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How Will the Coronavirus Affect Work from Home?

Logo to display on web pageHow Will the Corona virus Affect Work from Home?



In today’s review I will look at some areas that we might have not thought about as important in the way going forward after the exit of the frightening Covid 19 that has dismantled the economy of the world. Although some people might believe that the corona virus is a new man-made disease that has started in china. In my opinion that leads me to do massive research about the virus, it is the furthest thing from the truth.

When and where Corona virus did starts?

Studies have shown. The first case of Corona virus was detected in June 2012 in Saudi Arabia. Followed by one in September of the same year in Qatar where a 49 year old man was infected by Novel corona virus (MERS-COV) there was a 99.5 % match between the two viruses.

Researchers report (A newly emerged highly pathogenic Bat- Corona virus called: Middle East Respiratory syndrome Corona virus (MERS – COV) formerly known as HCOV – EMC Human Corona virus Erasmus Medical Center was recognized as the consul agent of fifty percent fatality and fatal respiratory disease in human during 2012.

Sequence match between the two viruses separated from the patients. The viral transmission from discriminating animal species to human has been evidenced. And another study has also demonstrated that the pathogen had spread worldwide largely by human to human infection.

WHO 2013

The largest cluster of cases to date occurred at a health facility in twenty three health care workers. However, the focus of infection has remained in countries on the Arabian neck of land.

Saudi Arabia Ministry of health 2014 says: Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates were reported as home cases of viral infections and additional cases inched Franc, Germany, Italy, Tunisia, and the United Kingdom.

The viral action is now well spread in South Korean States. After finding these truths among many others about the corona virus I am more aware that ignorance might have caused many unformed people around the world to lay senseless blame at the feet of the Chinese nation and president Donald Trump of the United States of America for the inception and spread of the Corona virus.

Look at This

In fact, it may be true that the Covid 19 limn of the Corona virus starts in China; but the Corona virus is not new, neither did it starts in China. From June twenty twelve until now March twenty, twenty; is a long time to have any guest around, be it welcomed or not welcomed.

However, the fact that one branch of a tree hangs in your neighbor’s premises does not mean that the tree belongs to that neighbor. Covid 19 a segment of the corona virus might originate in china but I will not give blame to china for the Corona virus which starts from way back in twenty twelve in Saudi Arabia.

Follow this Link

Because it had not affected the nations of many of us who are blowing our top about the virus origin without full knowledge about Corona virus we need focus, and love for one another that when there is a crisis or catastrophes we speak with grace for one another. Thinking, what if the next health crisis starts in our own country? Are we all not reading Bible prophecies? Who can tell what God is doing in return to man’s evil inventions? Has not the word of God says whatsoever a man sew that shall he also reap?!

I implore everyone to take valuable precautions in their conduct, follow all healthy instructions and tips. Avoid crowding, stay healthy. Do not be afraid of the Covid 19 fear God and obey his words, live clean and enjoy a sanctified life.

Ensure not to spread propaganda, talk things that you know about those things others can listen and follow if necessary and not being misled by errors. Use your time wisely and skillfully, while you are at home search out some ways that you can prepare yourself and the wider society for any eventuality that can negatively affect you, your country and the world’s economy as a whole. Start Here

Think and develop some ways in which people can utilize technology to keep the economy moving forward even when there is a visual lock down that the nations do not suffer poverty after the crisis.

From where I am, I am hearing a lot of senseless blames being given to president Trump and china. Instead of some ways to curve the pending poverty that is coming on the nations of the world when Covid 19 takes its exit.

Should it continue for several months, are we looking at the possibility of gross famine on the lands? Supposed we should have more business activities from home where technology is used in a massive way instead of manpower? I am not sure what vision Kyle and Carson had when the start the online Affiliate Marketing training facility, but I see something in it that can change the crisis of disaster aftermath. Get it Here

If more people and business get active in online affiliate marketing, when it is necessary for people to keep their distance when many businesses has to closed their doors and staff are laid off indefinitely. Marketing segment of businesses could still thrive. We know that business like Tourism and public transportation would be hit, but almost everything else could be doing fine. But, how prepared is the world for this kind of halt on a whole?

It is my views, you don’t has to agree with me, but I think that some more businesses and individuals should be thinking smartly to start learning online affiliate marketing business and any legal business that can be done online to that mater, should in case of another outbreak of whatever the name might be, the people of the world are more financially secured than they are now. Sign up Here

It is no secret that Covid 19 had plunged the world into massive scare. Some folks are now suffering from nervous breakdown, high blood pressure and heart problem and asthma due to the knowledge of Covis 19. Will these be able to return to work after the storm? I would like to hear from you. Please leave your comment in the comment section below. I will reply to you as soon as possible. Do like, share, and follow.

Work from Home Is Google Products Free from Scam?

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woman using gray laptop on bed


Work from Home Is  Google  Products  Free  from  Scam?

In this article you will get the chance to make the decision whether any business on the Internet is totally from being used as a Scam platform. Most of the text here will be adapted from correspondence come to me as direct emails. I am sharing this because I am feeling the effects of Scam these three times in the name of Google.

This time I am compelled to share it with the present information I have. I wish someone who read this article is equip enough to contact the relevant Google Authority, where something can be done to save the buying public who buy the various Google products.

I was trying to get my Gmail emails active after the Technicians clean the virus from my PC when I was asked to add a variation eight digits Code. I add the Code which was rejected and a Code came via text to my phone. I type the text and the that email was released to me with a form to boost my business https://wealthyaffiliate2.com/ by starting an ad campaign for the site.

A number of encouraging business tips was giving I know I had add a signup form to the sight it is true, the site needs traffic. So I set up the campaign and was prompt to set up three campaigns. Some powerful keywords were given especially in the last campaign. When it says click for payments. I notice it was different from before when it was Google Ad Words. There were three levels of payments. I chose this one which was more economical for me at the time.

(1) $350. 00 per month for clicks.

