Why Wealthy Affiliate

  Hello again everyone near and far. Dorcas here coming to you with another episode of Wealthy Affiliate online marketing.

Like every civilised business in our world today, this well-organised affiliate business has its advantages and its disadvantages. We, therefore, are wise when we follow the training carefully as the good things we thought we knew could be not so kind as to the guidelines and policies of this company.

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The brilliant idea that is put to work and also produces wealth and fame, for its producer in another business atmosphere, does not necessarily has to thrive in other business or adventures.

This concept makes it more advisable to learn all the lessons that are thought here, in this classroom by knowledgeable presenters. I remember, when I was in training at the Police Training  Academy.

One of the things that were in the subheader on every subject was: “Do not fidget on Parade”, whatever you experience here; however painful it might be. Do not pack up and leave, it is part of the training.

It was hard for me to swallow that. But somehow, I was able to go through to the very end of the training. I found the lessons enjoyable. Have so much fun time inside and outside of the Classroom during training hours. Fellow student obstinate mistakes demand us to laughs and shout the wrong move!

Interacting in the community

Here there is not a physical setting wherein we are seated together seeing one another or be able to touch each other, but the interaction is tremendous. There is not an instant answer as we speak, but the answer is almost inevitable.

As there are so many people, who have gone through these lessons before some of who have active memory. As is said in the WA community you have no need to be stuck with any question as help is all about the place.

The knowledge that is gaining daily in this community is kind of parallel to none. Even if your reading ability is not so good, the lessons come in Text as well as in Videos, Therefore, if one is visually impaired one would not be hearing impaired at the same time.

Broadly speaking: if one eye is sand-blind, one ear is not hard of hearing at the same time. We all can go through the tutorials and learn the lessons that are presented to us by the presenter. And get ourselves active in the community to Spruce up what we have learned.

When you Blog and others comment on your blog it gives you a sense of accomplishment; you gain momentum, especially when someone said: You taught me something I never knew before.

This kind of community response helps you to grow your business as you now understand that your Blog should not just be written words, it should be more like tools of information that can be used by others in areas of their business as well as in their day to day life, to help them to become more successful.

The following trend in the community is another powerful feature of the training that comes directly from the Affiliate Community. I follow you, you follow me, in so doing a relationship can be built, in that there is much ease to ask somebody for help in an issue that you are not so clear on.

There can even be issues that are not a part of the business but because you are building a relationship with others you can ask for advice and be richly fortified. Keep in mind though; you cannot know everything all at once.

It should not be an issue if you did not do something correctly, we all have to crawl before we walk. Sometimes a baby tumbled and fall several times before realizing walk. So it is when venturing into a new atmosphere of business.

We are not expecting to be going to the bank to do deposit the first day of business, however, we all should know that while there is a business one day in the near feature or beyond going to the bank and making a deposit is a must.

We can learn a lesson from the Bank itself, and keep faith in what we are learning and at the same time apply them accordingly as the day progresses. Taking into consideration, that the Bank is not a tree but it has many branches.

We see the Bank’s faith in extending Branches without being a tree, we the depositors of funds to the Bank should have our focus active in our businesses that even when we do not see it, we know it is there, it is only for us to do the right thing and make the right connection that we too: though not a tree can grow branches.

More Effort

We need to put more effort in the lessons, going through each lesson as is presented step by step. We cannot hold more than a small portion of what is thought at

any given time, but we can revisit each lesson for a fuller understanding, even before we begin to apply them. It is also wise to put a value on the time we spend on other things in the community, even though they are forms of training.

When we Blog, we want our blog to be read by others, but we should be wise enough to understand that others need to put the effort in the principal Lessons, put forth by the company’s presenter, if they are to be effective entrepreneurs.

So then, if we want others to review our Blog, it is only wise to not blog more than once per day. If at all weblog every day. When you take your time to read my four or five blogs per day, you are not doing yourself a good favour.

As you have no time left to offer comment on the site comment platform, neither have you any time to go through the many training articles that are available. All of which is geared to help you to grow your business.

More time and effort is needed for the training Lessons than for anything else. The only time one can do a good job is when one is fully aware of what is involved in the, doing. Wealthy Affiliate is no less place to have a good knowledge base of its activities as is thought

. As a matter of fact. the knowledge given in these many Lessons is the thing that makes this online affiliate company stand out and can be counted as a markup, over the many online companies.

