challenges are not suppose to defeat you.  Instead they should awake the Lion that lives in you. Get all of your acts together,  be your own boss.Click on this link let me show you the way to get pass: – https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/order/signup?a_aid=8b224283