However, it says I would be charged April 16 I got an alert from my Credit Card Provider one week after showing charges as follows: $ 1.00, $ 50.00. On the 17 March another charge for $200.00. Only merely 15% of the campaign is run.

I do not get a click neither is it yet 16 April, what am I charged for? I email Google Ads. The reply explained overdue balance charges from January 20. I did not even have an account with Google Ads in the month of January.

Start a Business Here

They do not use the account nor the email I have with Google Ads. At first when I email Google Ads asking them to pause the Campaign, they replied that I do not have an active campaign with them. I send the copy of the Credit Card Alert to them. They email me making a different excuse for them to charge me. Here they are please open and read them for yourself.

The Internet on the next side could be down. I cannot get a Screenshot, so here they are I copy them.

Learn Affiliate Marketing Here

Re: [5-9441000030144] is the case ID of your support email



Mar 19, 2020, 2:54 PM (3 days ago)to me

Google Ads

We’ve opened a case for you

Thanks for reaching out.

Our team will begin working on your support request right away, so you won’t have to do anything else—you’ll be sure to hear from us as soon as we have an update. You can find the case ID for your request in this email’s subject line. In the meantime, please feel free to check the Google Ads Help Center for answers to your questions.

Thanks for advertising with Google! We look forward to helping you.

The Google Ads Team

Collapse allPrint allIn new window

[5-9441000030144]-Issues with your Google Ads account : 8835535648



Mar 19, 2020, 5:04 PM (3 days ago)to meGoogle LogoHi Dorcas,

Greetings from Google Ads.

We hope you’re doing well. This email is in regard to the recent interaction about issues with your Google Ads account : 8835535648.

Upon checking your Ads account we see that there are no active Ads nor campaigns and account is not yet set up.We request you to be more specific about the issue where in we will look into & help you.

Hope this helps, If you have any questions about this issue or how to improve the performance of your Google Ads account generally, we’re here to help.

Looking forward to helping you meet your advertising goals with Google Ads.



NB: If you need to reference this support ticket in the future, the ID number is 5-9441000030144


Mar 19, 2020, 8:50 PM (3 days ago)to ads-support

hello; although you have not seen any account setup. Here is the proof. I have not received the Credit Card statement for the month as yet I am not sure what it will be like; one thing I know I have not seen any success, return nor profit on my money spent. Therefore I no longer care to advertise with Google Ads.


The following transaction was done with your credit card xxxx-xxxx-0336

Transaction Date: 2020-02-28 06:01:41 PM
Transaction Amount: USD 1.00
Merchant Address: GOOGLE *TEMPORARY HOLD, g.co/helppay#



The following transaction was done with your credit card xxxx-xxxx-0336

Transaction Date: 2020-03-04 03:29:55 AM
Transaction Amount: USD 50.00
Merchant Name: GOOGLE*ADS4305409899
Merchant Address: GOOGLE*ADS4305409899, CC GOOGLE.COM





8 of 176





Dorcas White dorcaswhyteyt@gmail.com

Sat, Mar 21, 8:08 PM (6 days ago)
to ads-support@google.com

Hello Chazz; thanks for your reply. However, nothing you said here make any sense to me. To begin with, I do not have two accounts with Google Ads. This make three different excuses for the charges.

I have not an account with Google Ads before February 28. You refused to address that reason for the charge, so you have changed it to something else, that I do not understand, causing me more confusion. I might has to get legal help to have you give an understandably reason for the charges.


Dorcas Whyte dorcaswhyteyt@gmail.com

Mar 22, 2020, 7:54 PM (5 days ago)

to ads-support@google.com
Hello Chazz; If I had not verify my email address for 4305409899 why you tell me thanks for confirming my email address? If you don’t know the email address how you have the ID number?

Anyway, here is the email address again: whydrumjobplacement@gmail.com I do not understand why you are insulting me in addition to defrauding me This is my third Scam experience I am having with Google. Three too many. I will not take it lightly, Authority will know about this. Why me?





[5-9441000030144] Google Ads support – Unauthorized charges


Mar 23, 2020, 3:40 PM (4 days ago)

to me
Google Logo
Hi Dorcas,
Thank you for your response. I hope you are taking good care of yourself and keeping safe at this point in time after all, you are very important for us and your family 🙂
I apologize as I could not honor your disconnect preference (phone) to get back to you as we have limited sources and do not have access to all the tools due to the global impact of COVID-19. I hope you will understand and cooperate. However, I am sharing the details via email that should help you resolve your concern.
Query: Unauthorized charges of $1 and $50
Findings: Please be informed that, on January 14th, 2019 we have launched a pre-authorization experiment in AdWords Express and AdWords Next for new accounts on Automatic Payments in the US only.
During billing setup for new accounts, customers included in the experiment will see a notification, which informs that your credit/debit card will be pre-authorized either $1 or $50, and that this pre-auth charge will automatically drop from your bank account after one week.
I hope the provided information is helpful. If you have further questions, feel free to contact us or reply to this email thread, and we will be happy to assist you.
Thank you for choosing Google Ads. We appreciate your relationship with us.
NB: If you need to reference this support ticket in the future, the ID number is 5-9441000030144

Dorcas Whyte dorcaswhyteyt@gmail.com

Mar 23, 2020, 6:23 PM (4 days ago)

to ads-support
Hello Keerthi; thanks for reaching out. I live alone with my three Dogs and one hen. I only go out to on occasions. My phone is not disconnect. It is mobile with both local and international credit on it. But technology in many areas of business seems to be down with Covid 19 just like some human beings are. (laugh)

 I had login to my account and saw where $200.00 was also taken on march 17 with a claim that I owed $5.00 balance.

Up until now I do not see where the campaign gets one click. That’s my reason to want to pause the campaign.






Is 1&1 IONOS a Scam or Legit?

                       Is 1&1 IONOS Practicing Scam or Not?

Logo to display on web pageIn today’s review, we will identify the possibility and decide for ourselves whether 1&1 IONOS is honest as many people around the world accept it to be. Here we go.