We then who are members of this highly respected company, are to ensure that no one is left behind as we all should want to be identified as branches of the Wealthy Affiliate, suppose to be, “gold mine.”

I said this because we are a community of people who are en devouring to be successful entrepreneurs.   Some of us are well advanced while some are just venturing into business for the first because they are invited

There is not really any business knows that they have taken along with them. these will need all the available help they can get along with the training lessons. On the other hand, not everyone is a fast learner. However, we are thankful that the liberty is given wherein each one help one. That can be lauded as a good principle from the Founders of WA.

The Train

On a Train there are many Coaches (as is called in my Country), You will notice that all coaches, look alike on the inside. If for any reason you disembarked at a railway station to reembarked ensure that you do not leave your stuff behind when you get off, or you might not be able to locate them again, as you can easily miss the coach you came from and never able to locate it again.

Saying that to say this; These training modules are many, they could resemble each other; however, each differs in many ways. We must take them seriously, they are our business builders, and could very much from a distance, resemble the train.

If we observe the Train carefully, we will come upon the fact that it carries passengers from all walks of life, people of many different Languages from a different origin. But they are all going to a destination.

The train has many Coaches, viewing it from in the air it looks like a Caterpillar, views it from the ground from a distance it looks like a Snake of more than a thousand feet long. But as long as this machine is and even though it articulates.

It has only an Engineer and a sub-engineer who operate it to keep it gliding on the line with its hundreds of human cargo. Wealthy Affiliate is Engineered by Two brain wealthy human beings.

Kyle and Carson who are skilful in doing their job, With the kind of material presented by Kyle all the passengers aboard this train, will no doubt one day reach their destination as a successful entrepreneur. Find out more here.

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Wipe out Scam with Wealthy Affiliate

Hello There everyone, Dorcas here, with another review on the benefit that can be possible by becoming a member of the Wealthy Affiliate Community. To begin this incredible journey is exciting and straightforward. It is not a get rich quick exercise, as some people might be thinking.

My # 1 recommendation

The business is a real adequately sought out business opportunity with training to get business minds active and productive. As you absorb the training starting from lesson one you will notice that there is a difference between this kind of involvement comparing to other so-called training exercises.

Bitter Experiences

Like myself, many in the community might have bitter experiences before as the Internet also accommodates some dishonest and selfish people who only think of themselves as human beings who deserve good things.

This type prays on the innocent who are looking for a way of survival or better yet, a way of gainful legal employment. This is the main factor that leads the many to the online marketplace, the Internet.

Becoming an entrepreneur is not a hard thing to do if you have not misled into a circle of scammers. Where you got to be someone who was born honest and being brought up in a decent environment with good upbringing. You might unwisely fall into the messy trap and become a scammer.

Come To Help Us

I can attest that This “Come To Help Us” Company, as I see it, have rescued many trying people from the Mentally disturb Hospital, and also from eating from the Garbage bin. It has also saved some from having severe Heart attacks and some from being a permanently High potential’ as well as having a Nervous breakdown.

You might not even understand that these two men, who are the founders of this hidden treasure, are playing a pivotal roll in the world of entrepreneurs today. Their contribution to society is priceless. And demand honour from all walks of life. One might not receive the benefit directly but indirectly.

Directly because there might be a direct affiliation with the company and indirectly because of The circulation of proceeds earned by those who are directly involved.  There is also the possibility that you could have been scam some time or another.

The existence of this “pathfinder” has saved many from the fallen victim. And instead of them having a profitable legal online business they lose most if not all of their hard-earned savings to the unreal business entrepreneur.

Commonly known as Scammers.  They could scam you in the name of the business. The fact that you have the opportunity to choose a niche for your self and add your content to your website is evidence that there is a difference at Wealthy Affiliate.

You can connect to whichever Affiliate program you choose to link to, And be your real boss. Earning in real-time. Not overnight independence.

As this is what is told to them when they signed up and linked up with these Heartless Greedy Mad Heads Business abusers, online robbers. They pay them their money to be partners in their business that they think is legitimate and so they too become scammers.