Company name:  United Internet 1&1 IONOS. Formally, 1&1 Internet Founded in Germany 1988

Currently owned by United Internet. 1&1 IONOS

Founder: Ralph Dommermuth

CEO: Achim Weiss

The company has two headquarters. One in Montabaur, Germany, The other in Chester Brook, Pennsylvania. 1&1 IONOS served areas worldwide. 1&1 IONOS is a web hosting company, that offers Domain Registration, SSL Certificate, Email Services, Website Builder, Package and Cloud hosting, as well as Virtual Private Servers.

Could the fact that this company two separate headquarters give the cause to scam? It is an easy way for employees to the company to get involved in corrupt practices which may lead to a scam. I will not call 1&1 IONOS a scam company, I will explain what I experienced with them and leave it to you to decide whether 1&1 IONOS is a scam or legit.

My # 1 recommendation

In October of 2019, I was introduced to email Marketing by a successful online businessman from the UK. He advised me that the best way to get traffic to my website is by way of email marketing, He said I should buy a Domain from 1&1 IONOS to start the email marketing. I took the advice and buy the Domain for the US $ 2.00. 1&1 IONOS offered me Email Marketing for $ 4.00 and Website to go with, the Domain.

I make it absolutely clear to them; I do not need a website; I will need an email marketing provider, but I will have to get information from my friend to know how it is done as I have no knowledge about email marketing.

My friend was away on his vacation. I have to wait 1&1 IONOS continue to push for me to sign up for the email marketing.

OK. I need it, I signed up for email Marketing and paid the $ 4.00 when the instruction email comes to me I found it is not email marketing. The package offers a maximum of twenty-five emails.

I figured that kind of email service would be suitable for companies that have under thirty people who email on a regular basis. So I contact 1&1 IONOS and informed them that is not the kind of email marketing I am looking for. Therefore, I would not continue with the product. I had even paid them $ 20.00. For SSL to on the Domain

They had refunded the $ 4.00 for the email marketing without me even asking them for a refund. I had tried three other email providers who never work. In fact, they cost me dearly. Two of them were not WordPress tested and they work havoc on my website and one even caused damage to my PC.

The third one that is very popular, spam out my web posts in that they ads an image link every three lines of the posts. And because is so many of them, adding their link one image shows twenty times in one post, hovering over shows where they are from. I told IONOS I would not continue with the SSL until I get a reliable email Marketing provider. That angered some of their staff.

The Domain I paid $ 2.00 for the first year and should pay $ 15 per year after the first year turns $ 2.00 per month and my PayPal account was targeted. Somebody name “Maddison Jenkins” emails me to say He/she was my expert support and I Should look at the list below in comparison to their price.

Sign up Here

How fare do I feel for them to charge me $ 4.00 only for Domain email marketing compare to A Weber who charges a fortune? In that, I had rejected their email marketing service. This person became a nightmare in my life from October 2019 until now.

I had to stop servicing my PayPal account to which they were attached. Because they had removed the Domain so I could not transfer it, but every month $ 2.00. transfer to 1&1 IONOS from my PayPal account

In early February I found an email from another member of their staff, “Eldon Graham”, saying Madison Jenkins asked him to inform me that they have not been able to collect $ 2.00 the previous month and I should call them.

I called and a man spoke to me very sternly and told me if I upgrade my PayPal account so he could receive the $ 2.00 He would release the Domain. “Because the Domain name is my Recording Artist stage name” I upgraded the PayPal account, they got the $ 2.00 but do not release the Domain.

I told them in an email. I will report them to the FTC if they continue to collect $ 2.00 and refused to release the Domain because I saw where they bill my PayPal account for $ 6.00, $20.00, $ 22.00 in addition to the $ 2.00 each month. I do not know what those billings are for.

They change my name from my account and replace it with the Domain name. I told them I want the transfer code to take my Domain. This is what they sent me:

d$!17uki Canceled – Invalid EPP/authorization key – Please contact the current registrar to obtain the correct key

Please see here the status of the transfer code you have furnished me with.
Dorcas Whyte

I contact them about it and demand the correct code, they sent me another code, but a message kept saying it is either that the Domain is under sixty days old or the code is incorrect.  To date, the Domain is not released. Would I recommend 1&1 IONOS to anyone?

Visit this link

Definitely not. How would I rate the service I received from 1&1 IONOS?  1 out of ten. How would I compare the 1&1 IONOS hosting service to the Wealthy Affiliate Hosting service?  0 out of ten for IONOS it cannot be compared to Wealthy Affiliate in any wise.

Would I call 1&1 IONOS a scam? You should find the answer in my illustration to be the judge. I am Dorcas. I would like to hear from you. Please leave your comment in the comment section below. I will reply to you as soon as possible. Remember to like share and follow.

Why Work from Home Business Instead of Job?

Logo to display on web pageWhy Work from Home Business Instead of Job?


There is much reason why your business is beneficial, to you more than your job when you work from home. Even when it is what you invest in your business, you will reap from, you can scale your time, even if you must go down to minutes and seconds in your business in your job you must complete on the hour or half-hour to ensure, your time.

The obligation of responsibility that your hired job demand is more demanding than that of your personal business. This is one reason for people to be turning to the Internet for an income fix. As they can turn their spare time into doing business from home.

My # 1 Recommendation

Recently, I came across something very interesting that I will share with you who might be wondering if you should start an online business from your home or you should round up a number of your friends and family members to have a lengthy discussion to decide on the subject.

If you are living somewhere where you can access a good Internet supply you should not delay starting your online business, while you can have talked with some experience online business folks who you know are in online business to get some first-hand information about how it works. Keep in mind that you will need a solid platform from where you will start.

Wealthy Affiliate gives solid training, helps you to build your own website and a seven-day free starter training. You can start a business in any niche you find appealing to you, where you can become an affiliate marketer.

person holding pen and macbook air

Sign up Here

You might be new to the Internet, no worry, everyone who is now an expert on the Internet doing business was once a newbie. With the training you get at Wealthy Affiliate, you will be more comfortable to use Google search to find more information about working from home and the countless online opportunities that are Out there awaiting you.

We are sometimes become carried away about the Amazon affiliate program because many people who we know are buying the Amazon products, as well as because it is widely promoted.

Amazon has its merits, but it is good to know there are many more affiliate companies out there who will pay you good commission to promote their products. Because of market demands, one will never be able to fill out all the advertising needs of affiliate companies.

Your chance to advertise for some other affiliate companies are endless. While Google searching; I stumbled upon Bengu, who have to make a list of some seventeen Affiliate companies that because of their caliber they are not noticed as affiliate companies like some that we know.

However, they pay good commissions. The only barrier that can prevent one’s advertising success is the lack of advertising reach, where your business is not seen by the world. There are many tricks in business that can be fixed, but we must first identify them as barriers, or hindrances to our success.

Also, there might be areas in the training that we do not readily grasp it is, therefore, good to revisit such areas of training until it reaches us. Keeping in mind that all areas of the training are relevant to the success of our business.

Social Media

While posting on social media is relevant to monetize the business, if you lack understanding as to how to post you will not experience success with Social Media. It will not matter what others say, what works carries substance. Each Social Media has its own style.

Read More

To get a good understanding of the above, for example, while Wealthy Affiliate is an Affiliate Marketing platform, notice, it stands out taller than the others in many areas, to be on par with Wealthy Affiliate you must stick to its training policies. So it is with each Social Media. Even when there are plugins to add your content to social media they might not have the required standard of the individual Social Media.

I said this because I have proven it. I have a Plugin, that post my content to Social Media, I have not seen any positive results even when I paid for the advertisement, recently, I found out that there is a lot more that needs to be done than that is done by the Plugin.


It is a skill I will need to learn. Generally speaking, I found out the hard way, that although the WA training is A1 without getting traffic (visitors) to your website all your effort is vain. No one will see your great website contents without visiting your site.

No-one will buy your offer without they see what you are offering. Traffic is key to your Affiliate Marketing Business where you work from home. One needs to know your business exists in order to give your support, so one needs to see your advertisement before one is able to buy your product.

Read More

I am told that the best way to drive traffic to your website is via email Marketing. Those who have tied email Marketing to their business and have seen the massive success that they are experiencing told me to try it.

I have signed up with some email Marketing providers who are real misleading money suckers. Without service rendered. Before you start signing up with any of these email providers ensure to get information about them from someone who has used their service and has no regrets.

Apart from online deceivers. By far Affiliate marketing where you can work from home is the best fit from where you can start a business online. With Wealthy Affiliate, all the tools are provided. Anything you might bypass or oversight in the training, ask in the community, you will be helped.

Without fear of failure of any kind, you should start your own business instead of a job today! Start a business, work from Home.  You start your business yet?

I am Dorcas. Let me hear from you. Leave your comment in the comment section below. Do like, share, and follow.

Work from Home Niche Marketing

Logo to display on web pageWork from Home Niche Marketing


The Wealthy Affiliate has given me a wealth of knowledge about online Affiliate Marketing Business This I will keep for life. If you want to learn online Affiliate Marketing from multiple presenters both in Text and in Video. You will need to follow my number one recommendation. Learn it the expert way.

person surfing black laptop near microwave oven


There are many areas of work from home as the demand grows from strength to strength every single day. However, many of them are employment where you are working for someone. But the good thing about work from home is that in some areas you can be your own boss and work for yourself doing various kinds of business.

You might not have a degree in business management or application to business but you don’t have to worry, because the truth is, you do not need a degree in business to be a successful online businessman or woman.

My # 1 recommendation is Affiliate Marketing where you get a commission on every sale made via your website which you will get two free websites and seven days free training on the platform where I host my business. They give you all the online training that you will need to start and take you through to success in your business online.

Read more

But you will need to choose a niche of interest where you will be able to write useful information about that niche to attract visitors to your website to stay long enough to read your information and make a decision to buy a product that you have advertised on your site.

The Affiliate Marketing opportunity is broad, but in all cases, you will be promoting someone else’s products at your own leisure. It will be up to you to choose your hours of work that will allow you to earn a decent living from your business.

For example, I promote Nutrition as my niche, I never dreamed so many people were ignorant of the need for nutrition until I start promoting foods and their nutritional values including the various nutrients.

The kinds of testimonies in comments allow me to know it was among the best business in the work from the home field of business to start building a business. While not paying any attention to the kind of money I can earn from this kind of Affiliate, Marketing Business.

I am deeply concerned about the benefits that people who visited my site are gaining from reading my posts that can help them to improve their health by eating the correct foods, which sometimes, is far more affordable than the filling foods that they are stacking up their stomach with each day.

All of this area of business, I work from my home, in my leisure time. It is a fact, however, that I have researched Google to reassure myself that I am still intact with the lessons I learned from school about health and nutrition as I had majored in all Science subjects.

In addition to all of that; when I read other Affiliates blog I realized that there are more benefits in Affiliate Niche Marketing than earning a lot of money. My brain is refreshed every time that I read some other people’s blogs.

You should sign up today

It is always about something of which I have no experience or some places I had never been to. All of these acts as brain refreshers to me. You can educate yourself about many just by reading these many blogs. As also, you will gain more knowledge about doing the online business that is not a part of the training.

But because of the nature of the Niche that has been blogged about, you gain all this natural knowledge. Like myself, many people made their first video by following the online training given at the platform I am associated with. And believe it or not; you cannot exhaust the training given here. It is more than a mouth full.

You will naturally learn how to avoid the negative and excel in the positive by interacting with others who are like-minded as you are. And if you never know how to choose and refuse, it is common knowledge to adopt here. You will expand your knowledge, from your everyday need for research and some of what you will come upon while you are researching.