Please do not get me wrong; Should this befall anyone honest, it would not hold them captive for any time before they find out that they are on the wrong path. You or I can back out despite the cost and the lost

Out of Mind

Don’t you think that I am out of my mind when you read about some of the bitter experiences that I have while seeking a breakthrough on the Internet? I am in no way insane. Instead, I am very much Sane. That is Enough to Share some of it with you.

Because of Corruption in the workplace, I quit my job with the Government. I believed that with my qualification and experience I could pick up a position within days or weeks. That I miss calculating. I was so very wrong. Employment favour passed by my left side and showed me ‘bad face.’

My Resume is all over the business places. Throughout the entire Country. I have been for an interview, so often one would believe that I was active in employment. But it was that I was busy going from meetings to interviews.

Some of the times I am even given a job description, this exercise was to no avail.  I was never called to work. I remember distinctly that on one or two occasions, I was invited but never put a foot into my office to work. As when I report for duty, there was disruption at the workplace, causing a shutdown. HR told me that when the issue is cleared up, she would call me on the job. That never happens.

 Started A Business

After all of this, I looked at my savings. It was depleting slowly but surely. I knew I have to do something to help me financially and I got to do it fast. Because I have to spend every move I  make is spelt Money.

I registered my business name with the Companies Office and applied for a licence. At the licencing office. The man asked of me: “Do you know what you are going into?” Of a truth, I did not know.

The business was Oversees employment Services. Obstacle number one. When I source job, the respective applicant, never always ready. Investing in this business creates the big problem that exposed me to all types of online Scammers. Experience helps me to identify this community as the ray of hope.

Some people might think that I am greedy, or foolish to turn to the Internet because they do not know nor do they understand my fate. It is big money to obtain a job placement licence. On the other hand, a householders bill never take holidays, and they sometimes appreciate. They are also “must pay” debts I am talking about Utility Bills.

Different  Types Of Scammers

I began to patrol the Internet, and while not finding anything, scammers discovered my contact on the internet, “they said.” and there was where it all started. The first one came in the name of the United States Of America. Head Of  Security Department. Person’s Name was Angela Stadditch.

It was a good thing the Licensing Authority had warned me not to buy any job. And that warning serves me tremendously. This person needs so many workers to make shipment. However, the contact number remains unanswered. And my call had never been returned. This king of Scammer came in several different names. However, the body of the letters remains the same.

Away from employment. There were other types of scammers. Some of them with excellent business names and offers. These people, they are highly versed in IT. And do not be surprised if you come upon some of them in this company. Do keep in mind who are the founders. And stay safe.

There is one who made me trembled when I began to offer comment in this community. I remember that before I stumbled upon this real business relief. A company that I joined for nearly seven months. But never invest any money in it as someone had told me that I should secure my spot as they are going fast.

I should build Matrix in the meantime until I am comfortable I begin to invest. Doing it that way it would not take me any time to get into financial freedom. I followed the instructions, and the subscribers were growing at such rapid speed it was not ordinary.

I receive an email with a video a black man talking to me calling me by my name and telling me it was time for me to invest money in the business and become financially free because the number of subscribers that I have is a positive rocket start for me. I believed him and paid the money he suggests to start.

He then called me and told me that he has a Facebook Page and something great is happening there that he wants me to be a part of he gave me his Facebook login. I followed his instruction there was a walkthrough video I watch it through.

And sign up as advised. I paid the fee to begin work. When I was taken to the page to start work, there was a charge of $ 450.00 that must be paid upfront before access can be gained to work.

I contacted him about it. A white face with the same voice said to me:  Haha, you have just been scammed. I was furious, mad wanted to pull him out of Skype and fix him for real. But I could not. I remembered then something I read some time ago that “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”.

What Lead Me To Wealthy Affiliate

The two scam experiences that took place one after the other that drives me to Google Search I got back my money. I was determined to find some people and send them to prison. They use a payment service to collect my money.  It was not an unusual practice it happens very often. The man has my name.

The email and Video that he used to trick me he is a black man with a local address but after I paid the money for to be an affiliate in his company, The video is the same voice same local address, but he has a white face.

When I checked out the local address it was false. It is not a business place it is not even a dwelling.  It is an open lot.

I began to Google search. And, there is where I found the ray of hope, where I can help in the work to Wipe Out Scam. For now, I know no other company or business that is working to stop scam but the Wealthy Affiliate. You can get detail here:

My # 1 recommendation.