Without the money, you will be rich in knowledge if you are a person who learn fast and has a sound memory. If I do not make money in this business I am satisfied with the knowledge and experience I gained, however, money was my reason for starting this online work from home business and it still is.

Try it for yourself

If I could make the kind of money here, like that some Affiliate bragged about. I am certain that when I die I would be sitting on top of my casket and laughing all the way to my grave. While I work from my home today, there was a strong commotion on the outside of my house as if something heavy was being dragged along the front of my house with an intention to break through the front window of the room I was working from.

Sometimes I heard it to the front of my verandah. After about a minute I rise to investigate and to my surprise, it was the activity of a 7.7 earthquake, Yes, it was. By the time I stood up the floor felt as if it was turning over and everything seemed to be moving inside the house. I was not frightened.

I looked across at a King bed in the room that was wearing a silk comforter, my eyes popped, the bed was in a frolic mode, then I notice the desk before me was shaking also my laptop. I sat down again and it was like someone was tilting the chair. The house sounds like it would collapse, that was when I realized it was an earthquake.

I quickly moved into the front doorway of the room and stood motionless; I knew that I should have run outside when I found out that it was an earth tremor, but I never got the presence of mind to act and do the right thing. I later heard one neighbor said when she saw the commotion of her bed, she thought it was a ‘Ghost’!

I am so glad that I work from home and never have the reason to be among a panicking crowd at that time of the afternoon. I am Dorcas. I would like to hear from you. Please leave your comment in the comment section below. Remember to share like and follow.

Work from Home, the Place Affiliates Marketers Trust

Logo to display on web pageWork from Home, the Place Affiliates Trust

Although many who do not know the benefits that involve the work from home have a lot of negative things to say, the fact remains, Work from Home doing Affiliate Marketing, is one of the most lucrative businesses on the Internet.

My # 1 recommendation

Considering that any word that can be pronounced can be made into a Niche. Any Niche that you can involve in your business can earn you some money! Every country that I visited as a Tourist. I ensure to visit some construction sites and the local marketplace.

You might see it as foolish actions, but I learn from my many visits that it is a benefit when you are inquisitive. I have noticed that like the local marketplace where I live, unlike former days; everything is now sold in the markets. And consumers are buying.

There is no difference with the Internet. Everything is sold in the various markets on the Internet because the need is there for the products, therefore nothing can stop the sale. I have a website that I use to publish nutrition.

When building my website, I was informed that I should not spread myself too thin I should stick to one product. I agreed and had done that. But as I said before, everything is sold in the market these days. I opened an account with Adsense.

And surprisingly, I never knew before that Items such as Shoes, Handbag, Watch, cosmetics you name it, was included in Nutrition. But I saw them being advertised on my site. Saying that to say this:

Your work from home doesn’t have to be on employment where you are paid by a company or a person, where they decide on your time off work and your wages paid. It can be upgraded from work to your business from home.


Where you decide on how many hours you want to work each day and the kind of money that you want to earn from your business each week or month. Society has a way to dictate how much is paid to the average worker, but businesses have a tendency to upgrade standard to maximize profit.

When you work from home is a business, you call the shots, you will invest what you can afford at each investment, and wait to see the return or profit gained, before investing more money on that line.

You will have the opportunity to explore some markets and discover products that you believe are trending and can rake in much profit. There is no one for you to answer to but yourself. The time and effort you spend on training courses and workshops will be in your own interest.

You will keep the knowledge gained to help grow your business from strength to strength. And of course, you will know that if someone else can advertise whatever they want to advertise on your site, you should be able to do likewise. Why should you not and others can if the site is yours?

The next thing I found to be very disturbing. While you are made to believe that your business cannot be a success without Google involvement. There are areas of Google products that make things almost impossible for you to work with Google. It makes one marvel if the location is a barrier to online business.

It can’t be! There are many people I know who are from the most remote areas on earth and they never had an issue with any Google product. There is a hidden misunderstanding that is hindering some people’s progress, who make-believe it is the Google product that will someday be espoused for the benefits of those who suffer under this spell.

Affiliate Marketing is the only promising online business in the Work from Home Niche. You might not believe me, but you can take a tour into the Wealthy Affiliate Platform, see the training, have a chat with the community see what you can learn to help you along the way within seven days.

Sign up here

I mean seven days of learning. You will not have to pay for this it is all free! If you follow these seven days of training and find it hard to decide whether you want a work from home business or not, it would mean that you have sent away from you, your ability to decide far from you.

Did you know that there are many Affiliate markets all over the place that will accommodate your business to advertise their products for a commission? And they will pay you promptly for every sale made from your web posts?

Read more here

That means that you can sign up for more than one affiliate Accounts. Many Affiliates believe that Amazon is the only Affiliate Marketer that allows Affiliates to open an account on their platform. But it is not so. You will not have room to accommodate all the Affiliate Markets that are available.

Neither will you be able to advertise for everyone. But you can pick from many and chose the ones that suit your needs best. It will not be profitable for you to start paying for ads before you can find out how to win visitors to your site.

As those who are selling ads will not tell you that your ads are not seen by as many eyes as to win for your business some profit. You might want to start email marketing to get eyes to see your business and be encouraged to support your business by making purchases that will earn for your commission.

Read more here

I will not say that the training offers here do not involve training you how to get visitors to your site, what I am saying is that not everyone is easy to understand, as also it will not matter how well a teacher teaches, not every student will learn from that teacher, there will be some who present a lesson module with less skill who are more understood by some than the highly advanced presenter.

I am Dorcas. If my article, makes any sense to you, let me hear from you in the comment section below. I will reply to you as soon as possible. Do remember, to follow like and share.

Work from Home Business Opportunity 2020 and Beyond

Work from Home Business Opportunity 2020 and Beyond

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All this can be a reality if you follow my instructions below

You might have started an online work from home business back in 20 19 and have not seen the success you were looking for. You don’t need to give up, you only need to become more persistent and work more-smart in that business.

There is no business that you can start with an honest perspective and expect to see gainful results within such a short space of time. However, it is natural for you to become discouraged, after a year without seeing success depending on the information that you received that leads you to start a business.

Maybe you were misinformed, as well as you could get the wrong understanding about starting your own business. Although you might have gotten high-level training about online business and believed to be comprehensive information on how the business work, there could be vital areas of the training that does not connect with your learning ability.

My # 1 recommendation

Misunderstanding can be a big barrier in the path to success

If so for you, it could be a huge area of misunderstanding. Work from Home Business where you as an affiliate earns a commission on sales can be as easy as ABC as well as it can be as hard and complicated as any zig saw puzzle.

Keeping in mind that if you do not understand something you will not be able to master it or dominate without having a hands-on coach. And if you are not on the same wavelength as your coach you will not make a success either.

Everyone does not have the same learning ability neither does everyone able to learn from every presenter mater not how well the presentation might be. That being said; Nothing that is honest and good in the line of work and success will come to you in an overnight package. Expect to have some amount of struggle.

Mistakes set you up for success

Feel comfortable to make some mistakes, when you try something and see failure, it is not a nice feeling, but it is a good sign in your building process. Even if some do not see success after a long while doing online affiliate marketing it will not mean that Affiliate Marketing is a bad business venture. Sign up here

It could be that something is applied in the wrong format or there are not good enough connections where connections are needed. You could find another location or connect with some who are advanced in Affiliate Marketing and can quickly identify what is causing your setback and help you to fix it.

As also, you should take some advice from the Affiliates who your publishing products for. On all account there must be a way into success with your Affiliate business it’s for you to know.

Never get complacent!

Another big setback that impedes success in Work from home business is complacency; there must always be the urge to go for it, find it where ever it a success is not a one-man affair, it is common, for those who want success and go for success.

Take this: you must have the determination, the work and the consistency to succeed in a competitive world. Never stay behind be at the first ten levels. Never get yourself stifled in the crowd. While competing is good, you want to ensure you are not crushed by the opposition in the competition.

If you choose to write reviews, ensure to do so with a good conscience. And not being bias or misleading for the likes of others who might have reviewed the same topic from a different point of view. Doing so will not help you the way you need help.

It might turn out to inflict hurt on your business somewhere along the way. In the affiliate marketing business, you will come upon some form of opposition big time. And if you are a coward, some types will cause you to want to quit.

But you need to keep it in your mind that you are in the business for yourself and your family, not for me nor anyone else. The $$$ you gain through commission will be yours, a reward for your hard labour, from your home as anyone else.

Keep focus

You might start out with a niche that you think later was not the correct niche to have started with. Allow yourself to grow into contentment with that niche as you might be surprised sometime later on of the gold-mine that is in that very niche that you begin to take a second thought about.

Read More

For this, before you make any change to your start-out niche liaison with your Affiliate company see how that niche is trending in sales before you make any senseless change and later regret.

Also ensure to not just post on Social Media for post sake, as you could be posting and spending a lot of your money for advertisement without reaping any success. Doing so is as bad as paying for traffic where there is no traffic source.

What I am saying could sound unrealistic to you, but it had happened to me several times because I had no idea that business people could be so selfish! I accepted their offers, which turn out to be empty. While you start your business in the work from home online business, you will need to ensure that a part of your work is research!

When in doubt, check it out!

Never take anything for granted. Apart from your trainer in your company’s platform never gladly take the advice of people as some will mislead you, and caused you to get scammed because you desire to get visitors to your business which is the source of success.

Continue Reading

You do not have an email list, you are an affiliate marketer only, and it will not matter how resounding you are about your type of marketing, without telling you how you can get traffic for your type of business they blatantly encourage you to buy traffic from Xyz and how much it will convert to your benefit. You will only know you were taking for a ride after you spend your hard-earned cash.

Take your time and follow my recommendation on where to start your work from home business Follow their training diligently. Ensure to get credible information about buying traffic before you start buying traffic and watch your business grow. Start here

I am Dorcas. I this article helps you. Let me hear from you in the comment section below. Remember to share and follow

Work from Home Amazon Biz

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What is work from home? Can one learn the skill of how to work from home? If so, where can the training be found? And how long will it take to learn? And also, does Amazon business includes work from home? The answer to these questions and more will be found within the paragraphs of this page as you read through

Work from home is included in an activity from which one earns an income from the performance from home. You might want to go beyond the hourly, daily, fortnightly, or monthly employment where you work and is paid accordingly, by an employer while your service is from your home.

While this might be an easy task for you to do, you will be more equipped to earn a higher income when you get the training on how to earn a living from your home online without having a boss. Your work from home should not mean that you are working harder at longer hours nor easier at lesser hours.

What it means is that with proper training, you can work smarter, with more ease and earn more in income than you normally would earn while working to be paid by a boss. I know of a platform that gives excellent training in online affiliate marketing.

Check out my # 1 recommendation

It has nearly four million members as I write this post. And the members are able to interact one with another through their member community Live Chat. Which in itself is another powerful source of information for people who are interested in the online marketing business?

The many training resources that this platform offers are not matchable by any other company. You will not find anything of its kind anywhere, No, not under the sun. Why? Because all of the resources are completely free. The length of time it takes you to learn will be totally dependent on your learning ability.

Special benefit

One special aspect of the training is that you are building your business while you are learning the skill. You do not wait to complete the training before you start to build your work from home business.

As you absorb the training and your knowledge increase, so your business will take on momentum as you applied what you learn to your business.

Another amazing thing about this training platform and work from home; is that it is not something in a corner, it is a global affair. People from everywhere on the globe are involved in work from home doing business one way or another. And all can access this training platform because of two great words that we sometimes take lightly.

Namely ‘Globalization and translation’ The Internet has made it possible and has bridged the gap of communication and interaction between countries and islands Items can now move around in the form of cargo via export and import thus making access to a worldwide free market.

With all of these great resources that are brought about by Internet technology. Amazon had seized on the opportunity to a large slice of the business pie and is nowhere left behind in offering to the world’s population the business of Affiliate marketing, where affiliate marketers now have the opportunity to advertise the amazon products of their choice for a commission.

Read More Here

Amazon also gives training as to how to market their products. But they do not condone any form of laziness when it comes to the fast distribution of their products. You can sell the Amazon products and get a commission in more than one way. You can be a Digital Affiliate marketer for Amazon where you advertise their products via your Niche website. Any sale made on your website will earn you a commission.

Whilst at the same time you can sell the Amazon products physically where you manage the stock by storing and distributing to Amazon customers. Or you might want to do business in drop shipping all of which will earn you a commission with every sale you make.

You Need the Training

However, my interest is in the Affiliate Niche Website content or digital affiliate marketing. Which I considered would be more convenient and space-friendly. Whichever one you chose to be involved in you will need the proven training platform to get your business off the ground.

It will blow your mind to find out how large the online marketplace is. It is much larger than one’s imagination. And, the good thing about it, is that it allows you to work from home. It is a fact.  Although there might be an aspect of marketing that calls you out to travel often.

The fact remains. Anywhere you sleep is referred to as home for that period of time when you sleep at that location. Technology has even made it more convenient for you to ensure your work from home with access to a laptop.

If you are an Affiliate Marketer, even when you are traveling, on your vacation or otherwise, you can be working from home in high gear. Just so you can purchase the Amazon product of your choice from anywhere you are once you can access the Internet.

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Reach your home with your purchase

By the time you reach home, your purchase and you could get to your home address together. Did you know that if you are brave enough, when you are traveling to a certain destination? You can buy some clothes that you will need for that climate online and it reaches you at your resort upon arrival?

Yes, it is all that easy! There are many more benefits you can get from the work from home Amazon Biz than meets the eye. You need to get involved in the work from home Affiliate Marketing business to see how convenient and rewarding it can become.

Whilst you are having fun with your family in a strange land, your work from home Affiliate Marketing business can be there with you where you can do some work at your convenience and keep track of your business performance.

You might even be able to make some necessary updates that you may not have notice needed before. Start a business working from home today!

I am Dorcas. I want to hear from you about what you think. Please leave your comment in the comment section provided below. I will reply to you as soon as possible. Do remember to share and follow

Work from Home with a Passion for Success

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Work from Home with a Passion for Success

The secret is out, no more can one pretend not to know that the world of business and employment no longer relied on a four-walled structure to be in existence. Neither do jobs and businesses confined to down-town or up-town office and shop spaces.

Work from Home had made the future of work and doing business a more self-improvement opportunity than anything else that is common to man.

In this article today I will help you identify some beneficial ways in which you can work from your home in fine style doing your own business without fear of the boss firing you or losing the chance for an upcoming promotion.

When you are working from your home, you need not fear opposition, nor demotion. You are the boss you call the shots!

You are at home with every chance to put your best foot forward and work to the best of your ability for yourself, to reap the benefits that await those who have started with a mind to reach the top with reconsideration.

Work for yourself

Yes; you are working for yourself, you do not have time to look back or reflect back on the days when you were in the boss business place and even when your body gets tired and begins to cry out to you had to pretend not to hear, and wished you will not collapse in the process of work.

Starting a business from your home for yourself even when you work for a boss is not a foolish idea; neither is it greed. You want a sense of financial independence. You want to live a normal, comfortable life just like the boss can live, if he wants to. If your boss never takes a vacation with his family as far as you know.

It is not your fault. You want to take a vacation with your family and maybe more than one. Yes; you want to see some places that you often read about or hear about.  That is a normal thing to want. However, when all of that is said and done; you need the budget to get things off the ground.

And that is when you will find doing a business of your own from your home or from wherever you are very useful. Do you know that some people who are doing their business from their home and traveling the world at the same time are not missing out on anything?

No, they are not. Technology makes it simple. They travel with their Laptop and on tour, they can get ideas to add to their business structure by way of writing site content.

Affiliate Marketing Works for You!

And some of the ideas picked up in this fashion make excellent site content posts. And too, there is also the convenience of having your business working for you even when you are on vacation.

As well as when you are asleep. Yes; you can check on your bank account and find that your account is debited with money earned while you are sleeping or when you were busy on your vacation with your family.

Because some family and friends are natural ‘kill progress’ you should not waste your time to discuss the idea of starting an online affiliate marketing business with them before you start. If you know they are the type to discourage you.

Read More Here

I tell you this because of my experience with telling friends and family about my ideas and future plans to get into online Affiliate Marketing. One of my brothers listened to me carefully, then I saw him squint his eyes like a Donkey, in disagreement.

And said: “You, can’t think of something sensible to do with your time and money? “I am here to laugh at you when they scam you of up to your last dinner money!” In addition to some others’ discouraging remarks.

Not Easily Discourage

I never listen, although not pleased with the outcome of telling them. I had already signed up for the seven free days. I had my mind made up that I would go premium whether they encourage me or not.

The things I am not versed on about the Internet, computer and Website’s development I ask the help of some of them and was responded to with disdain because I am no web developer, nor Social Media operator like some of them are, but I am an affiliate Marketer and I am proud to be.

I invite you to take the bold action do like me. Start building your own work from Home Affiliate Marketing Business with a passion today! And when you start, never think of looking back, things can only get better!

You Just Have to be Yourself

I had seen many people where I am from, doing various kinds of businesses that I am sure that they fell under heavy criticism when they started and after when some of their critics saw their success they get involved in doing the same thing that they had once condemned.

I am here to encourage to start your work from home business today, affiliate marketing is the way to go, earning a commission for sales made on your website. From the niche that you have chosen.

Rewarding Opportunity

It is a very rewarding business to get involved in. The more you build on your business will be the more you want to build. Especially, when you start seeing success.

Your smile will upgrade into a grin and laughter. You will remember this post that I used to encourage you and see for yourself that I am not kidding you.

I am trying to help you out of a situation that you are in and do not even see the dangers that lie ahead, that you will not escape if you continue as you are now.

Your children are growing rapidly, the time is coming fast when they are going to need college tuition fees and other expenses.

If you do not have an extra source of income, with the speed by which inflation is moving, you might have to decide for them to seek a student loan, when the time comes.

But if you are thinking to use that option, you need to ensure that the career path that each of your children will choose to take is in line with the student loan bureau as they do not fund every career. Saying this, let me ask you?

Read this Post

Without you having strong financial backing, will you agree to sacrifice your child/children’s line of career choice to prove you right for not taking the bold step and start a business of your home working from your home?

No; that would not be a tasteful move. Don’t do it! Start your Affiliate Marketing Business with a passion today!  Click the link here and sign up for your account!

I am Dorcas. I want to hear from you. Why don’t you leave me a comment in the comment section below? I will reply to you. Remember to share like and follow.

Online World Wide Work from Home.

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Onl                                  Online World Wide work from home.

I am Dorcas! And I am talking to you! To all the at homers out there, who want to earn honest money without a boss. You can do so by starting an online affiliate marketing business.

Starting an Affiliate Marketing Business won’t cost you much as you might be thinking. Keep in mind, that you won’t have to pay rent for office space, you are working from your home. Neither will you have an increase in utility bills You are at home!

Angry with the idea

You have become sick and tired of getting out of bed from four in the mornings, and as hard as you tried, you are always late for your seven to three jobs. Because of traffic that causes road congestion. Among other verbal’s.

As also some senseless drivers and pedestrians, who do the most foolish and unthinkable actions on the roads during the peak hours. If you are driving you will have to be looking out for these kinds, of foolish behaviors while you are hoping that there was something you could to avoid the early morning traffic. Yes! Do it Here

Actions that caused you to sometimes feel as if your heart was escaping from your chest, the foolish ways in which they drive. You often wished you never have to be on the road during these hours.

Also, some of you, who have a boss, but could do with some extra money for that longed-for family, vacation, or an expansion, at your house! Or to buy a motor vehicle! It might be to pay your son or daughter, college expenses!

As well as, to take care of and parents who are advanced in age and need special care they cannot afford! Remember, the onus is on you to provide the best care for your parents, you know they cannot provide that care for themselves.

Anywhere you live

Whether you are living in a mansion, or in a cottage, or in a cave, under a rock, or on top of a mountain or, maybe, under the water! Anywhere in the world, you are, once you can connect to the Internet. This is for you!

An opportunity where you can become an entrepreneur working from the comfort of your home. You may want to share your skills! You can offer a service, or, promote, people’s products, via Affiliate Marketing, get a commission for every sale!

Millions of people all over the world are doing it. I am doing it, and so can you! You should not have anything to lose by starting a business of your own.

You can have this business as a side income earner while you are working for a boss, continue to build on it until it reaches a level where your earnings parallel your salary, then you can decide whether you want to fire your boss!

Online Work from Home is taking the world by storm!

Many of the older people who have retired without a pension and those who never get the income sufficient to buy themselves a house or even to pay rent for somewhere decent to live are changing their lifestyle from below the poverty range to above and into the middle-class bracket! This is a global affair.

Have you never known? I am not joking! People from every nation are becoming involved in affiliate marketing. Starting their own business from their home! Even some who are earning a minimum wage, are becoming aware of future poverty that is coming their way and is now taking positive action and starting their own business online.

Hey! I am not talking about MLM here! I am talking about a sustainable, honest business that anybody can start and develop step by step, on their own from scratch!

What kind of business is that?

It is a lucrative business, not a hype, not a scam. Matter of fact Let me break it down more simply, many businesses, that you see around you are on a commission basis, you might not be as observant to observe it. There are some stores where the line staff will come to take your order and you will notice that they write your order, some places they ask you to sign it.

Then take the order to maybe the cashier or somebody else. These clerks, are selling, on a commission! No sale, no pay! Affiliate marketing where you get a commission on sale is the same thing only that you advertise the product online! The more you published a product will be, the more people are drawn to the product and it will be the more sale of that product you will make.

The more sale you make will be the more commission you leverage. For all of this to happen, you must make a start! Start building your business at every chance you get. You will not start building your business today and begin to see success tomorrow

Build a business for success

That is not how a business is built for success. However, the most important part is to start building with no intention to stop. Read more here  There are some people who have started in internet affiliate marketing and are able to quit their regular job and are now enjoying life in financial freedom.

They are able to travel the world with their families. And enjoy the freedom of living rich! Mind you; these people did not just start a business and sit back and relaxed, they work in their business and make a business a success.

They are human beings just like you! Some Affiliate Marketers, start building their business, while they were in college, and graduating from college never look for a job to work for any company, why?

Because they left college as a successful entrepreneur’s. They were at the place where they could hire Freelancers to assist them with their workloads.

The stretch-hold of freedom

Think about it, wouldn’t it be nice if you could start your business and reach that stretch-hold? Can you think of a common suitable reason why you should not move in the economic direction that the world is moving into?

You cannot deny that the Internet has become the world’s largest marketplace  Read more here If you think it is not, tell me of something that you want to buy and you cannot find it on the internet. Know this: within another decay, many four walls, businesses will be obsolete.

If you do not hold your space on the Internet as yet, you better start before the best opportunities pass you.

Many Affiliate businesses are going Digital! Whether you have passed sixty-five years or you are under eighteen years of age, your chance to start your own online business is now! 

I am not sure how many million entrepreneurs’ this platform that I am on will accommodate, it is near two million strong as I write this post. I am not sure about the honesty and training resources of any other Affiliate Platform I am certain about the one I am on.

You can do yourself a favour and start your business today! I am Dorcas. I want to hear from you! Please leave your comment in the comment section below. I will reply to you as soon as possible. Do share!

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